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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 65

2022-06-14 04:00:50Publish Time: 1,205 views
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Chapter 65: Escape Plan

At the very moment Yun Xi held the twin witches’ seed in his hand, an overwhelming amount of information poured into his brain.

Vacuum Seal, the Red Lotus Holy Sword, the Star and Moon Ring, White Lotus Holy field… One secret after another, ones which mortals would never have even dreamed of knowing about, were being imprinted into Yun Xi’s soul.

Yun Xi felt sick and dizzy. This was the price for receiving powers far beyond his limit.

The stars could help Yun Xi merge with the hero ranked seed, however, they couldn’t help him avoid this pain.

“Arrrghhh!” Yun Xi knelt down on the ground of the Star Palace as he kept smashing the ground with his two hands. Compared to the pain he had felt when he received Hua Huo’s seed, this was so much more intense.

Hua Huo’s seed contained unlimited potential, however, her seed had not transcended the mortal rank limit. But the twin witches’ seed was a superlative seed amongst all hero ranked seeds.

Yun Xi felt as if there was an immense library trying cram its way into his brain. The painful truth was that he couldn’t stop this process, and as he looked at the immense library, he could only see the books on the bottom shelves. He couldn’t even see the books on the upper shelves.

All the hero ranked skills were marked with the tag “Sealed”. The Vacuum Seal, The Great Circulation, and the twin witches’ special blood talents, none was an exception.

“As I expected… I can’t use them...” Yun Xi had expected this.

The level of the twin witches’ seed was too high for him now. In fact, the seed of the mysterious archer in red was his best choice. Since he needed to improve his combat power as fast as he could, Child San Quan’s seed was also an optimized option. However, he had chosen the twin witches’ seed. Why? He needed about fifty years to merge with this seed. It was no laughing matter.

Chances were, he chose it because of their past relationship; Yun Xi smiled bitterly. The taste of White Lotus’s lips still remained on his. Without her devotion, enthusiasm, and initiative, he wouldn’t have passed through his first formal trial. At the end of his formal trial, she had chosen to be the primary fire that would ignite the dark world. Obviously, she had made some sacrifices. Therefore, choosing the twin witches’ seed was done in recognition of her sacrifice.

He didn’t think that he would make any further contact with the mysterious twin witches. Therefore, this was his gratitude but also his final link with them. Because soon after this, he would leave here. He would go to other sword domains where no one would know him. He would practice by himself to become stronger as he travelled through the worlds.

Escape the White Lotus Sword Domain. This was Yun Xi’s final choice after thinking about it again and again. Hua Huo was going to leave the small town and join the Palace of Sword. She would step on her road to glory. After finishing the Palace of Sword’s entrance exam, the twin witches would return to the Palace of Sword and were destined to be the twin masters of White Lotus Sword Domain.

As for him, in order to dodge the unknown Apostle who had arrived at the Sky Sword God’s Domain to search for him, leaving the White Lotus Sword Domain would be his best choice.

He counted again. His savings were able to get him through the stellar bridge and escape to another sword domain. After that, he would practice, build up his power, and earn money at the same time. Then use his fastest speed to escape from the Sky Sword God’s Domain. He thought that he would finally be able to find a remote domain, where no one would go to look for him.

As long as he kept going through the trials, he should be able to become stronger in the future. He still didn’t know when he would stop worrying about being found by the Apostles. Maybe after hundreds of years? Or after thousands of years?

His past experience in the small town, his sweet memories about his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo... his encounter with the twin witches, the secret room where he had stayed with his sword skill teacher, his secret game with Milei, El’phyllis, and Ye Li...

There were too many things he didn’t want to lose or forget. He just wanted to be a normal baker, living in peace. However, the coming of the stars and the series of death trials had let him realize that he would never have those happy days again.

He’d better escape from the White Lotus Sword Domain before anyone noticed him. Hua Huo’s seed and the twin witches’ seed, they both would become his precious memories. After he ran away, the two seeds would follow him and help him grow up.

He would leave today. The day the Palace of Sword exam was being held. At daybreak, he would secretly leave his home, leaving the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Hua Huo, goodbye.

Red Lotus and White Lotus, goodbye.

Milei, El’phyllis, and Ye Li, goodbye.

“Mei’er, are you ready to roam all over the world with me?” After merging with the twin witches’ seed, Yun Xi looked at Mei’er with guilt in his eyes. It looked like the Star Fairy had to roam all over with them, although it just came to the world not long ago.

“En. As long as I can stay with you, anywhere is my heaven!” Mei’er flew around and hummed songs with joy.

Thank you, Mei’er. At least I still have you. It was really wonderful to have the stars send you to me.

After checking the rewards he had obtained from the trial, Yun Xi resolutely left the Palace of Stars. He would start a new life. He would leave his hometown, parents, and his small bakeshop, going to unknown distant worlds. He had made this decision after he finished his newbie trial and practiced in the valley. He needed to kill more monsters like the green hippo in order to obtain more seeds. He needed to constantly keep getting stronger and walk straight on his own road.

The deeper the star’s love was, the harder the road.

“Puff!” Yun Xi opened his eyes and saw a familiar ceiling. However, he felt that something strange was lying down on his body.

Was it an illusion? Yun Xi lowered his head, then saw his familiar childhood sweetheart. The girl had a lively ponytail, soft, and healthy petite body. She was in a really deep sleep. She didn’t even know that her saliva had drooled onto her beautiful face.

This was his childhood sweetheart, the most unique girl in the world - Hua Huo.

Why was Hua Huo on his bed and lying down on his chest?!

For a moment, Yun Xi’s mind turned into a blank sheet.

“Ooo… No...”

“Kill you… bitches...” Hua Huo was still immersed in her dream and didn’t notice that Yun Xi had woken up.

From her angry and unrelenting expression, she was having a very bad nightmare.

“Hua Huo...” Yun Xi couldn’t stop the beads of sweat from dripping down from his forehead. Before he even began his escape plan, he had already faced a massive barrier.