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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 64

2022-06-14 04:00:42Publish Time: 1,182 views
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Chapter 64: Their Seeds

Yun Xi still clearly remembered what he’d seen after the newbie trial from the brief introduction of the twin witches’ seed.

At that time, he hadn’t known that they were the twin witches, so he had just named their seed “The Sleeping Beauty’s Seed”. This seed had four skills: Vacuum Seal, Cutting Blade, Void Burst, and The Great Circulation. Just upon hearing the names, one could understand that they weren’t mortal skills.

If it wasn’t because that the stars had told Yun Xi that it was very hard for him to merge with the seed, which would have taken him at least a hundred years, perhaps he wouldn’t have held back his desire to choose this strongest seed at that time. However, he had a second chance now, and this time, the information about this seed was way more detailed and more terrifying than what he’d seen in the newbie trial.

The twin witches’ seed.

Let’s see the description of Red Lotus’s seed first.

Vacuum Seal was Red Lotus’s sword skill. She was an expert in the “sword”. With her Red Lotus Holy Sword, she could cut off mountains and rivers, break through the clouds and sky. It was a top killing sword skill.

Cutting Blade was an attached skill of Red Lotus’s Holy Sword. It could cut 70% of low-level spirit weapons and 30% of middle-level spirit weapons, as easily as it would a piece of cake.

Red Lotus’s Avatar: When Red Lotus was angry, she was blessed by the demon god. She could turn into the form of a giant demon god. When she was in this condition, she would lose her sanity and attack everyone except her sister.

The sealed god weapon: Red Lotus Holy Sword. No one knew where Red Lotus had obtained it, but it was so powerful that Red Lotus had to seal most of its power. It could be regarded as a standard god weapon.

Now, let’s see what White Lotus’s seed could offer.

Void Burst: It was White Lotus’s “defensive” spell. It could create a Wall of Heart, which could even withstand the attack of a standard god weapon. It could also be used as an auxiliary attack, which meant that it was a powerful secret skill that could be used to defend and attack at the same time.

The Great Circulation: White Lotus divined to know the coming future. It could tell her what her enemy (whose power wasn’t three times stronger than her) would do within three seconds.

The White Lotus Sanctuary: It was a blessing that only White Lotus could learn. It could dispel all evils and offer the Power of Heart to the friendly units who were within the range of ten miles.

Standard god weapon: The Ring of Star and Moon. It was blessed by the stars and forged by using White Lotus’s blood, containing the breath of the primal fire.

The first special talent of the twin witches: Two Bodies, One Heart. They were perfect partners. When they fought together, they didn’t have any weaknesses.

The second special talent of the twin witches: ??? It was an unknown godly talent. When the twin witches made concerted efforts, they would show terrible power.

Bloodline godly weapon: ??? It was an unknown legacy of the White Lotus God’s Domain and was supposed to have relations to the primary power of the domain itself.

The difficulty to merge with the seed: Extremely high.

The affinity of the seed: Extremely excellent.

The predicted merging time: Fifty years.

“Go-dong!” Yun Xi swallowed as he looked at the twin witches’ seed.

It was really a great lure.

The merging time was reduced from a hundred years to fifty years.

Although it was still far away from what he could reach, but at least, it was a giant leap.

Besides, Yun Xi knew that the seed’s growth speed could be accelerated, and its capacity could be extended.

It was like the Sky Flying Sword (10% comprehended), what he obtained after choosing Hua Huo’s seed. The more he learnt from their seeds, the more he knew about their potential and power.

“Should I choose their seed?” Apart from Childe San Quan’s seed, which Yun Xi had decided to give up, the archer in red’s seed and the twin witches’ seed were both great lures for him.

After the two trials, he had gained some understanding about the three seeds he could choose as his last reward.

The first seed could improve his power as quick as possible. It was a seed he should choose when he had an urgent need.

The second seed contained great potential and an unknown growth speed.

The third contained the strongest power and the most terrifying characteristics.

However, he needed time to absorb them.

The more powerful the seed was, the longer the time he needed to merge with them. The only way to accelerate the progress was to increase his affinity with the seed. In short, after obtaining the seed, if he wanted to improve his power, he had to increase his affinity with the seed as fast as possible.

Well, did this mean… Looking at these seeds and remembering what happened after he obtained the Love System of the Starchild, Yun Xi had a strong sense of foreboding. Was the Love System of the Starchild built to teach him how to fall in love with multiple girls and survive after that?

Oh, holy crap! Was that really a thing that could come true? If the truth was exposed, he would definitely have a bloody future! At the least his terrible childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, would never just sit there and allow such a thing to come true. Besides, even though he could set White Lotus aside, Red Lotus really wanted to kill him!

“Mei’er, were the stars trying to murder me?” After realizing what the seed would bring him, Yun Xi just wanted to cry out.

Why? He was just an ordinary baker in the small town, and his dream was just to marry a girl who was also born in the same town and was willing to spend her life with him. Hua Huo was his childhood sweetheart and his first love, but someday, she would leave the small town.

The twin witches were two big shots he would have never imagine knowing. He couldn’t even dream of having any relations with them in his wildest dream!

“Master, the stars want you to grow up as fast as possible. What they did is all for your own good!” Mei’er innocently looked at her master.

“Wake up the sleeping beauty by kissing her and saving the princess from the tall tower, they were both perfect dramas in the stars’ memory. They surely can improve your ability to love!”

“...” Again, Yun Xi felt how deep and special the stars’ love was. Yeah, wake up the sleeping beauty in the forest...what a romantic story, and save the imprisoned princess from the tall tower... what an exciting exploit!

However, he wasn’t a prince nor a knight!

The green hippo had killed him over a hundred times, and the stone soldiers had killed him three hundred and fifteen times. And in the future, he certainly would die far more times than the past.

“Can I stop taking part in the trials? Why can’t the stars just let me live normally and in peace?” Yun Xi forlornly gazed at his Star Fairy Mei’er.

“Eh, you can, master.”

“If you don’t mind that your ex-girlfriends will catch you and do these sort of things and those sort of things to you. You won’t even have a chance to die, and you will have this sort of things and those sort of things done to you by them...” Mei’er honestly told Yun Xi what he would face if he didn’t become strong.

“I choose the twin witches’ seed!” Yun Xi pressed his fingers on the last seed with mixed feelings of grief and indignation. Anyway, he would die. However, if he didn’t fear death, he would fear nothing! Therefore, I chose you, the twin witches’ seed!