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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 95

2022-06-14 04:04:50Publish Time: 1,080 views
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Chapter 95: Profess My Love

"I'm back!" Yun Xi gazed at his own face in the mirror and hypnotized himself that nothing had changed. He was still himself, not the greatsword maid "Mei". Well, if he could ignore his flawless skin, black and smooth black hair, and deep eyes, which were so unfamiliar even to himself, nothing changed...

Ok, Yun Xi couldn't keep cheating himself anymore.

The truth was: after obtaining the Killing Princess's legacy, all of him had been transformed. That was a change that happened to his animacy hierarchy, and this was just the beginning. The greatsword maid's legacy was more powerful than Yun Xi's imagination. It had already started to change his bloodline.

"Master, isn't it good to become stronger?" Mei'er was glad to see Yun Xi's change. The stronger her master was, the higher the possibility that he could escape from his ex-girlfriends' deadly chase.

His body of flesh and blood was just like a small container. If he wanted to use his true starchild power, he needed to strengthen his soul to a higher rank. However, if there was a way to make the small container more perfect, that would also be good.

"You don't understand. If this goes on, I'm afraid that something very bad will happen to me," Yun Xi smiled bitterly as he gazed at his image.

A week ago, he was still an ordinary baker. But now, he had to escape from his four god-like ex-girlfriends. Who else could understand his feeling?!

They sent a legend-ranked Apostle to the White Lotus Sword Domain to search for him! Any person who was at the legend rank was strong enough to destroy a whole sword domain! As far as Yun Xi knew, the entire White Lotus Sword Domain didn't have any swordsman who was at this rank!

The strongest people Yun Xi had seen were the twin witches, White Lotus and Red Lotus. They were at the hero rank and their power was already beyond a mortal's imagination. He couldn't imagine how powerful a legend-ranked Apostle would be.

After tonight, he would wear the maid's black uniform again and go to the Sword Palace together with Hua Huo. He must hide his identity and even his gender. In order to escape from his ex-girlfriends' hunting, he must become stronger and stronger in the stars trial by dying endless amounts of times.

Tonight was the last night he would stay in this ordinary town where he had been born and lived for sixteen years. His past dream would be buried after tonight. He wanted to inherit the baker shop and marry one of the town girls. He would have many children, and after he was old, he would tell them that when he was young, that he had had a brilliant childhood sweetheart. He would remember how they met each other, growing up together, and finally getting separated from each other.

In the spring, they would go and see the blossoming of flowers and gather tender leaves in the plains near town. They would make a flower basket and take a walk while holding a flower basket in their arms together.

In the summer, they would take the fishing net to the stream to catch fish and prawns. They would smile and play together.

In autumn, they would go to a secluded valley. He would tell her the story about his brilliant childhood sweetheart under the tree.

In winter, they would sit side by side by the heater, eating oranges together and discussing the development plan of their bakery.

After that, they would have three children. He hoped that there would be one girl and two boys. He would watch them grow up and have their own lovers and lives. Finally, one autumn, his life would end. He would close his eyes with his family members circling around his bed.

That would be a very ordinary life, but that was what Yun Xi hoped for. Hua Huo was his first lover and his favourite girl. However, he knew she wouldn't stay in the small town. She was like the fireworks in the summer, shining between heaven and earth, but would finally disappear from the sky, and disappear from his life.

Yun Xi didn't dare to have any extravagant hope that they could stay together forever. She was the sun, a bright light that could light up the universe. She was the sky, free and boundless. In his eyes, Hua Huo was so bright and so resplendent. Even when Hua Huo displayed her Flying Swallow Sword, her talent was already far beyond his and made him feel that it was unreachable, not to mention that she had displayed her Sky Flying Sword and slayed the dragon with one attack.

"Hua Huo, do you know how good you are?" Yun Xi stood in front of the mirror. He whispered, as if he was saying "goodbye" to his past. "You're as bright as the summer. You're my sun. I want to touch you but worry about your scorching light. You're so glamorous, so beautiful, and so tempting. I never thought that I could stay beside you in the future. I love you, Hua Huo. I like the way you run, the gesture when you brandish your sword, and your face when you sweat. Hua Huo, if I live for only eighteen years, then the ten years I stayed with you will be the greatest treasure of my life."

Yun Xi didn't, and wasn't able to realize that outside of his window, Hua Huo was standing on a transparent light ring, gazing at him with an unbelievable look.

"Eh? Ah? Gee?"

Hua Huo's face was as red as a mellow apple. At first, she didn't trust her childhood sweetheart and planned to eavesdrop on his farewell to other girls. Yet just now, she heard his biggest secret, which she shouldn't have heard, but couldn't stop herself from hearing.

So, her Little Xi also liked her so much. Yes, that was right and reasonable. After all, she was his childhood sweetheart and would be his fiancee! He of course also liked her!

However, the smile on the corner of her mouth exposed the exultation in her heart.

Yun Xi was professing his love to her! Her Little Xi, her unique childhood sweetheart, her most favorite person in the world, was professing his love to her! She won! Ha ha ha, as she expected, the childhood sweetheart was the strongest winner! After all, she was the first! No one could catch up with her!

Ha ha ha! That is great! Today is I, Hua Huo's victory day!

Hua Huo boldly laughed. She couldn't restrain her blood from boiling. Therefore, she stepped on one transparent light ring after another, dashing into the sky. A great amount of vigour was flowing in her body, making her heart beat faster with her face blushing. She couldn't control her passion and had to fly into the sky to unleash her powerful vigour.

Today was the happiest day in her life.

Little Xi, I love you, too. I like the shyness on your face, and the butter bread you specially made for me. You know nothing about my past and the responsibility... my bloodline that is a burden. You don't know how special I am. However, you still like me. You like the purest part of me, the true me. Hence, I also like the pure you, my Little Xi.

No matter whether one thousand years pass, or ten thousand years pass, a promise is always a promise. It will never be changed. The promise of marrying you will never expire.