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The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 29 Part 2

2023-06-19 11:20:00Publish Time: 3,964 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 29: That Is a Real Natural Saint! (2)

At first, he hid under the altar and relied on a wisp of his divine sense to drive [Tao Hui].

Over the past ten years, he has escaped numerous people's probing, including a cultivator at the Transcendency Stage.

However, Bai Lian grasped his weakness as soon as she appeared, forcing him to reveal himself.

Then, Bai Lian's real identity was revealed layer by layer.

She is the reincarnation of a Star Lord. Merely a worm crawling out of the ground, how could he be Bai Lian's opponent?

Then, he and the evil idea planned to possess Su Youwei's body to threaten Bai Lian, instead they fell into a trap set in advance by her. The evil idea died and their control over the emperor was lost.

Finally, he wanted to have Nanwang City fall together with him, but Bai Lian had already taken precautions. The protective shield that rose was as thick as Bai Lian's chest and could not be broken.

"You really have considered everything in advance. No matter what I did, I was always in your palm. I…"

Tao Hui suddenly understood.

The threat of death is not despair.

When all hope is gone, what remains is despair.

Yes, Bai Lian is his despair!


So painful.

"Ah ah ah -"

Tao Hui wailed and waved his broken left arm.

His hand hurt, his chest hurt, his head hurt, he felt pain all over his body.

This kind of pain is even greater than being fucked by all the people of the city!

"The pain is killing me. Let me die. Come on, just let me die…"

Tao Hui rolled around on the ground desperately.

Ling Yue's eyes widened.

She had never thought that Tao Hui would show such a miserable look.

Bai Lian had an idea in her mind.

This guy is like a dog.


That's insulting the dog!

Better kill him.

Bai Lian was really in no mood to see a broken person go crazy.

She thrust her right hand forward and the Dirt Free Sword deeply pierced Tao Hui's body and shattered Tao Hui's soul, which had no intention of escaping.

Before Tao Hui completely disappeared, Bai Lian saw a partial memory of his.

It turns out, he was the one who interred Ling Yue in the black wooden box.

It turns out, he had been secretly encouraging others to bully Ling Yue.

This damn shameless thing!

Bai Lian was so angry that she raised her hand.


Tao Hui is already dead. She couldn't beat him again.

She decided it would be better not to tell Ling Yue about it.

Bai Lian looked at the emperor whose body suddenly became somewhat insubstantial and said, "Why did you help me?"

The emperor smiled and said, "Nanwang Country became the overlord of Mingzhou under my rule. It is me, and I am it."


Bai Lian didn't find any anger in the emperor.

Maybe this emperor was not a bad person?

"I'll go and see my descendant first."

The emperor nodded to Bai Lian, and then stepped forward to Wen Su.

"My… ancestor."

Wen Su didn't know how to face his ancestor who summoned sand soldiers to attack Nanwang City.

The emperor said, "No matter the reason, I will shoulder my responsibility. I feel sorry for what you have suffered."


Wen Su had tears on his face.

"When the time comes, let's leave together."

The emperor said and then came to Ling Yue.


Ling Yue stood up in panic.

The emperor held out his hand. He was about to touch Ling Yue's head, but finally he took it back.

He didn't want to make a move that might alert Bai Lian.

"Master Bai Lian, can you accompany me?"

Bai Lian said seriously, "Don't call me master, and I'm not the reincarnation of any Star Lord!"

Don't believe or spread rumors!

Do you understand?

The emperor nodded and smiled, "I understand!"

After all, your real identity is the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor. Now that Tao Hui is dead, the risk of your identity being exposed is gone.

"Fairy Bai Lian, I will keep your secret!" The emperor laughed.


Bai Lian was stunned.

Wait, what secret?

Finally, at the invitation of the emperor, Bai Lian stepped on his chariot.

This is the last time the emperor visited his country, and the confused Ling Yue was also brought up onto the chariot.

They set out from Nanwang City and headed for the border of Nanwang Country.

The emperor was filled with emotion.


Not only was he beaten by an Immortal Emperor, but he also talked and laughed with the Immortal Emperor and took the same chariot!

But soon he sighed again.

