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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 53

2022-06-14 03:56:17Publish Time: 1,270 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 53: The Third District

In the formal trial, in front of the third district, Yun Xi was standing together with Hua Huo aside the flaming bonfire.

This was the only way to the tall tower. Not far away, there were dozens of 3rd-ranked people scattered on the huge bridge.

Looking into the distance, on the square below their ultimate goal - the tall tower, there were three red stone soldiers standing amongst a group of top-level stone soldiers. Obviously, they were Yun Xi's last enemies before he entered the Great Tower.

Yun Xi had even guessed the identity of the three red stone soldiers.

In the small village, except for Hua Huo, the twin witches, the strange beasts, and the male Fiery Dragon, everyone knew who the three people strongest were.

They were from the noblest families of the White Lotus Sword Domain; they received the best education since their childhood, having best weapons and talent. In a word, they were the three hottest people in this exam of the Sword Palace.

Childe Yun He, Childe Si Nian, and Childe San Quan.

"Is that all?" After seeing the stone soldiers on the bridge and square, Hua Huo dragged the two-handed sword as her toes lightly touched the ground.

"Swish!" With a flash of her sword, Hua Huo didn't give Yun Xi a chance to say anything; she killed all the 3rd-ranked enemies on the bridge.

As some of the Mortal rank's strongest people, they all were not inferior to the Five Tiger Generals. Many of them were servants of noble families; a few of them were even famous masters of noble families. However, their couldn't even hold for one second when facing Hua Huo.

Instant kill, instant kill, and instant kill. Like cutting grass, Hua Huo killed all the so-called strong people instantaneously.

"Wait, Hua Huo!" When Yun Xi reacted, Hua Huo had already stepped onto the last square.

No kidding. If he let Hua Huo kill them all, he wouldn't obtain a piece of their souls - like the dragon scales. That was the answer Yun Xi got from the volcano zone.

This trial was a battlefield the stars prepared for him, not for Hua Huo who was at 3rd rank but could actually kill the hero-ranked male Fiery Dragon.

So, even if he had to borrow Hua Huo's power, that wouldn't happen before he had to face an unbeatable enemy - which would probably appear in his ultimate goal, the Great Tower.

As for the enemies who were under the Hero rank, no matter how strong they were, Hua Huo could kill them all in an instant. So, he decided to kill them by himself.

With the aid of an external force, perhaps he could sweep away all the enemies in this zone quite simply, but that did no help to increase his personal ability.

"Tut, what a troublesome rule." After knowing of Yun Xi's trial, Hua Huo felt a little aggrieved and pouted her small mouth.

In her mind, they were just some wastes that she could kill by the tens with one brandish of her sword. But her Little Xi still had to strenuously beat them down one by one... that was too weird.

"I will borrow your power at the last moment. Let's fight together by that time." After advising her earnestly, finally Yun Xi stopped Hua Huo from her desire to kill all the enemies at once.

To Hua Huo, the trial in the third district was nothing but an extremely easy mode. She could even clean up the district with her eyes closed.

However to Yun Xi, this was a bloody trial which needed him to challenge his limit; understanding the true wisdom by wandering between life and death.

"Here we go."

Though it was a death trial, but with Hua Huo following and looking at him, Yun Xi felt that his spirit was strangely high.

Showing his growth to his girl, his childhood sweetheart, his first love... that made him pretty joyful.

Inside of his body, it seemed that Hua Huo's seed also felt his happiness and Hua Huo's sincerity, it started to grow sturdily.

"Kid, go die!" On the square, the moment the top-level stone soldiers found Yun Xi, they yelled and rushed at him together.

The difficulty had increased. That was Yun Xi's personal feeling.

Even in the first district, when the stone soldiers rushed forward together to attack him, their rank wasn't higher than 2nd rank.

And in the volcano district, when the five generals were challenging him one by one. If he didn't learn their weakness from Hua Huo's seed, he couldn't easily entice them to fall into the water and get them to drown to death.

Now, these 3rd rank stone soldiers started to group together again to fight.

However, something had changed.

After completing the side quest of "the girl fight against the evil dragon" and updating his seed from Hua Huo, though Yun Xi's body didn't become super strong, and the souls of the Five Tiger Generals weren't more than two green hippos' worth of souls....

However, his combat intuition, talent, and his use of Quicksilver Motion (Middle Level) and Flying Swallow Sword (Middle Level) had been improving rapidly.

After experiencing the bloody killing in the first district and seeing Hua Huo's god-like Sky Flying Sword, Yun Xi knew better than anyone what a wide gap was between Hua Huo and himself; he also had a strong desire to become stronger.

"You are nothing more than this!"

His enemies were at the 3rd rank? So what? They were more experienced in fighting? So what?

Though I can't kill you all as easy as Hua Huo, but you also can't beat me down with ease!

As he used Quicksilver Motion, his ankles made slightly ominous sounds. That meant that he had reached the limit of his body and had reached the limit of a Mortal.

Hovering the Flying Swallow Sword in the air! He didn't use the stronger skill, Flashing Nine Sword Lights, but used the most simple and elegant skill, the original Flying Swallow Triple Attack.

However, this time, the Flying Swallow Sword was being used when he was surrounded by four 3rd-ranked warriors and dozens of other people.

His actions were perfect.

His breathing didn't change.

His heart was strongly beating in his body, but his mood was unexpectedly calm.

Peace Of Mind!

Enhance Your Background!

Drawing out his sword!

"Swish!" A 3rd-ranked stone soldier who tried to be the first to attack Yun Xi, looked at Yun Xi in disbelief. At the next moment, his head slipped down to the ground, spurting out vast amounts of blood in the air.

For the first time, Yun Xi did it. He didn't use any tricks, but defeated a 3rd-ranked warrior face to face, in an unfriendly environment that was surrounded by tens of enemies.

The gap between two Mortals had a limit - that was what Yun Xi learned from Hua Huo's seed.

Even a monster who was strong like the green hippo could be hurt by a firewood chopper. Strong men like the Five Tiger Generals could also be drowned in the sea.

When confronted with sword and blade, everyone in the Mortal rank would get hurt. They couldn't ignore a Mortal's attack like what the hero-ranked male Fiery Dragon did.

The Mortal rank meant flesh and blood. You would shed blood if you were cut by a sword and you would die if your head was cut off.

What was the difference between 1st-ranked people and 3rd-ranked people? The difference was that when faced with a knife, one was a piece of paper and another one was a stack of papers.

You are not unbeatable! Yun Xi stepped back and dodged a series of slashes. Then he struck back, cutting off an arm from a 3rd-ranked warrior.

Blood sprayed on the blade, reflecting his resolute eyes.