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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 132

2023-01-29 09:26:26Publish Time: 392 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 132: Lan Chuolian!

“Ten times……!”

Su Yi was stunned after hearing it.

Originally it was one hundred One Star Yuan Stones now it had become one thousand One Star Yuan Stones which was ten times the previous price.

This kind of price was about the same as a Mirage Grade Beginner Level elixir.

Although, the mysterious space could increase the level of the elixir to that of a Mirage Grade Beginner Level.

Su Yi knew that this elixir was only at the Moon Grade High Level.

Even if the mysterious space had been that powerful, it couldn’t possibly have denied Heaven's law and increase an entire grade of an elixir.

At first, Su Yi had thought that by upgrading the elixirs in the mysterious space, if he could earn twice the amount, in the long run, it would be enough to make him rich.

But now these were sold at ten times the price. One stock of elixir for one thousand One Star Yuan Stones.

Since Su Yi had taken out more than ten stocks, it meant that he would have earned more than ten thousand One Star Yuan Stones. Su Yi sucked in a cold breath as this was too shocking.

“Great, it’s a deal. Thank you very much.”

Su Yi did not stand on ceremony and smiled.

Although he did not know why the Ling Bao Pavilion had given such a high price for these elixirs, at least, Su Yi knew that they were sincere.

“Don't mention it. Next time, if you still need the Ling Bao Pavilion for anything, no matter where it is, you can merely go directly to any of the Ling Bao Pavilion's branches.”

Deacon Wu was very polite. The moment he started speaking, his hands had already taken out an interspatial bag which he gave to Su Yi and stated: “All of the Yuan Stones, medicinal herbs and Spiritual Herbs have accounted. A total of 40,301 One Star Yuan Stones are inside this interspatial bag for you.”

“I still need to buy some medicinal herbs and elixirs.” Su Yi replied while at the same time he was taking the interspatial bag, he pretended to be calm even though his heart was quivering on the inside.

These were several tens of thousands of Yuan Stones which would be enough to buy numerous Su Estates. With so many Yuan Stones, he was not going to let the mysterious space to refine all of it.

“Of course you can. I wonder what kind of elixir or medicinal herb do you need? My Ling Bao Pavilion will offer the lowest price possible to sell them to you.” Deacon Wu questioned.

“I need some Spiritual Herbs that had harvested not too long ago, the more, the better and I also need them to be fresh. As for the elixir, give me some Yuan Restoration Elixirs, Mirage Grade Beginner Level Demon Yuan Elixirs, Fierce Spirit Elixirs……”

Su Yi had listed out many medicinal herbs and elixirs in one breath. Most of them were common types of Spiritual Herbs and recovery elixirs.

Su Yi had not forgotten about Golden Python and the rest. Both the Demon Yuan Elixir and Fierce Spirit Elixir were for them.

Demon Yuan Elixirs were more suitable for a beast’s recovery while Fierce Spirit Elixirs could strengthen a beast’s cultivation.

Deacon Wu was shocked after listening to Su Yi. This person had just sold his Yuan Restoration Elixir to the Ling Bao Pavilion, yet he wanted to buy their Yuan Restoration Elixirs.

Also, he wanted to buy some elixirs that could only be used by beasts. Although the grade of the elixir was not high, the amount was not little. Deacon Wu couldn't help but feel puzzled.

Only, Deacon Wu could not express his emotions out. Those elixirs that Su Yi wanted were standard hence this branch of the Ling Bao Pavilion had stocks for all of them.

Deacon Wu naturally did not know that the reason Su Yi needed the Yuan Restoration Elixirs was that with his current cultivation, these elixirs were the most suitable for him.

If he were to buy the Ling Bao Pavilion’s Yuan Restoration elixirs and put it in the mysterious space, when the time comes that he needed to consume it, the results would be better.

Deacon Wu nodded his head in replied and then shouted out towards the door.

“Greeting the Deacon!” A youth immediately came in. He was the one that had invited Su Yi back.

Deacon Wu listed out the things that Su Yi had wanted to the youth. The youth nodded his head and immediately gone to arrange it without the needs for Su Yi to collect it himself.


