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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 93

2022-06-14 04:04:34Publish Time: 1,103 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 93: Inexplicable Sense of Crisis

After chopping the male fiery dragon into minced meat, Hua Huo still stayed in the sky and looked around in confusion. She still didn't know that her childhood sweetheart had seen her underwear.

"What's wrong?" Yun Xi blushed and looked around Hua Huo. However, he didn't find any potential threats.

The unknown archer in red should have been killed by Hua Huo. Because the distance was too far and the archer was riding on the male fiery dragon in the sky, Yun Xi just saw a vague figure that was covered by flame particles and didn't see her detailed appearance.

"That's strange. Where is her body?" Hua Huo was sure that she had hit the target. She could smell blood that didn't belong to the male fiery dragon.

At the last moment, the male fiery dragon exploded and made her lose trace of the archer. The mysterious elf suddenly vanished in thin air.

"Humph, you should feel lucky," Hua Huo murmured. She sheathed her sword and stepped on the transparent light ring, walking back to the ground.

The archer had left. She used some special skill to escape from this area. Compared to the archer's escape, Hua Huo paid more attention to her sudden rising anger.

What was that feeling exactly? When she saw the archer, she couldn't suppress her killing intent and directly launched her Sky Flying Sword. She had never had such a suddenly appearing killing intent before.

"Little Xi! Tell me the truth and you will receive a lighter sentence: What's the relationship between the archer and you?!" Hua Huo lightly fell back to the ground like a feather, then gazed at her childhood sweetheart with a skeptical eye. She had never had such a strong killing intent to anybody. Moreover, the archer was just a stranger. She felt that the mysterious archer in red had done some unforgivable things to her Little Xi.

Compared to the killing intent when she saw the twin witches, this time, the killing intent she had was more violent.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Danger! Danger! Danger!

She couldn't explain the feeling, but even she had slayed the archer's dragon and had seriously injured the archer, she still felt worried in her heart.

Nee, Little Xi, what's the relationship between the archer and you? Why did I feel a murderous rage when I saw her?

"Me... and her?" Because the battle was over too quickly, Yun Xi had just seen a vague figure that was covered by flame particles.

Compared to the tall archer who had killed him dozens of times in the trial, the figure was too slender and gave him a weird feeling.

How could her slender body draw the long black bow? The bow was even taller than her body! Besides, her spiral arrows were even able to threaten hero ranked people. Obviously, the archer in red was more dangerous in the real world.

"I don't know her. I have never even seen her before." Yun Xi shook his head.

He wasn't lying. He had never seen this elf archer in the real world before. This was a special race and career that only appeared in the Western God's Domain. It was unbelievable to see an elf archer in a remote district like White Lotus Sword Domain.

"Hua Huo, are you in trouble? She was clearly coming to kill you."

It seemed so obvious that the mysterious archer in red was locking on a special target: Hua Huo.

"You're right. She was looking for me." Hua Huo frowned. She had expected that as she showed her talent and power, the shadows of the past would come for her. It was because of her bloodline and identity. At first, she hadn't thought that Yun Xi would be involved before he was eighteen years old, and she hadn't hoped for him to be involved at all. However, she had failed to escape from her past. She thought that she could attain peace for a period of time by hiding in the remote White Lotus Sword Domain, but they had still found this place.

Who were they? The Gold Family, Ten Leaves Alliance, or Emptiness God Church?

Many forces were eager for her Sky Flying Bloodline. Due to "that event", her foster parents took her to the remote White Lotus Sword Domain and let her have ten years of a peaceful life.

Yun Xi was just an ordinary person. He was born in this town and only wanted to run his baker shop. It shouldn't have any connection with him. The red alert of her jealousy radar should be a false alarm. Her Little Xi should have had no contact with the various terrifying forces hiding in the Western God's Domain. Besides, the elf archer had white skin. She didn't look like a dark elf assassin from the Ten Leaves Alliance. But that was strange. The elves of the Elf Forest always took a liking to Sky Flying Bloodline. They were always allies. Hua Huo couldn't make sense of it. Finally, she gave up thinking about it.

She wasn't good at analysing conspiracies. The inheritors of the Sky Flying Bloodline were always the strongest swords, but not strategists.

"Little Xi, congratulations, you passed the test! Let's go to Sword Palace together!"

Hua Huo smiled and imagined the coming study life. She held Yun Xi's hand, then said with a serious look, "Tonight is the last night you will stay in the town. So, I will allow you to say goodbye to them. From tomorrow on, you can't like any other girls!"

Yun Xi looked at his black maid's uniform, then showed a weird smile.

Hua Huo, you forced me to wear this uniform. How will any other girls like me in this case?!


"Ca! Cough!"

In the mountains over ten kilometres range, a bloodstained figure toppled down beside a stream. She coughed blood and panted.

"Life state is in danger. Reverse the racial character."

The black gem on the girl's forehead started to release all its remaining magical power to rouse her other bloodline. Her skin started to turn black. In addition to her pointed ears, she was obviously the elf's most hated kin: a dark elf. Her silvery white long hair also had begun to turn grey. This was the dark elf's normal hair color due to having lived in the darkness endlessly.

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