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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 128

2023-01-29 09:25:56Publish Time: 386 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 128: Ling Bao Pavilion!

During these times, Su Yi had finally understood the rule of the strong preyed on the weak. With his cultivation, he couldn’t become a strong cultivator within a short time. Instead, that adventurer team and Black Fiend School had reminded him that if he couldn’t instantly become strong, why not depend on the others around him? The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python and the rest at his side were also part of his real strength.

An hour later, even though Su Yi had the intention to hide, he had once again met with another adventurer team. There were fewer people in this team, which amounted to less than ten people.

They carefully sized up Su Yi. Those people seemed to have recognized Su Yi and tried to capture him.

“Kill……” Su Yi ordered, letting the nearby Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest to kill these people.

“Looks like I have to be more careful.” Su Yi muttered in his heart. The Black Fiend School seemed to have distributed his portrait everywhere to capture him for a reward so, there must be a lot of people in the Forest of Demons that have seen his portraiture. He had to be more careful.

From these people’s baggage, Su Yi had found a cloak and a cape to cover up his face and weapons. Then he continued forward on the road.

Although this disguise was more eye-catching, there were also some people who had entered the Forest of Demons individually. Even though most of the people were mercenary groups and adventurer teams, there were likewise many different kinds of people who had entered.

Hence, even though Su Yi’s disguise was weirdly eye-catching, no one else could recognize him when he met with other adventurer teams.

During dawn, far away at the front through the mountains, there was a flat land that revealed several buildings.

Many mercenary groups and adventurer teams arrived in the surrounding, all heading towards the same direction.

“Yi City!” Su Yi slightly raised his head, revealing eyes that were looking at the front as his eyes changed.

Inside the Forest of Demons, the Yi City was not uncommon, so Su Yi was not a stranger to it.

Furthermore, in some places of the Forest of Demons, there were quite a few flourishing cities with many residents. If not, the Black Fiend School and the rest would not have such impressive power.

Even at the perimeter of the Forest of Demons, a typical adventurer team that had entered to find medicinal herbs would have also required a few months before leaving.

Also, things like the interspatial bags were not something many people could afford, especially those small mercenary groups and adventurer teams. They could not afford to keep carrying their spoils on their backs for a month or keep their loot on their bodies for a long time.

Yi City, other than being a place for people to stay, it was also a place to trade for various types of cultivation resources, even wine, objects, and women. There were all kinds of things inside.

Gazing at the front, Su Yi hesitated. Not far ahead was the Grand Beast Canyon. Probably, this should be the only Yi City that leads to the Grand Beast Canyon. Fortunately, he could buy some elixirs in case a situation arises for it as he was unsure when he would be able to leave the Grand Beast Canyon. Perhaps even by then, the Black Fiend School had still not given up on him.

After finding a secluded and safe spot, Su Yi notified the Golden Python and the rest to find a secured location nearby and wait for him. After that, he started to pull things out from the interspatial bags, planning to trade them for something in Yi City.

The dusk had shrouded the mountains, and red clouds filled up the sky.

Yi City was enormous than what Su Yi had expected. There was only one way in, yet when entered the city, there were many roads.

"Ten thousand-year-old Four Leaf Spiritual Grass, an absolute treasure!” “Claws of the Mighty Blue Glow Bear, a great material for refining weapons. Only accepting exchange, no Yuan Stones……” “Centuries old aging wine, please come and try it!” “............” When Su Yi entered the Yi City, clamorous sounds spread through the air making the place seemed very lively.

Although Yi City was termed a city, in reality, it had two streets. On both sides were filled with various stores and restaurants. At the back was an inn for people to stay.

The price of the inn was high. For typical cultivators, as long as there was a place to sit down and meditate, it would be a night. Except for those filthy rich people, that wanted to change their environment to reward themselves, they would be willing to stay in the inn.

It was not the first time that Su Yi had come to Yi City. In the past, when he was staying inside the Forest of Demons, he had been to Yi City before so he already knew the rules in Yi City.

Typically, any of the Yi City would have a powerful group protecting the city or a strong cultivator hidden in the shadows protecting it. Within the Yi City, no one was allowed to fight even if it was an irreconcilable hatred. It was the unwritten rule in the Yi City of the entire Forest of Demons.

Su Yi slowly walked with his cloak and cape while exchanging for some Spiritual Herbs in the street stalls.

These Spiritual Herbs still had mud in its roots, which were easier to survive inside his mysterious space. Although Su Yi had also taken out medicinal herbs to exchange, those medicinal herbs already could no longer persist inside his mysterious space.

There were many people selling things on a street stall. All various types of rare goods and cultivation resources were available, but there were even more medicinal herbs.

Su Yi was not stupid. Wanting to find good things on these street stalls was not easy as more than half of them were substandard products, put out as excellent products. If he unmistakably needed to find something magnificent, then he had to go to a bigger store. Although the quality was guaranteed and there were more cultivation resources, it was pricey.

After walking one round, Su Yi couldn’t find anything more that caught his eye. Su Yi could see with one glance that those weapons and those weird so-called ‘unrivaled’ martial arts, were just ordinary things.

“Ling Bao Pavilion.” Su Yi slightly lifted his head and went in the store. Within Yi City, this seemed to be the biggest store while the signboard was very imposing. In this remote part of the Forest of Demons that was Yi City, it looked unique and generous.

Inside the Ling Bao Pavilion, the area was big with lots of people entering it. Many of them were adventurers.

Most of them had come in here to sell their things for a profit. All of them wore a smile as they went out.

And of course, there were also people who came here to buy elixirs and other things.

Within the Ling Bao Pavilion, there were many assortments of items that were glowing and Su Yi was entranced by them. There were all kinds of cultivation resources and rare medicinal herbs too.

There were also many cultivation techniques, martial arts techniques, weapons, etc.

Su Yi slowly wandered around the store as many of the things were very tempting to him.

He regrettably touched the small baggage that he was carrying with him, and bitterly smiled. Not long ago he had already traded off most of them, so there were not many things remained with him. Furthermore, although those Spiritual Herbs were rare, he currently did not have any needs for it.

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