Dilapidated, dilapidated, the prosperous Mingzhou has become like this.

The emperor sighed, "In the past, I also rushed at that crazy Immortal like this time."

The chariot flew towards the moon.

He seemed to be back three thousand years ago.

A crazy Immortal came to Mingzhou. The Immortal drank the whole river, broke a mountain peak, and countless people died under his attacks.

At that time, he had passed the Guafeng Disaster and could ascend to the Immortal World within a few months.

However, as the emperor of Nanwang Country, he could not stand back and watch as his country was being destroyed.

So after leaving two Spirit Tools in Nanwang City, he resolutely drove his chariot towards the Immortal.

He tried his best to kill the Immortal.

Although, in the end he failed, his efforts were not all in vain.

He exhausted the vitality of the gravely injured Immortal, the Immortal was stopped, and so the disaster was confined to Mingzhou.

That was his story.

"Except Nanwang…"

A ray of pain flashed in the emperor's eyes.

He never thought that Nanwang had fallen to this point. When his ghost woke up from the Spirit Tool, he was shocked.

But before he could help his offsprings, he was found by Tao Hui and the evil idea.

The two used his soul to erase the curse of the Immortal's blood, which caused many oases to appear in the desert.

Countless people died fighting for the oases, and those who died became sacrifices.

Through this careful method, no one would suspect that they were engaged in collecting blood sacrifice.

Ling Yue's chest heaved violently.

What she heard was not the story of an emperor, but the epic of a hero.

Bai Lian also sighed, "What do you want to do next?"

Overlooking the barren sandy land at his feet, the emperor proclaimed passionately, "I hope that one day Mingzhou will be restored to its original state."

That's too hard.

It's not easy to erase the curse of the Immortal's blood.

The emperor smiled, "It's not totally impossible. My ability is limited, but if I can find the pearl used by the Immortal, there will be hope."

Does he mean the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl?

Bai Lian was surprised.

At this time, she suddenly found that the emperor was shining.


Ling Yue exclaimed, "Ancestor!"

The emperor turned into countless spots of light and they slowly descended from the chariot.

But his voice lingered.

"My ghost should have returned to samsara long ago. Now is the time to make my last contribution."

"Don't be sad. Maybe you will meet my reincarnation in a few decades."

"By the way, Fairy Bai Lian, can you help me pass on this heritage to Ling Yue?"

There was another sentence the emperor didn't say.

Bai Lian, this is my last reward!

You helped Nanwang Country, in return, let me help you hide your true identity. Just let everyone think that you are just the reincarnation of a Star Lord!

In this way, no one will suspect that you are the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor. Don't be moved. As a Saint, you deserve it!

On that day, the emperor became a light.

Star-like lights fell on the land of Nanwang Country.

On that day, the chariot drew a trail over Nanwang Country.

That was the route of the emperor's inspection of the empire three thousand years ago.

On that day, the sand touched by falling star light ushered in a dramatic change.

The ground began to quake, and to the amazement of all, spring water burst out of the sandy soil. The water continued to pour out in increasing quantities. Eventually, the flooded spots merged together to fill the ancient river bed long-buried under the sand.

This was not the end.

With the new river as the center, oases emerged to cover the desert.


"Oh, my God!"

"Saved! My child is saved!"

The people in Nanwang were shocked beyond measure.

Those cultivators who passed by also shouted excitedly after seeing the person on the chariot.

"Fairy Bai Lian! It's Fairy Bai Lian who is standing on the chariot!"

"This must be Fairy Bai Lian's philanthropic act!"

First, she eliminated the evil beings, then saved the Sand Region.

"What is a Natural Saint? Bai Lian is a real Natural Saint!"

Bai Lian heard those shouts.

What the fuck!

Don't talk nonsense. I didn't do it. The emperor did it.

Bai Lian was dumbfounded.

Although she did want to use the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl to help the Sand Region, she hadn't started yet.

But no one could hear her protest.

Ling Yue, who was closest to her, paid no heed to the matter.

Ling Yue stared at the stars and moon in the sky and the river summoned out by her ancestor.

The boundless plain under the stars, the moon reflected on the surging flowing river.

She knew that a new era had arrived.

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