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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 94

2022-06-14 04:04:42Publish Time: 1,059 views
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Chapter 94: The Black-haired Girl’s Legend

The most uproarious celebration - the Sword Palace's entrance test - was all over now. It had really changed the entire small town.

Finally, seventeen candidates had passed the test and had been selected as the Sword Palace's new disciples.

Mei (Yun Xi) took first place in the test.

Hua Yue was the second. As a veritable aristocratic miss, her achievement saved the last shred of honor for the noble families' camp.

The third was Xiao Cao. She was the representative of female swordsmen and civilian swordsmen.

Originally, the fourth should have been Childe Yun He. However, after losing his Crane Wings Twin Swords, he had gone mad, so he was disqualified and his ranking had been replaced by a female swordsmaiden.

From the fifth to the twelfth, they were all female swordsmaidens who had obtained seeds from Yun Xi. Till the thirteenth, a noble swordsman held this position because he was lucky enough to avoid fighting with most of the female swordsmaidens in the test.

Amongst the seventeen selected candidates, fourteen of them were female swordsmen who had obtained the black hair's blessing. This was an unprecedented achievement in the entire history of the White Lotus Sword Palace's entrance test.

Apart from the seventeen selected people, there were also other candidates that had shown amazing power and potential in the test. They had also received an opportunity. These candidates' average level was really beyond everyone's imagination. Therefore, the shortlist had also created a new record.

There were a total of thirty people who got the opportunity to go to Sword Palace. Although when compared to the seventeen selected people, the rest of the people were only recognized as Sword Palace's apprentices, but they still had a chance to become formal disciples.

As the two Childes who unfortunately met Yun Xi, Childe Si Nian and Childe San Quan were both on the shortlist. It wasn't hard for them to become formal disciples, however, they would have to wait for at least half a year before they could achieve that.

Apart from the already selected female swordsmaidens, the other female swordsmaidens were all on the shortlist. This meant that all the female swordsmaidens had obtained the opportunity to join Sword Palace.

Night was approaching. The noble swordsmen and the civilian swordsmen who had passed the test called their friends to hold parties in different places. The civilian swordsmen had a drink at this time. Although they were drinking the cheapest bad wines and eating grilled pig legs, they also drank till all's blue.

From the beginning, very few civilian swordsmen had the confidence to enter the formal admission list. In their hearts, entering the shortlist was already their best luck. After all, compared to the people from noble families, these civilian swordsmen didn't have too many chances to acquire resources and education. That was too difficult for them.

Beside a campfire in the countryside, a group of civilian swordsmen were drinking and boasting.

"Hey, Li, you were really impressive! You have entered the top thirty-two! You were only one step away from becoming one of the top sixteen!"

Everyone was around a 2nd ranked swordsman. He was a civilian swordsman but his name had been fortunately written on the shortlist just like the several childes.

"Ha ha, I was too lucky. These Childes had all been defeated by these little girls. It was really an eye opening experience."

"Yes, they were too strong! I have never seen any female swordsmaidens stronger than them!"

"I think there must be some trick! I know Xiao Cao and had once had a battle with her. She spent one hour to defeat me at that time!"

They were really drunk. Many people started to shout at each other with the smell of alcohol on their breaths. After all, the result of the Sword Palace's entrance test was beyond everyone's expectation. No one had expected that these female swordsmaidens would acquire such an impressive success.

At the same time, the people from noble families were also talking about this in the restaurant. They were eating peacock meat, medium done snow beef, and drinking aged wine. The price of a bottle of the aged wine they were drinking was enough to let the civilian swordsmen hold their dinner party for a whole month.

"Brother Yun, the Yun family will count on you from now on."

"Yes. Your brother is really good for nothing. After losing the Crane Wings Twin Swords, his ambition has been burned to the ground. What the hell is that kind of attitude?!"

Everyone was proposing a toast to the Yun He family's second young master. He was also one of the top-three stone soldiers who tortured Yun Xi dozens of times in the first district of the stars’ trial.

In all fairness, his power was indeed decent. He was only slightly inferior to Childe San Quan, Childe Si Nian, and Childe Yun He. He was also one of the few noble swordsmen who had defeated their female opponents. His name did deserve to be added to the formal admission list.

In the Sword Palace's entrance test, the three childes had all been defeated by the mysterious black-haired maid. In that case, the second young master’s performance was indeed excellent if compared to other candidates from noble families.

Of course, at the end, Hua Yue defeated him. However, Hua Yue was an excellent aristocratic miss that could awaken her White Gold Rose Bloodline in front of everyone. It wasn't a shame to be defeated by her.

They were drinking and talking. Gradually, they began to discuss these female swordsmaidens.

"What the hell had happened to them? How could they be so strong?!"

"Hua Yue is an exception. She does have a natural talent for sword skills. However, what was wrong with the other girls? They are simply some village girls!"

"Can you believe it? I lost to my sister! That was unbelievable! In the practices before we came here, I could defeat her with one hand only!"

"Yes. I know some of those noble girls. I'm very sure that none of them are super geniuses except for Hua Yue!"

They were all drunk, and now, they were all posing questions to their friends and each other. It looked like no matter whether they were rich or poor, everyone was curious about this. Soon afterwards, a rumor started to spread amongst these people.

"I heard that they had obtained some treasures that could bring good luck."

"Can that legend be true?"

"Yes, I saw them receiving the mysterious black-haired maid's black hair!"

"What?! That legend is true?!"

"The maid's black hair can really bring good luck!"


"Achoo!" After returning to his room and taking off the maid's black uniform, Yun Xi suddenly felt a cold chill flowing through his back.