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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 130

2023-01-29 09:26:14Publish Time: 403 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 130: Deacon Wu!

Su Yi looked back, it was a rather young man with an appearance less than 30 years old. From his attire, it could be seen that he was also an apprentice from the Ling Bao Pavilion.

“What is the matter?” Seeing that the man was Ling Bao Pavilion’s apprentice, Su Yi’s eyebrows raised as he asked calmly.

“Our deacon has invited you in, we are sorry for the matter just now. We hope that you could have a seat in the Ling Bao Pavilion, and accept our apology.” The young man said politely to Su Yi.

“Well, I’m too lazy to go back.”

Su Yi shook his head as he no longer had a good impression of the Ling Bao Pavilion so he wanted to turn around and leave when he had finished his words.

“Please stay, my friend.”

The young man immediately came forward, stopping Su Yi. It seemed that he had felt this was a little strange as in this demon-filled forest, others would have been flattered if he said that the deacon had personally invited them, but this person was unmoved, so it was natural for the young man to feel strange.

Looking at Su Yi, the young man did not leave a trace of his inner feelings appear on his face, and his attitude was sincere as he continued, “My friend, you seemed like you had wanted to sell things, you know, in the whole Yi city, our Ling Bao pavilion has the highest offers, moreover, you are a guest invited by our deacon, so the price will be higher. If I cannot persuade this friend, even the deacon will think that it was because of my inability, so please friend, don’t put me in this difficult situation, this worker will appreciate it very much.”

Su Yi looked at the man in front of him who had a sincere attitude which surprised him. After pondering for a while, he nodded and said, “Well, I really need to sell some things, and buy some elixirs at the same time.”

“My friend, please come in. The variety of elixirs in Ling Bao Pavilion is also the greatest in the city.” Seeing this, the young man immediately smiled and led Su Yi back to the Ling Bao Pavilion.

This time, with the young man leading the way, Su Yi had been showered with many yearning looks while he walked through the lobby to the second floor.

The second floor was smaller than the lobby. Su Yi only knew that the second floor was like a paradise opened in front of him when he had seen it himself.

There were many culitvation resources on the second floor.

There were all kinds of elixirs, martial art technique, cultivation technique, weapons, armor, medicinal herbs, etc. This floor could be said to be a few levels higher in quality than the floor below.

“Red Fire Blood Fungus, Snow Jade Spirit Fruit....”

Su Yi looked around, there were tons of medicinal herbs that were expensive and he had even seen some high-end medicinal herbs which would be enough to make a Mirage Grade High-Level elixir.

“This second floor is only open to important guests of the Ling Bao Pavilion. Our deacon will arrive soon. Please wait for a moment.” The young man had taken Su Yi to a rather luxuriously decorated small hall, served him tea, bowed and then left.

Su Yi looked around the small hall, in such a place like the Forest of Demons, this place was rather comfortable and luxurious, he seemed to have underestimated this Ling Bao Pavilion.

“Ling Bao pavilion has always been entertaining guests like VIPs, and for what happened just then, please forgive me.” While Su Yi had been looking around, a man in his fifties entered the small hall and stared at him. His attire was normal and half of his head was bald.

“The strong cultivator in the Yuan Void Realm!”

Su Yi looked at the old man, and suddenly his eyes dimmed, on the ordinary back of the old man, Su Yi could feel an invisible but strong aura.

This aura was similar to that of the High Elder Bai from the Black Fiend School that Su Yi had encountered, and also the woman that had dressed up as a man. This was the strong cultivator of the Yuan Void Realm.

“Let me introduce myself. This old man is an ordinary deacon of the Ling Bao Pavilion. My surname is Wu. May I know how to address you, my friend?”

The old man looked at Su Yi, and seemed like he had wanted to know something by looking through his mask, but he did not use his aura to check in detail and had just observed quietly.

“Deacon Wu.” Su Yi nodded, neither in a servile nor overbearing manner, as it was not his first time encountering strong cultivator of the Yuan Void Realm.

But with the level of Yuan Void Realm this old man was in, he could only be a general deacon in the Ling Bao Pavilion which had made Su Yi feel surprised.

Su Yi did not show any emotion on his face, could it be possible that the Ling Bao Pavilion had another identity. The High Elder Bai and other Yuan Void Realm cultivators were all elder-level figures in the Black Fiend School.

Looking at Su Yi’s actions and attitude that was neither servile nor overbearing, and the fact that he had no reaction whereas listening to his voice he could assume that he was a young man, but then again, his reaction seemed to be unfathomable, which had made Deacon Wu’s expression secretly change.

He was a deacon, and had no need to attend to customers like this. But for some reason he had to.

This was only a small shop of Ling Bao Pavilion, and just the branch office he was supervising this time. He had to show up only because that important person was in the Pavilion when he had encountered this thing.

But the young man in front of him didn’t seem to have much of a reaction. He had a reason to be moved because anyone from the demon-filled forest would have been moved to hear the words of the Deacon of Ling Bao Pavilion.

“May this old man know what my friend wants to buy?” Deacon Wu did not show any trace of his emotions, the young man seemed to give him a strange feeling.

“Nothing much Deacon Wu, some inconspicuous medicinal herbs and elixirs, I am afraid that Deacon Wu would not even bother to care about it.” Su Yi gave a slight smile. His things would be nothing in front of this strong Yuan Void Realm practitioner. It would not even be worth mentioning and he felt a little embarrassed to take it out.

But Su Yi eventually opened the bag, anyway it had been the people from Ling Bao Pavilion who had insisted for him to come back.

Su Yi had packed some medicinal herbs that he got along the way in the bag, the amount was neither little nor too much except for those he had wanted to exchange.

Of course, the medicinal herbs he had on him were not only just these.

Su Yi was afraid that he would attract attention if he had exchanged too many of them in one go.

In addition, Su Yi had also taken out some needless elixirs and wanted to exchange for some other elixir, in order to prepare for any unexpected circumstances.

When Su Yi had opened the bag, Deacon Wu was originally looking forward to the items but when he saw the pile of medicinal herbs, he immediately secretly returned to his former calmness, leaving no trace of his earlier expectations.

They really were some inconspicuous medicinal herbs, it was indeed very inconspicuous to him as he was a practitioner of the Yuan Void Realm.

“Is this the elixir…”

Deacon Wu had picked up a jade bottle, he had no more expectations on the medicinal herbs and had just opened the jade bottle to pour out some elixir.

Yuan Restoration Elixir, Earth Xuan Elixir, Doubling Yuan Elixir, Third Yuan Elixir…”

Looking at the Yuan Restoration Elixir, Deacon Wu had lost his last hope.

Although the Yuan Restoration Elixir, Earth Xuan Elixir, Doubling Yuan Elixir and the Third Yuan Elixir were Moon Grade High-Level Elixirs, but to a person of the Yuan Void Realm, they were not uncommon and of breathtaking value anymore.

These elixirs were nothing to either his status as a Yuan Void Realm practitioner or even him as the deacon of the Ling Bao Pavilion.

“Is this all…”

When Deacon Wu spoke, he had lost all his expectations.

There was nothing special about the young man it seemed, and these things were not much better than what were sold by ordinary little adventurers.


Suddenly, Deacon Wu saw something, and his expression couldn’t help but change into that of unexpected surprise.

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