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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 125

2023-01-29 09:25:08Publish Time: 418 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Dead-Person

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Chapter 125: Beast Language!

Su Yi could still recall that when he was fighting against the Black Fiend School, the Golden Python was the first one to appear, followed by Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest.

“Howl…..” Seeing that Su Yi had regained consciousness, the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest had a smiling expression as they softly roared like they were very excited.

“Hiss hiss……” Two little golden snakes came out of nowhere and directly climbed onto Su Yi’s shoulders, affectionately rubbing on his face.

“My lord, I missed you.” “My lord, I missed you too.” A youthful voice transmitted into Su Yi’s ear.

“Oh, it’s you guys." Su Yi placed the two golden snakes onto his palm. He realized that the two golden snakes had grown bigger than before, their eyes showing intelligence.

“F**k, something not right……” Suddenly, Su Yi’s eyes became wide as a hair-raising feeling spread through his body. He stared closely at the two golden snakes in his palm that were swirling and asked dumbfoundedly: “Is it you guys that just talk to me?” “Hiss hiss……” the two golden snakes flicked their tongues creating the swishing sound.

“My lord, it is us that just spoke.” “My lord, what’s wrong?” The voices landed into Su Yi’s ears as the two golden snakes stood with their head held high, their intelligent eyes looking at Su Yi curiously.

“Roar……” “Chirp chirp……” “My lord, are you ok?!” “My lord, have you recovered?” Their roars relayed into Su Yi’s ears, yet it sounded like there were many humans talking.

“F**k, so it was you guys who are talking……” Su Yi now really felt goosebumps appearing all over his body. He stared at the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python and the rest who were by his side. It was clearly them who had just spoken.

“No, it’s not that they can speak the human language but it’s me who can understand their speech…… I seem to be able to understand the beast language!” Su Yi was shocked, his gaze quavering.

At present, it was not that these beasts could speak the human language. After all, only when they have reached the Demonic Void Ream, can they speak the human tongue. It was obvious that it was him who could finally understand the beast language.

“My lord, what’s wrong?” Looking at Su Yi’s appearance, the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Spectral Mouse and the rest were flabbergasted and stared at Su Yi curiously.

“My lord, you can understand what we are saying?”

Immediately, Golden Python and the rest felt even more flabbergasted that Su Yi could actually understand their language.

“Are you the ones who brought me here?” Su Yi took a deep breath to suppress the shock in his heart. His eyes gazed at the six beasts while he asked, his eyes watching them closely.

“Yes, when my lord fainted, we brought you to this place.” The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger nodded its head and looked toward Su Yi with curiosity. In its eyes, the fear that was in the depth of its heart was no longer portraying out.

“F**k, I really can understand the beast language!” At this moment, Su Yi had confirmed that he really could understand the beast language.

Su Yi pondered. Not too long ago, he didn’t have this skill. Thinking carefully, this must have happened recently.

“Could it be……” Suddenly, Su Yi thought of something. When he was unconscious, he seems to have gone through a vast and boundless void that had numerous figures of beasts appearing with auras that could suppress the ancient times.

After that, the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique automatically refined the strand of energy that was left behind. This was also a piece of information that flowed into his mind.

Apparently, because of this information and the aura that merged with him, allowed him to suddenly understand the beast language.

“Yuan Soul Realm Eighth Grade!” When he felt the aura on his body, the corner of his mouth lifted up in a smile. At present, his cultivation was actually at the Yuan Soul Realm Eighth Grade. It seems this was the benefit he gained after refining the leftover energy.

Especially for his spirit, Su Yi could feel that the spirit in his mind had become stronger than before.

Originally, the spiritual power in his mind that radiated a golden light now seems to be dyed in a light layer of crimson, becoming different from before.

The changes within the spirit made Su Yi feel that there must be something special which might have some use in the future.

But for now, Su Yi couldn’t come up with anything. He only knew that the changes within the spirit would only bring him benefit and no harm.

Following after that, Su Yi’s heart became heavy when he thought about his circumstances not long ago.

This time, they were more on the ominous side than blessings.

And although he could avert the disaster, Su Yi knew that it was all because of the power within the mysterious sphere of light that saved him.

That power was so powerful that it came surging out, almost causing him to die of an explosion.

That mysterious sphere of light made Su Yi felt that it was unpredictable as it contained too many mysteries. It could even erupt and give out such explosive power, making him a Yuan Soul Seventh Realm to be able to defend against a Yuan Void Realm strong cultivator. How powerful was it?

“Treasure……” Su Yi rejoiced secretly. The mysterious sphere of light was really a treasure amongst treasures.

Following that, Su Yi sized up his surroundings and realized that he was inside a wide cave with his 500-kilogram broken sword and saber laying by his side. The six beasts must have brought him here along with his weapons.

“Where is this place?” Su Yi questioned the six beasts. “My lord not far ahead is the Grand Beast Canyon.” The Golden Python opens its mouth, the neighing speech from its throat allowed Su Yi to hear it loud and clear.

“Grand Beast Canyon!” Upon hearing this, Su Yi's expression changed. From what Bi Ling said, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng seems to have appeared inside the Grand Beast Canyon. Most likely, the Grand Beast Canyon was now overrun by many strong cultivators, with many of them trying to obtain the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

As for the Grand Beast Canyon, Su Yi knew it like the back of his hand. Entering from the east to the west, after crossing the Grand Beast Canyon, you will reach the heart of the Forest of Demons.

If entered from the south, after crossing the Grand Beast Canyon, it will be the Demon Woods where rumors had it that, that was where most of the strong beasts reside in.

Rumors that even the powerful Black Fiend School that shows off its strength in the Forest of Demons also did not dare to enter the Demon Woods.

However, in the Grand Beast Canyon, there were also many beasts that gathered there and amongst them, were several strong beasts.

Usually, only a handful of people would even dare to enter the Grand Beast Canyon, hence, much less to be said about the Demon Woods.

After listening to the six beasts talking, Su Yi found out that the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python and the rest were heading towards the Grand Beast Canyon when they felt Su Yi’s aura. After searching for him, they met with the scene where he was in danger.

“All of you can feel my aura?” Su Yi felt that it was very weird as they had parted ways for quite some time. Is it true that the Golden Python and the rest really could feel his aura?

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