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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 96

2022-06-14 04:04:58Publish Time: 1,126 views
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Chapter 96: The Childhood Sweethearts (1)

Yun Xi opened the window and saw a starry sky. Tonight, the great stars were still shining in the sky. In a bamboo house not far away from Yun Xi's house, people from the noble families were drinking and talking, making the originally quiet small town become noisy.

"It's midnight, 12 o'clock," Yun Xi confirmed the time, then left his room.

Tonight, he had dates with three girls.

At 1 o'clock in the morning, he would go to see El'phyllis, the eldest daughter of the gem store owner in the neighboring town.

At 2 o'clock in the morning, he would go to see Milei, the young lady from the flower shop down the street.

At 3 o'clock, he would go to see Ye Li, the little girl from the cake shop across the street.

El'phyllis was the eldest girl. She was one year older than Yun Xi and often let Yun Xi feel that she was like his elder sister. Milei just moved into the small town a few years ago. She was a little younger than Yun Xi. Ye Li was a little girl Yun Xi often took care of since his childhood. In every sense, she was the cutest girl.

Originally, Yun Xi had planned to marry one of the three girls after Hua Huo left town. Hua Huo was a genius and she wouldn't stay in such a small town. In Yun Xi's heart, he would propose to one of the three girls and spend his life with her.

Of course, this was just his past plan. Apart from the eldest girl, El'phyllis, who maintained a relationship of "We are friends, not two lovers" with him, the other two girls, Milei and Ye Li were just two girls who were close to him.

Well, at least, Yun Xi thought that way. Tomorrow, he would leave the town. He would go to the White Lotus Sword Domain sword tip district, starting a brand new life.

Tonight was the last night he would stay in the town. Maybe he would come back someday, but he knew he was unable to achieve his dream of spending his life in the town till his death on his bed.

He wanted to bid farewell to the town. Therefore, he asked the three girls out to say goodbye to them in different times and different places.

At 1 o'clock in the morning and beside the stream.

"Sorry, I'm late!" A silver-haired girl in a straw hat ran to Yun Xi. She was puffed with a guilty look.

Her eyes were as clear as pure white; her silver hair was hanging down on her shoulders; her white strap dress was dotted with little rubies; her two small dimples were ineffably cute. She was one of Yun Xi's childhood sweethearts, El'phyllis.

Her ancestors had moved their residence from the Western God's Domain to the White Lotus Sword Domain just like Hua Huo and Hua Yue's families had. Even in the Western God's Domain, her silver hair was also proof of a kind of rare noble bloodline.

As the eldest girl of Yun Xi's childhood sweethearts, her skin was as crystal as white jade in the moonlight. She had a slender body and a delicate face. Her eyes were so glamorous. It was said that in the neighboring town, the number of young men who had asked her to marry them were enough to circle around the town for ten rounds.

"Never mind, Phili," Yun Xi smiled and called her by her nickname. This was their secret and only Yun Xi could call her by that nickname.

"Yun Xi, it is so late... what's the thing you have to tell me so late at night?" El'phyllis gazed at Yun Xi with hope in her eyes which made Yun Xi find it so difficult to tell her the news.

"Well... in fact... I... I will leave this town for a period of time..." Yun Xi didn't dare to look at El'phyllis's eyes. Amongst the three girls, she was the most outstanding girl and was of a similar age to him. The most important thing was: She seemed to have a vague favourable impression of him.

"I see. You will go to the Sword Palace together with Hua Huo, right?"

Unexpectedly, El'phyllis had already known the news. That was strange. How could she know? He was using the identity as greatsword maid "Mei" to take part in the Sword Palace's entrance test.

"Hua Huo will go to Sword Palace, but she won't just leave you here. I had already understood this from a long time ago," El'phyllis bravely raised her head with a sad look. Her expression looked like she was going to cry at any time.

"No... in fact..." Yun Xi couldn't tell her the truth. How could he tell her that he would go to Sword Palace as a maid!

"Finally, you chose Hua Huo?" El'phyllis pinched the bottom of her dress with her two hands. She looked as if she was enduring something.

"No, not I chose Hua Huo, but Hua Huo chose me," Yun Xi surrendered. He couldn't just see her that expression and do nothing, so he told her the truth.

"Well... is that true? So... I still have chance?" El'phyllis's eyes suddenly brightened up with excitement.

Yun Xi chose Hua Huo and Hua Huo chose Yun Xi were two different things. They had completely different meanings. If it was the former, she would have no chance. If it was the latter, there was still hope - Even if it was just a negligible possibility.

She would never admit defeat till the last moment! She would never give up till the last second! As the proverb said, "She who laughs last laughs best". She hadn't been defeated! Hua Huo gained an advantage, but the battle hadn't ended yet. At least, she hadn't had any leverage.

"Phili..." Yun Xi found that he couldn't understand what she was thinking. Her expression looked strange.

From tomorrow on, they would have no chance to meet each other. Thinking of that, Yun Xi's heart was full of sadness. However, at least, he could do the last thing for her and the others. This was the only thing he could do for them before he left the small town.

"Mei'er, prepare the seed." Yun Xi spoke to his star elf in his mind, then started to use his special ability. This was the only and unique spiritual ability he had after he obtained the Starchild's Love System. He wanted to give her his seed.

"Detecting target. Wonderful adaptability. Starting to link the target."

As Yun Xi had expected, since Hua Yue and Xiao Cao could have an excellent adaptability with him, then as his childhood sweetheart, El'phyllis shouldn't be an exception. Yun Xi's seed entered El'phyllis's body without any difficulty. However, Yun Xi suddenly found something strange in her body. It looked like a mist-like thing that was protecting a part of her body.

Yun Xi was puzzled. However, at this time, El'phyllis stood on her toes and softly kissed his mouth.