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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 126

2023-01-29 09:25:14Publish Time: 381 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 126: Doing the opposite way!

“The inheritance we gained is closely linked with my lord’s aura. Within a certain distance, we can feel master’s aura, and if master is in any danger, we can feel it within the distance too. The length of the distance seems to be related to our cultivations.” The White Jade Swallow replied to Su Yi.

“Inheritance?” Su Yi questioned.

“All of us have gained the inheritance from my lord’s space.” Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly said while flapping its white jade-like crystal cleared wings, landing gently onto the back of Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger.

“The inheritance was very powerful. That's why we can break through so fast recently.” The Fiery Red Demonic Mink said with a content expression. Within a short period, each one of them had a fast breakthrough.

Su Yi observed the six beasts in front of him. The aura on the Golden Python seemed to have reached Demonic Spirit Realm Fourth Grade while Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest, had reached Demonic Spirit Realm Third Grade.

How long had they been separated? When he first met the Golden Python, it had only just broken through to Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade. Su Yi was unable to contain the surprise in his heart!

Back when they first stepped into the mysterious space, Su Yi had felt that it was weird.

When Flaming Beast Eagle and Snow Jade Ape went inside the mysterious space, the commotion inside the mysterious space was different compared to when Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest first went in.

Now that he heard what Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest had said, he finally understood that what they had gotten then was a mighty inheritance.

And that inheritance must have some form of connection with him thus the six beasts were so obedient to him.

“Where are Fire Bird and Snow Ape?” Thinking about Flaming Beast Eagle and Snow Jade Ape, Su Yi finally realized that both of them were not here and they had also sustained extensive injuries.

“My lord, they are severely injured. At the moment, they are outside healing.” Golden Python replied.

Su Yi felt reassured after listening to what Golden Python had replied.

Flaming Beast Eagle and Snow Jade Ape had accompanied him for so long, and they had shielded him from getting injured. That caused Su Yi to feel very touched.

Seemingly, the feeling must have been the influence of practicing Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

Or it might be because Su Yi himself did not despise beasts. He felt that compared to being with humans, being with these beasts were much safer and comfortable.

“Why are you guys going to the Grand Beast Canyon for?” Su Yi was curious as to why did these beasts had to go there.

“Our real motive is the Demon Woods as only at there, will we advance even faster. But with our current cultivations, we could only go to Grand Beast Canyon.” Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger answered.

“The inheritance told us that by sharpening our skills, could we advance quicker. So, we are planning to go to the Grand Beast Canyon. Only at there, will we be able to grow even stronger!” Spectral Mouse responded.

“My lord, why not you follow us to the Grand Beast Canyon too. My brother and I have also gained the inheritance and are also planning to sharpen ourselves, to quickly become powerful!” The golden snake on the left spoke, gazing at Su Yi with anticipation in its eyes while it rubbed affectionately against Su Yi’s palm.

“So you guys have also gained the inheritance……” Su Yi shockingly stared at the two golden snakes. Back then their eggshells were also caged within that mysterious light.

It turned out that these two fellows had also gained a piece of the inheritance.

“Going with you guys to the Grand Beast Canyon……”

Su Yi raised his eyebrow. Currently, he did not need to worry about that adventurer team, but the Black Fiend School had once again targeted him.

This time by luck, he managed to chase away Dharma Protector Heijiu, but the next time, he might not be so lucky.

Su Yi reckoned that at present, the Black Fiend School must be sending out tons of strong cultivators to look for him and perhaps, they had also laid down traps on the outside of the Forest of Demons.

“The most dangerous place is the safest place! Doing the opposite way!”

All of a sudden while immersed in thinking, Su Yi's eyes glimmered, and his heart had made the decision.

Anyway, just down the front was Grand Beast Canyon so he might as well go there and train.

And within the Grand Beast Canyon, there were beasts everywhere, so it served more benefits to him.

“Black Fiend School, you have angered me. If you have the guts to come to Grand Beast Canyon, I will certainly play with you!” Su Yi deeply chanted as his expression became cold.

This time the Black Fiend School had thoroughly angered Su Yi.

After a moment, Su Yi changed into a sturdy short robe which he got from the interspatial bag from Zhou Da and the rest.

Carrying the sword and saber on his back, Su Yi walked out of the cave to find Flaming Beast Eagle and Snow Jade Ape in another cave not too far away, healing.

“My lord!”

Upon seeing Su Yi, the Snow Jade Ape and Flaming Beast Eagle immediately stopped healing.

“Come in here to heal yourselves.” Su Yi nodded his head as he summoned the mysterious space out, allowing for Snow Jade Ape and Flaming Beast Eagle to enter since the healing process will speed up by double in there.

Seeing that Su Yi had actually, understood beast language, Flaming Beast Eagle and Snow Jape Ape felt surprised. But they still followed Su Yi’s instructions and went inside the mysterious space.

“Let’s go and be careful.”

Su Yi said to Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest.

Even though they had mentioned before that there were more beasts in the Grand Beast Canyon, but because of the news about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng spreading around recently, it had attracted many strong cultivators, so it was better to be safe than sorry.


Inside the dense forest with towering trees that covered up the sky.

Su Yi walked with the sword and saber crossed on his back, slowly traveling through the forest.

Several meters in front of them through a towering tree’s gap, Su Yi could see over thirty figures that were resting.

Within these figures were males of different ages. The youngest aged around twenty years old but all of them had a bloody aura.

On the side of these thirty over people were bursting baggage. It seemed that their profits in the Forest of Demons were quite good and they were planning to leave.

Looking at those people, they seemed to be a small adventurer team. Su Yi did not want to face them and turned around to leave, not wanting to cause any more troubles.

“That kid over there is all alone in here but has yet to be eaten by a beast!” Someone from far away saw Su Yi and said with a laughing ridiculing demeanor.

“Maybe there’s someone with him. A kid that is still wet behind the ears wouldn’t run here alone, or a beast would have swallowed him long ago.” Someone jokingly remarked.

“Don’t you guys think that the kid looks similar to the one that Black Fiend School has offered a huge amount of money for?” All of a sudden, someone claimed as he watched Su Yi turned around and left. His eyes became dark, revealing a doubtful expression.

“Surely, that is not him right?” Hearing this, many people became interested as their eyes glowed with greed.

The reward Black Fiend School was giving out, was much more than the amount that they painstakingly earned in a few months inside here.

“If he is truly that kid, then we will be rich!”

“Go have a look, if that is indeed him, then we have strike rich!”


Many of them suddenly boiled up as their gazes stared at Su Yi’s back, their eyes burning with anticipation.