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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 127

2023-01-29 09:25:42Publish Time: 409 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 127: Fight

Many of them suddenly boiled up as their gazes stared at Su Yi’s back, their eyes burning with anticipation.

Su Yi’s steps slowed down, and his face turned gloomy as the words descended onto his ears distinctly.

“Stop right there, kid!” The moment the shout traveled into Su Yi’s ear, many figures instantly gathered around him.

“Are you calling me?” Su Yi turned his head around and stared at the figures that had gathered. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

“That’s right, I’m calling you.” Figures by figures stood near Su Yi with their eyes sizing him up.

“It should be this kid. I have seen the portrait before, and they look alike.” “So similar.” People were discussing like they were sizing up some goods, totally not placing Su Yi in their eyes.

“If you guys don’t want to die, then stay away from me.” Su Yi swept his gaze along the figures. It was a team of over 30 people, but they could not be compared to Tao Tiancheng’s group as they did not have any Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator. There were only a few Yuan Xuan Realm Eighth Grade and Nine Grade cultivators.

Hearing Su Yi’s word, the figures in front of him were astonished, staring at Su Yi with a surprised expression.

“Haha, this kid is so arrogant!” “Whether he is the kid or not, let’s seize him first and hand him over to the Black Fiend School to find out!” Instantly, laughter filled up the surrounding, completely disregarding Su Yi.

“Since you guys choose to die, then you all shall die!” Su Yi coldly swept his eyes over them, his killing intentions sipping out. These people completely did not place him in their eyes and wanted to hand him over to the Black Fiend School, wanting him to die of regrets.

“Haha, this kid must be insane!” “A kid that is still wet behind the ears was actually so overbearing.” “This kid is crazy……” All of them scoffed at Su Yi and laughed at him uncaringly. But suddenly, their ridiculing words were stuck in their throat as their facial expressions changed.

“Howl……” Beasts roared whiningly, and six gigantic beasts suddenly appeared. A ferocious bird was circling in the air, a golden python was curled up on the ground, and a huge tiger was glaring viciously at them. The surrounding wind suddenly howled as the space trembled.

“Beasts at Demonic Spirit Realm!” Numerous people had a horrified expression as their hairs stood under the intense pressure. Those were Demonic Spirit Realm beasts. Furthermore, there were six of them, yet they did not have any Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators.

“Kill!" Su Yi coldly declared while waving his hands to signal. Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python and the rest had been following him from afar, now that they make an appearance, it was enough to sweep clean this small adventurer team.

“Chirp……” At low altitude, the trees were swaying, and the leaves were dancing in the air due to the violent wind caused by White Jade Swallow and Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly. Under the strong explosive aura, White Jade Swallow used its sharp claws and directly torn up a person, spilling blood everywhere.

Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly might seem small in size, but under the fluttering of its wings, the surrounding air formed a tornado. Two people could not evade in time and were, shattered by the wind storm.

Witnessing such gory and bloody scene, the adventurer team couldn’t help but feel their hair rising as a spine-chilling sensation went down their back.

“Howl……” The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Spectral Mouse, and Golden Python directly pounced at the same time. Roars filled the air as their bursting auras made the surrounding trembled.

Six Demonic Spirit Realm beasts pounced onto people, killing with their fangs and claws. Their auras covered the sky and earth as their fierce gazes shocked people. These adventurer team could not even defend for themselves.

“Run!” “Faster run……” “Those beasts are with that kid! Help!” In an instant, several figures with pale complexions ran away quickly.

At this moment, they finally understood that these six Demonic Spirit Realms beasts were actually with that kid. If they had known this beforehand, how would they dare to confront him? However, it was already too late for regrets.

Unfortunately, the remaining people that wanted to flee; could not escape successfully.

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger opened its large mouth and in one bite, torn the person into pieces. Blood flowed like a river while its teeth filled with scraps of meat. With one glimpse, it would send chills down people's back.

Golden Python, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, and Spectral Mouse attacked. The smell of blood filled the air while roars rang in the ears.

“Chi……” The Spectral Mouse ran as fast as lightning, and in one bite, it crushed both the human and their weapons. Those teeth seemed indestructible as it instantly bites a person’s head into pieces. The scene too horrifying to watch.

Several people ganged up to stop Golden Python, but with a swipe of its tail as if a gong was ringing, the people and their weapons were sent flying. Mouthfuls of blood were spat out, and the people landed on the ground dead.

“Roar!” The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger roared as its claws glowed with light. A cold light glimmered, letting out a resounding clang that shook the ground as it directly smacked a person with its claw into a meat paste.

“Kill all of them!” “When do I get to kill……” The two golden snakes appeared at Su Yi’s shoulders, sizing up the bloody scene in front of them. Their dewy eyes revealed nothing of fear; instead, there was some yearning.

“Da Bao and Xiao Ling, both of you must train hard. Only when you become strong, can you protect yourselves!” Su Yi said to the two golden snakes with heavy emotions. Whether if it is him or the beasts, only when they became strong can they have the ability to protect themselves and the people around them.

As for Da Bao and Xiao Ling, they were the names Su Yi gave to the two golden snakes. Da Bao was the older brother while Xiao Ling was the younger sister.

Very quickly, over thirty of them, were killed as none of them had escaped. Su Yi stood at one side calmly watching. The world was like this as the strong preyed on the weak. If today, he did not have Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest following him, he would be the unlucky one.

“My lord, we have killed all of them!” Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic and the rest came forward, each one of them having blood on their claws and mouth. The corpses were almost swallowed by every one of them.

The bloody auras within the cultivators’ corpses, were like an essence for the beasts.

Su Yi nodded his head as he swept his eyes across the scene and placed the bursting baggage from the adventurer party into the interspatial bag.

He must not linger around the place. The quicker he entered Grand Beast Canyon, the better.

This time, Su Yi had no intention to part with Golden Python and the rest, allowing them to follow behind him.

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