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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 54

2022-06-14 03:56:25Publish Time: 1,206 views
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Chapter 54: Irresistible Force

Brandish his sword, draw back his sword, kick away the enemies!

As if he was a swallow flying in the sky, Yun Xi flew amongst a group of well-armed burly men. By using his evolved Quicksilver Motion and Flying Swallow Sword, he dealt with the crowd like a fish in water.

One, two, three! Three heads successively slipped to the ground, spurting blood in the sky.

For the first time he assaulted the third district, Yun Xi had killed three 3rd-ranked enemies and cut off two people's arms. He had a really fruitful result.

The trial wouldn't become easy due to his improvement. When Yun Xi showed his strongest state in fighting against these 3rd-ranked stone soldiers, an accident happened.

An arrow was shot at him from a distance, flying through the crowd and cutting through one of Yun Xi's hand - the hand he used to hold his sword.

Win or lose, the battle between masters often ended in a flash. Not to mention that the trial Yun Xi had to face was so cruel.

That was a 3rd-ranked archer! Yun Xi felt a little surprised as he looked at the archer in red, standing alone at the end of the bridge.

In the next second, his eyes were filled with blood.

"Arrrghhhhh! My Little Xi!" After seeing Yun Xi being hacked to death by the crowd, Hua Huo's eyes turned red.

Even after Yun Xi had told her that as long as the bonfire was still burning, he could revive from it, and so she didn't need to care much about his death.

However, after seeing her childhood sweetheart miserably dying in front of her, how could she bear it? How was it possible to bear it!

Hua Huo would never bear it!

"You wastes, how dare you to do this to my Little Xi!"

"You all, go to hell!"

Drawing her two-handed heavy sword, Hua Huo turned into a terrible shadowy figure again. That definitely wasn't something that any other 3rd-ranked human could do.

One brandish, two pieces!

The two-handed sword could even be used to collapse a city gate. But now, it turned into a light of killing, cutting all the 3rd-ranked stone soldiers on the bridge in half.

As for the archer in red, who gave Yun Xi a critical shot, he was the priority target Hua Huo paid attention to. The archer was sliced and diced by her.

That only took her three seconds!

"And you, go die!" After coming through the bridge by killing, Hua Huo aimed at the last three red stone soldiers of the third district.


"Watch out!"

"Who is this monster!"

Childe Yun He, Childe Si Nian, and Childe San Quan entered the battle.

Three seconds later, Hua Huo dragged her two-handed heavy sword, peevishly walking back to the bonfire.

Behind her, was a sea of corpses and blood.

Ten seconds later as usual, he revived beside the bonfire. Then, he speechlessly looked at the sea of green souls as they slowly rebuilt their bodies.

Hua Huo, what did you do to them? Why did they all die?

It seemed that if he stayed together with Hua Huo, the enemies who were killed by her would also become green souls.

However, Hua Huo couldn't absorb these green souls and neither could he. So, these green souls would revive again and turn back into their original bodies.

As Yun Xi was ready to challenge the cruel third district again, Hua Huo stretched out her hand.

"Little Xi, don't keep doing it."

"Don't keep doing what?" Yun Xi quizzically looked at his childhood sweetheart. He knew he had used all the power from Hua Huo's seed.

"You're imitating me but we're different." Hua Huo seriously gazed at Yun Xi.

Though in the dream Yun Xi was so cool and excellent and she was glad to see it, but a defect was a defect. She must tell him.

"Different?" Yun Xi also slightly realized that the world in Hua Huo's eyes was different from the world in his eyes.

He couldn't say the details. However, after Hua Huo pointed it out, he had realized this problem, which was ignored by him all this time.

"Your arm length, body height, and physique are all different from mine."

"The Flying Swallow Sword isn't a big problem for you, because you have enough flexibility and dexterity. The problem is the Quicksilver Motion." Hua Huo lowered her body and held Yun Xi's foot, carefully observing the bones and shape of his foot, then took off his shoes.

Because Yun Xi just finished ecdysis not long ago, his skin was abnormally white, not looking like a boy's feet.

Because his ecdysis was evolving according to Hua Huo's seed, so the flexibility and dexterity of his body were unconsciously biased toward Hua Huo.

However, the feet were the limbs that humans used the most and was also the most sophisticated body parts that muscles developed very well at. Sixteen years of experience left Yun Xi a deep impression, which caused a little incongruity.

"Well, as I thought... here is untrained."

"Little Xi, the Quicksilver Motion puts a huge burden on the feet. Your feet still can't withstand the explosive force of the Quicksilver Motion." Hua Huo rubbed Yun Xi's feet and told him the matter needing attention.

"Ah, so that's the reason." Yun Xi finally understood what the incongruity he felt was.

That was true. Just like what Hua Huo said, when he used Quicksilver Motion to the limit, his ankles would give out bad cries. That was the telltale sign of overexertion.

To other 3rd-ranked people, it was already enough if their speed could be as fast as the middle-level Quicksilver Motion. However, Yun Xi's flaw was too big in Hua Huo's eyes.

"Just now, the archer in red aimed at the position you were going to go to. You had forced yourself to reach the limit, so you were no longer able to make any change to your trajectory. So that meant you couldn't dodge the arrow."

"Besides, you pay too much attention to close combat and you don't have the experience to deal with ranged attacks. I can teach you."

Hua Huo's soft words made her Yun Xi's first and best battle tutor. Finally, Yun Xi understood how many ridiculous mistakes he made in his seemingly satisfactory performance.

Oh, certainly, people were not the same.

The wandering green souls revived in the third district one by one, waiting for Yun Xi's challenge.

"Then, I'm going." Holding the newbie iron sword in his his, for the second time, Yun Xi walked to the cruel third district.

After drawing a lesson from his first try this time, he didn't rashly force his body to reach the limit, but saved his strength in order to use Quicksilver Motion at any time. As he dodged the attacks from dozens of 3rd ranked warriors, he also kept seeking the best timing to attack.

One, two, three!

Four, five, six!

As Yun Xi killed the tenth person, the archer in red finally found his weak point by using his intuition and killed him in one shot.

"This archer is not simple..." Looking at the black arrow cutting through his heart, Yun Xi murmured and fell to the ground.

"Arrrghhhh! My Little Xi!" Seeing her childhood sweetheart's death with her own eyes, Hua Huo got mad again.

Ten seconds later, after Yun Xi revived beside the bonfire, he saw a lot of green souls floating above a sea of blood again.