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The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 29 Part 1

2023-06-18 10:57:45Publish Time: 3,558 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous, Vedran-Jordanov

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Chapter 29: That Is a Real Natural Saint! (1)

A thing more frightening than madness is despair.

That is what Tao Hui is feeling now.

But is this feeling of imminent death the so-called despair?

Tao Hui was considering his situation.

He knew he could not run, so he simply didn’t try running.

He let the Dirt Free Sword fall on his shoulder and cut off the Dharma Body's head, slashing through the covering burning flames.

There was an updraft.

That head…

Flew high into the sky!

It flew very high, above all the buildings in the royal city, breaking through the dark curtain woven by Tao Hui, and finally appeared under the bright starry sky.

The sky was "bright" again.

The moon was bright and the stars were winking.

Tao Hui looked down.

His eyes were a little confused. He almost stopped thinking. He just stared at Bai Lian who threw the Dirt Free Sword into the air.


A gentle splashing sound spread, and a huge ice wall blocked all the escape routes of his Dharma Body.


The emperor and Ling Yue were stunned.

What is Bai Lian going to do?

The next moment they understand.

Bai Lian's fist clenched.

Although the Dirt Free Sword is more efficient, beating him with her fists is better for venting her anger!

Bai Lian swung her right fist.

A punch loaded with all her strength and all her Special Effects.

The emperor stopped dispelling the evil idea's mark and Ling Yue stopped shaking.

They saw a huge water wave rising from Bai Lian's arm, first quenching the black flames on the Dharma Body, and then sweeping the whole royal city like a hurricane.

Seen through this light blue curtain, the royal city resembled a dragon palace under the sea.

They saw a scroll emerge in front of Bai Lian, and the scroll automatically unfolded at the moment when her fist fell hit Tao Huai's Dharma Body.

It's a brand-new painting of the stars and the moon!

But this scroll was more like a world with a stronger personal emotion.

If you drop a world on a person's head, what will it feel like?

The emperor was stunned.

Is this the power of a reincarnated Star Lord?

Is this Bai Lian’s Great Tao of Stars?

Soon he found that he underestimated Bai Lian.


When Bai Lian's fist ran through Tao Huai's Dharma body, he was shocked to find that there were faint white lines around Bai Lian's body.


The emperor's soul trembled.

The fluctuation was very light, but he would never mistake it. It was a Tao Halo, a Tao Halo that could even make an Immortal Emperor bow to it!

At this moment, the emperor realized.

He was wrong. Bai Lian was not the reincarnation of a Star Lord!

A Star Lord can't do that.

Bai Lian is clearly the reincarnation of one of the strongest Immortal Emperors!

What is a real Natural Saint? That is a real Natural Saint!

The emperor's breathing quickened.

No way.

This secret must be kept hidden, or Bai Lian will encounter endless trouble in the future!

Only he, Ling Yue and Tao Hui saw this scene.

Ling Yue didn’t understand it, so if Tao Hui is killed, outsiders will only think Bai Lian is the reincarnation of a Star Lord.

The emperor began to make every effort to eliminate the evil idea's mark that was controlling his body.

Only Ling Yue and Tao Hui continued to watch Bai Lian's "performance".

A new painting of a moon and stars would appear with Bai Lian's every punch.

What a wonderful world this is, Ling Yue thought as she stared blankly.

She forgot to be afraid.

In the past, there was only yellow sand in her world.

Now, a world of rippling waves was slowly unfolding before her.


She no longer hesitated.

She was in!

She entered the world Bai Lian had made for her.

She took the boat and saw a laurel tree in the distance.

She likes that.

Having decided, Ling Yue directly jumped into the sea. The surging tide submerged her, and she choked several times.

A little salty, a little sweet.

She sniffed greedily. Is this the flavor of Bai Lian?

Under the laurel tree, Ling Yue looked up at the bright moon and the stars in the sky. She suddenly had an idea——

The world is so big, she wants to see it!

Ling Yue didn't know a spring would come to this dry desert.

Bai Lian didn't know either.

She just kept beating Tao Huai. She wanted to use her most dazzling powers to make Tao Hui understand what pain and despair were.

She didn't plan to kill Tao Hui quickly.

She carefully, slowly and intermittently punched heavily, making Tao Hui toss and turn in pain.