“He wanted so many medicinal herbs but doesn't he just had the Yuan Restoration Elixir……”

On the third floor at a refined hall, the Fairy Maiden questioned while mumbling to herself.

“If he is a Fourth Grade Alchemist, the grades of those medicinal herbs are too low, and he shouldn't need to use the Yuan Restoration Elixir right…..." The woman in simple clothing softly spoke as her face with slight wrinkles filled with doubts.

“I think, maybe there might be a person behind him and that person is the high-grade alchemist. Buying so many clutter of medicinal herbs might be for practice so he should be an alchemist too.”

Under the veil, the Fairy Maiden slightly raised her head, her voice crisped. She laughed lightly and responded: “I will go and have a look to see how strong the alchemist behind him is. Maybe I could even pry out some information from him.”


At the second floor, Deacon Wu, who sat together with Su Yi, had been trying to inquire about Su Yi’s background.

Unfortunately, Su Yi was a transmigrated person so he couldn’t get anything out of him. Su Yi was neither humble nor arrogant as his facial expression had always been calm, only replying when needed.

Deacon Wu was getting more and more surprised. Was this certainly a youngster? He had surprisingly been unable to get any information out of him. The boy gave him an indecipherable feeling.

Very quickly, the youth from before had come back and in his hands were the items that Su Yi had listed.

Those Spiritual Herbs were freshly collected. Su Yi chose for a while and selected those that their roots were still intact as only those, would be able to survive within the mysterious space.

In the end, out of the forty thousand Yuan Stones, Su Yi was only left with slightly over eighteen thousand, causing him to feel a little heartache.

Spending over twenty thousand Yuan Stones in one day, within the Yi City, it was an unimaginable wealth.

After putting the elixirs and the medicinal herbs into the interspatial bag, Su Yi got up preparing to leave.

“Sir, please wait.”

At this moment, a crisp voice was transmitted over.

Su Yi looked towards where the voice had come from and saw a woman in simple clothing, along with a beautiful figure with a white veil covering her face.

That graceful and exquisite figure was wearing a lilac dress with a thin mesh as outerwear that incisively and vividly outlined the elegant frame, with long hair that reached the soft yet seemingly boneless waist, making people uncontrollably to have perverted thoughts about her.

Su Yi sized up the figure. From her voice, she did not seem to be that old.

And from that formless temperament, it was not hard to imagine that under the white veil was a beautiful face that could tempt any human with emotions or even an entire country.

“A strong cultivator. She is unquestionably, very powerful!”

The moment Su Yi glanced at the woman in her 50s who was wearing simple clothing, he secretly trembled, the woman wore a plain dress with a hairpin in her hair. On her face were some wrinkles, which made her look like a kind lady. But within that formless aura, Su Yi felt that it had an immeasurable strength, giving him a feeling that she was even stronger than Deacon Wu. This woman was definitely, a strong cultivator.

“Let me introduce you to them. This person is our Ling Bao Pavilion’s……” Deacon Wu got up with great respect to introduce these people to Su Yi.

“My name is Lan Chuolian, a disciple from the Ling Bao Pavilion. I still do not know Sir’s name, will you mind telling me your name?” Lan Chuolian interrupted Deacon Wu’s speech. Her eyes under the white veil seemed to be looking at Su Yi.

Su Yi’s face turned slightly dark. Looking at Lan Chuolian’s power and Deacon Wu’s attitude, her position in the Ling Bao Pavilion seemed to be rather high. What was up with today that he could attract the attention of the higher-ups of Ling Bao Pavilion?

“Yi Su.” Su Yi softly replied as it was the opposite of ‘Su Yi’ so Yi Su shall be his name. It was unable to be regarded as changing his name.

“Yi Su……”

Lan Chuolian softly mumbled before slightly smiling. Her eyes that were under the white veil gazed closely at Su Yi as she responded: “What a nice name. I wonder where is Sir from? Is it possible that you had come here because of the recent news about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng that has appeared in the Grand Beast Canyon?”