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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 124

2023-01-29 09:25:00Publish Time: 410 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 124: Mysterious void

“Howl ……”

The roars of numerous beasts could be heard just before Su Yi completely lost consciousness.

After the horrifying fight was over, the frightening commotions finally became peaceful.

The surrounding hundreds of feet near the area was transformed into a mess, with the center completely destroyed, leaving behind a shocking scene.

“The Black Fiend School’s Dharma Protector seems to have escaped!”

“Even the beasts too, with most of them having strong auras!”

“I heard that the Black Fiend School had found the youth that killed their young master and had a fight here!”

“This looks like a battle between the strongest. Is that youth really that powerful?!”

Many figures started to appear. All of them were lured here by the horrifying commotion the fight had caused.

That kind of commotion that ripped through the sky, had roused the attention of all the nearby beings.

Some of the mercenary groups and adventurer parties, even the rogue cultivators who were passing by, had come rushing here.


In a state of daze, when Su Yi’s mind regained consciousness, he suddenly felt an aura that made his mind tremble. His surrounding was an empty void that was vast and boundless.

Inside the void, Su Yi could feel that his mind was traveling. The sound of thunderstorm filled up the surrounding as if it was coming from ancient times.


Suddenly, a virtual figure of a fearsome beast appeared in front of the void, its roar as loud as the thunder, baring fangs and brandishing its claws, seemingly as though it could incite the Ancient.


Following that, more and more virtual figures of beasts kept on appearing, every single one of them having eyes as bright as tomorrow’s light. Some have light like the moon, bright and breath-taking. Some have roars as loud as thunder, deafening the ears.

Some of the huge beasts were like a dragon, some like a phoenix, some were monstrously big and some had wings that could cover up the entire sky.

These virtual figures of fearsome beasts glowed with a blinding light before disappearing into the void, like a firework that sparkled before disintegrated.

Under the terrifying aura, Su Yi’s mind was throbbing and felt numb.

In front of him, the virtual figure of a beast that seemingly came from the ancient times kept appearing, alternating between light and dark. Its roar deafening like the thunder. So horrifying!

If even one of those Ancient beasts were to exist in reality, they would be able to shock the entire world!


A dragon roared. It was so gigantic that half of its body was submerged in the void, while the other half that could be seen had already risen over the void. Its aura was frantic as the horrifying aura pressed onto Su Yi’s mind as if it was trying to make his mind explode.


The roar pierced through the cloud and shattered the rocks. A ferocious bird stretched its wing as it covered the entire sky. Both of its wings directly tore through the sky, making the sky collapse and the ground shatter. So horrifying!


A tiger roared. Its roar was fearsome. One of its feet stepped down and an Ancient mountain was crushed to the ground. Its eyes were filled with hostility as though it had felt Su Yi’s mind and turn to glare, making Su Yi’s mind sank.

Su Yi was shocked. The virtual figures of the beasts were too powerful.

Did these frightening beast really exist in the real world? Or did they only exist in ancient times and were buried in the ground long ago?

If at present, these ancient beasts really did exist, what kind of era would it be? It would simply be an era of war.

The humans then, wouldn’t have any hopes of contending against them.

In this vast void, Su Yi lost count of the numbers of virtual figures he had seen.

This kind of frightening might was just too terrifying!

Finally, those huge virtual figures of beasts start to disappear as the surrounding start to get hotter.

In a state of daze, Su Yi could feel that something went inside his body with a message and laid it into his soul.

After a while, Su Yi found that all around him was scorching heat. A gruesome heat that seemed to want to burn his soul.

But in this scorching heat, was a sense of familiarity as the heat also brought a comfortable feeling to Su Yi’s mind and soul.


The heat came in waves, like an undulating ripple, bringing along an overbearing mighty aura.

The aura seemed to be able to oppress the Ancient. It was extremely dominating!

Virtually, Su Yi felt something flowing into his body, going into his organs, meridians, bones, and muscles.

And most importantly, the scorching heat seemed to be merging together with his mind and soul.

Su Yi could vaguely feel that the energy came from the mysterious sphere of light, which the powerful energy was used to deal with the Black Fiend School’s Dharma Protector Heijiu.

At present, some of the auras that were left behind were starting to merge together with Su Yi.

Inside a wide cave, Su Yi subconsciously sat cross-legged, his hand forming a hand seal. His body was caged within a blinding light as if he was wrapped by the lights. The lights shone like the Sun and intertwined.

“Hum hum……”

The space around Su Yi quivered. A mysterious light flowed out from his body, making waves of fluctuations as if the mysterious power traveled through time and space, descending from the ancient times!

Through the naked eyes, Su Yi’s blood-dripping body which was too horrifying to look at, had mysterious energy surging through and his body began to heal.

Over time, Su Yi’s body got more and more radiant. His whole body was enshrouded in light as not even a tiny scar was left on his body.

While all of this was still continuing, the aura on his body got even more blinding. Gradually, a thunderous sound rang out as the mysterious power kept surging in his body.

While sitting cross-legged, Su Yi did not move a single muscle as his body glowed, trying to merge with the mysterious power.

The Su Yi at the moment was immersed in a strange state like he was separated from the outside world. Only his body could be seen giving out brilliant light.

At this time, the aura on his body was also gradually rising to a peak point.


Immediately, the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian let out a muffled sound and a new aura spread out.

In a small town, at a courtyard.

In the main hall, the miserable Heijiu stood there with his head bowed, his complexion as white as paper. Although he had changed his robe, it couldn’t hide his miserable appearance.

Standing behind Heijiu were some of the Black Fiend School’s Yuan Spirit cultivators with their ashen complexion, not daring to even breathe loudly.

“Bunch of trash! Go find him for me now!”

At the top of the main hall was an elder in his 60s, glaring coldly at Heijiu. He wore an over-size black robe which further emphasized his withered bones, his complexion was pale as if he just recovered from an illness. His eyes were sunken into his eye socket that when people looked at him, they would quiver in fear.

If Su Yi was here, he would know who that person was from a glance. This elder was the one who followed along with the Black Fiend School’s young master, High Elder Bai.



Su Yi who was sitting cross-legged undid the hand seal and breathe out as he opened his eyes.

A glint flashed through his eyes like red lightning, bright and dazzling before it subsided.

“Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, White Jade Swallow, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, and Spectral Mouse……”

Su Yi was surprised. The moment he opened his eyes, the thing he saw first was the figures of the six beasts: Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, White Jade Swallow, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, and Spectral Mouse, who he had parted from not long ago.