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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 52

2022-06-14 03:56:09Publish Time: 1,212 views
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Chapter 52: Hua Huo Joins the Team

It wasn't because the skills Yun Xi obtained from Hua Huo was decreasing.

Quite the opposite, there was more information flowing from Hua Huo to Yun Xi's body, expanding the limit of the seed.

Quicksilver Motion (Perfect).

Flying Swallow Sword (Perfect).

Sky Flying Sword (Beginner): 10% done.

When he obtained the seed from Hua Huo, the information about this part was all hidden in mist, but now, they all opened up to Yun Xi.

After stepping into the 2nd rank and finishing the "Side Quest: Help the Girl Defeat the Evil Dragon", not only did the closeness degree between Yun Xi and Hua Huo increase, but it also let him obtain more benefits from Hua Huo.

As the completion degree of the seed dropped from 33% to 1%, that also meant that the information Yun Xi obtained from Hua Huo was increasing to a new realm.

Even the Sky Flying Sword, which Hua Huo used to kill the male Fiery Dragon, also showed its truths to Yun Xi for the first time.

Though it had only been analyzed by less than 10%, but as a terrifying God's Sword Skill, it had opened a door leading to a new realm for Yun Xi.

This time, the seed expanded ten times. Most of the data was about the God's Sword Skill, which Yun Xi greatly desired and was also the most important part.

Quicksilver Motion (Perfect) and Flying Swallow Sword (Perfect) were the precondition to studying Sky Flying Sword. As long as Yun Xi followed the steps recorded in Hua Huo's seed to practice the two secret skills to their limits, he would touch the door leading to the God's Sword Skill.

Yun Xi even saw a "???" mark in Hua Huo's seed, which he never saw before. It was an area which Yun Xi couldn't understand now.

Hua Huo, who the hell are you!

After the seed updated its data, Yun Xi felt that his childhood sweetheart became more and more mysterious.

She was like an inexhaustible treasury. Every time he learned something new from the seed, he would then find that more unknown knowledge was hiding in the original seed.

If Yun Xi didn't have a high affinity with the original seed, he would probably never guess what a wonderful talent and sword skill his childhood sweetheart owned.

Perhaps choosing her seed in the newbie trial was the best choice Yun Xi had made.

"Yun Xi, is there anything on my face?" As Hua Huo curiously looked at Yun Xi, she didn't know that Yun Xi had found out about her secret.

As a God's Sword Skill, the Sky Flying Sword wasn't a skill that everyone could see through. It was a top-most legacy from a far away God's Domain, even better than the twin witches' Witches' Legacy.

Of course, the twin witches also had phenomenal talent. They were already beyond the White Lotus Sword Domain's Witches' Legacy. Even in the Western God's Domains, they were still very famous.

"No... Hua Huo... we meet again." Yun Xi pretended that he knew nothing.

How could he tell her the truth! He couldn't tell her that he had her seed and had seen a lot of secrets from it.

If things kept going on like this, would the seed forever link Hua Huo and me together? No matter how long the distance between us was, would we always share this special relationship?

The stars, what is in your mind?! Wasn't this seed system too strange?!

If the seed's completion degree went to 100%, what would happen?

"Hum, great! Tonight's dream is a really good dream!

"It's too lucky to meet a monster who could be used to practice my skills on. Besides, Yun Xi was slaying the dragon together with me." Hua Huo smiled so much that her eyes almost narrowed shut, as her ponytail swung in the air.

"However, Little Xi, this is just a dream.

"In the real world, I won't be so violent as to cut a dragon into pieces.

"And I'm only good at using the Flying Swallow Sword."

Yun Xi looked on weirdly seeing his childhood sweetheart's nonsense.

Well, if I didn't have your seed, I would think the Flying Swallow Sword was your strongest sword skill.

After all, it was the Flying Swallow Sword which she used to defeat the Five Tiger Generals.

However, if compared to the terrifying Sky Flying Sword, the Flying Swallow Sword was just like a feeble small bird.

Besides, why were you so skilled when you used the two-handed sword?!

The beheading skill could even cut the dragon into two pieces. It was really way too powerful.

"Little Xi, you don't like a strong girl?" Hua Huo vaguely felt that something was wrong. She asked her childhood sweetheart carefully.

"No. I like the way you are."

"The Hua Huo who can use the Flying Swallow Sword and the Hua Huo who can slay the dragon, they both are my Hua Huo." Looking at Hua Huo who seemed a little restless, sincere words naturally came out from Yun Xi's mouth.

"Yay! Great! This dream is great!" Hua Huo put her palms together devoutly and yelled with excitement.

Ah, yes. Hua Huo was always lively and confident. She is my childhood sweetheart and my first love.

Looking at the cheerful Hua Huo, Yun Xi smiled faintly. However, he didn't know why, but a girl with a white witch uniform suddenly appeared in his heart.

Yes, the trial was still going on.

He should continue fighting.

The side quest of the girl fighting against the evil dragon had been completed. Hua Huo's favorability had been increased and Hua Huo's seed had also been updated.

Next, he should go challenge the ultimate goal.

Save the Princess from the Giant Tower - that was the ultimate goal of his formal trial.

"Hua Huo, goodbye." As waving his hand to Hua Huo, Yun Xi was ready to step on the new battlefield -

"Hey, Little Xi, where are you going?!" Hua Huo came after him.

Wait, why didn't Hua Huo disappear?!

Yun Xi inanely looked at his childhood sweetheart walking toward him.

The side quest had been completed and he had also obtained the reward. Shouldn't Hua Huo return to the real world? Just like what happened at the end of the last trial?

No, there was something different this time. Quickly, Yun Xi realized the difference.

Last time, in the newbie trial, he completed the ultimate goal before Hua Huo caught him. He perfectly finished the trial, letting Hua Huo return to the real world and treat the whole event as a dream.

Now, Hua Huo was just a part of the side quest. After defeating the male Fiery Dragon, she didn't disappear because Yun Xi hadn't completed the ultimate goal of the trial.

In other words, he had to challenge the ultimate goal together with his childhood sweetheart?

Well, well. He was glad to know that Hua Huo would team up with him since she could be really helpful. However, Yun Xi had a strong sense of foreboding.

"What? Yun Xi, you will go to challenge enemies to practice your sword skill?

"Tell me, who dared to hurt you? I will kill them all!

"Don't be shy. No matter who they are, as long as they dare to hurt my Little Xi, they can only die!

"My blade is yours!"