When Tao Hui was about to die, she used the Ten Thousand Flowers to heal him.

More than once, red flowers floated in the sky.

"It's incredible."

Wen Su, the nearest to all this, raised his head in a daze.

Above him, one galaxy after another spread out side by side. The stars were shining bright and spilling into the distance.

Wen Su forgot the pain, because he knew that every Milky Way appearing marked Tao Huai being a step closer to death.


While Wen Su raised his hands in exhilaration, the people of Nanwang City on the ground expressed their joy more simply.

What are these suddenly appearing stars and flowers?

They were a salute for the old emperor's return!

"Yeah! Yeah!"

"My emperor! My emperor!"

There were children running and jumping happily on the ground.

"Slow down, be careful not to fall!"

Su Youwei shouted quickly.

However, no one listened to her.

Zhao Haiya shook his head slightly.

Just join them this time.

Such is the Natural Saint Bai Lian. She can always make others happy, happy in many ways.

One should remember that eradicating evil is only a means, the real purpose is to make everyone reach the other side with happiness and laughter!

"I've learned quite quickly."

Zhao Haiya glanced at Su Youwei.

What he has understood these last few days should not be much less than Bai Lian's younger Martial Sister, right?

In short, don't think so much, just do it!

Not long ago, he felt something in his heart. Soon, his Yin Fire Disaster would come.

He was now very confident of successfully breaking through to the Soul Changing Stage.

But he doesn't plan to return to the Tianji sect to compete for the position of the sect leader. He doesn't care about that anymore. He came from the world of mortals, and he also wants to return to the world of mortals.

There are many people in the world.

He wants more people to learn the profound wisdom of Natural Saint Bai Lian, and let more people undergo edification by the spirit of the Natural Saint Bai Lian.


Bai Lian thought it was time to end this.

She beat Tao Huai very happily, but it also made her a little sore.

Die! Damn Tao Huai!

After stopping the use of Thousand of Flowers, Tao Hui's body was crushed into sauce in the face of her continuous heavy beating.

Even the blazing black flames were completely extinguished by Bai Lian.

As soon as the updraft from the flames disappeared, Tao Huai's head floating in the sky fell down.

Bai Lian stopped punching and waited. The moment the head fell in front of her, she punched hard again.

Ten times Bai Lian's Punch!

(╬ ̄皿 ̄)=○#( ̄#)3 ̄)====


In a moment, the Dharma Body's head exploded like a watermelon, and a painting of the stars and moon shot through the night.

Fragments from the explosion hit the water waves in the sky, looking like light blue fireworks.


Bai Lian twisted her aching right arm.

Very rare.

She was sweating.

It's slippery, especially the chest and butt.

Is it really because her attack speed was too fast?

Bai Lian touched her cheek. She felt a little warm.

Forget about it.

Now that Tao Huai's Dharma Body had been broken, the next step is to find Tao Hui's true body.

She released her Divine Sense.

Bai Lian turned around after her Divine Sense just spread out.

Show yourself!

Tao Hui came out like a gopher.

This is his last chance to kill Ling Yue and make Bai Lian suffer.

He started to run, and tried his best to run toward Ling Yue. As long as he didn't stop, he still had hope.

Bai Lian, you didn't expect that I could endure the pain for so long, did you?!

He was near.

Only half a meter away.

Tao Hua extended his left hand excitedly.

Just when he was about to reach Ling Yue, a screeching rune overflowing with killing intent struck him and broke through his body and soul.



The second rune hit and broke again his soul that was just gathering itself.


Tao Hua fell to the ground.

He realized. This was the power of the emperor.

However, it was not over yet, he still forcefully extended his left hand forward. Even though the ground was covered in blood, he still tried his best.

Almost there.

One foot.

One inch.


Suddenly, a sword fell, and Tao Hui was shocked to find that his hands and body were separated, and there was a Bai Lian between him and Ling Yue.

This Bai Lian is as wide as a chasm, as deep as a trench, and as high as a mountain.

He can't cross it!

Tao Hui recalled his experience of fighting with Bai Lian.

PS: I'm editing the published volumes. Currently, I have done editing volume 1 and volume 2, and fixed almost all the typos (I think). Change the jade rabbit's sound from "Haw haw" to "Squeak", which I think squeak should be more like a rabbit's sound.

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