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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 66

2022-06-14 04:00:58Publish Time: 1,192 views
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Chapter 66: The Fight Has Yet to Begin, Already Fleeing

Why was Hua Huo in his room and lying down on his chest? Did that mean, that when they were in the trial, they actually stayed on the same bed and kept such a pose all night?

Looking at his childhood sweetheart's sleeping face, Yun Xi was at a loss. Dawn was drawing nearer. The first ray of sunlight had entered through a crack in the window and shone on Hua Huo's delicate face.

The sixteen year old Hua Huo was so lovely, youthful, and adorable. She practiced hard every day, but that didn't mar her skin even a tiny bit. She was still full of vitality. In another two years, she would grow up to be a wonderful beauty. Even now, she was already one of the most beautiful girls in the small town.

At this moment, she was lying down on his chest. She looked like a sleeping kitten, clever and lovely. No one would imagine that she was a strong girl who could brandish a two-handed sword and kill a fiery male dragon with great ease. Obviously, she was still a mortal, but she could defeat a male fiery dragon and fight against the future master of the White Lotus Sword Domain. In the end, how many abilities was she still hiding?

"Hua Huo..." Yun Xi stretched out his hand and stroked Hua Huo's hair. For a moment, he was at a loss.

"Rage Powers!" His touch was like flipping a switch. Instantly, Hua Huo woke up.

At the next moment, an invisible windstorm swept through Yun Xi's room. Hua Huo’s “Rage Powers” burst out, impacting the room and making a mess of everything.

"Ah!... Little Xi!" Hua Huo hadn't completely woken up yet. She confusedly looked at Yun Xi for a moment, then pulled him up. "I'll protect you! None of those bitches... bastards can lay a finger on you! You are my Little Xi. No one can take you away from me!"

"Uh huh..." Yun Xi's back was drenched in a cold sweat. He pretended to know nothing, then asked her, "Hua Huo, did you have a nightmare?"

"Nightmare... Dream..." Hua Huo frowned tightly. She looked around the room, then suddenly realized something, "Dream, yes. Was it a dream? Of course it was just a dream! Little Xi, you were not being kissed and taken away by those bitches... you went somewhere else and I couldn’t find you."

"Hua Huo, I didn't go anywhere. Look, I was just sleeping in my room," Yun Xi pretended that he was innocent and asked back, "But you, why did you come into my room?"

"Your room... Right. Here is..." Hua Huo gasped for air and rubbed her temple. Strange. That was strange! Just now, she was still fighting against those bitches who were going to take away her Yun Xi. Those bitches were very strong, so she had to arouse all her latent power and used the unique skill that she was told to never use in front of others. Even so, she still couldn't beat them and had to end the fight, neither in victory nor defeat.

As a result, when she woke up, she suddenly found out that everything was just a dream? Was it really just a dream? Then why was her heart in so much pain? Why did she still feel as if her most precious treasure had been snatched away?

"Hua Huo, did you have a nightmare?" Yun Xi asked his childhood sweetheart again, emphasising that everything was just a dream.

The trial of the stars was in an unknown dream world which had a totally different timeline and world rules from the real world. Otherwise, how was it possible that humans could revive inside a bonfire? Everything was just the stars' test.

"It was a nightmare, but not completely. In fact, the first half of the dream was good," Hua Huo fell into her sweet memories. She wanted to keep everything she could still remember firmly within her mind before she completely forgot the memories.

Having a date with Little Xi, slaying the dragon together with Little Xi, and kissing Little Xi. Naaahhhh! Why are my memories constantly becoming hazy? Details, remember the details! If only the first part of the dream had happened, it would have been the perfect sweet dream.

Why did the dream continue on like that?! Some bitches wanted to take away her Little Xi, and she could only watch that happen. How could she endure such a thing? She would never tolerate such a thing!

"Little Xi, was it really just a dream?" Hua Huo sniffed all over Yun Xi's body but only smelt Mei'er's smell.

Okay, her Little Xi was only stolen in her dream, not in the real world. Yun Xi was still the boy she knew. Her childhood sweetheart had only the little dog's smell on his body.

"Very good, Little Xi. You haven't been stolen!" Hua Huo patted her small chest. Her expression made her look like a survivor of a great disaster.

"Uh huh..." Yun Xi looked away with guilt. According to the plan, he should have left town during the last darkness before the coming of dawn.

He had written a lot of letters. The letter he would send to his parents, the letter he would send to Hua Huo, and the letters he would send to Milei, El'phyllis and Ye Li. However, changes occurred faster than he could implement his plan. Before he had sent the letters, his childhood sweetheart had sneaked into his room. She... had she had a premonition of his plan? Otherwise, why had she come into his room?

"Little Xi, I have made a decision!" Hua Huo walked in circles around Yun Xi's room, then finally made up her mind. She herself didn't know the reason, but from a few days ago, she had felt distracted. Perhaps it was because she hadn’t eaten Yun Xi's special bread for a period of time.

These past few days, she had come to check Yun Xi's room several times, but hadn't seen Yun Xi even once. Finally, last night, she had caught Yun Xi in his room. She felt that she couldn't just sit by idly and remain indifferent! In order to protect her Little Xi, to see him grow up healthily and smoothly, and for the most important reason: to keep Yun Xi away from those bitches in her dream, she must get him to become reborn!

"What have you decided?" Yun Xi had a terrible foreboding.

Yun Xi knew his childhood sweetheart better than anyone. She was a super genius who was afraid of nothing. Even if she faced a fiery male dragon, she would tear it to pieces if it blocked her way. As a genius, nobody could guess her thoughts.

"Little Xi, come to the Sword Palace together with me! I will let you become my maid so that I can protect you!" Hua Huo's bright eyes gazed at Yun Xi, declaring the end of his escape plan.

"Go to the Sword Palace together with you as your maid?" Yun Xi looked at his childhood sweetheart in open-mouthed incredulity.

What kind of brain could make such a conclusion and plan?!

"Well, Little Xi, you're still too weak right now. But fortunately, I have the legacy of the Greatsword Maid. I think it's very suitable for you." Hua Huo said with a serious face, although Yun Xi still thought that she was just talking nonsense.

"Greatsword Maid? What's that?!"

"Well, this matter is settled, so no more arguments. Little Xi, let me make you stronger! I swear I won't let any bitches get you! Rest assured. The power of this legacy is absolutely beyond your imagination. You can practice it even after you reach the 7th rank! This is one of the highest maid-type legacies of the Western God's Domain!"