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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 358

2022-06-15 07:02:59Publish Time: 719 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 358: Death and Rebirth

Quickly, Yun Xi and Mei'er found the target under the rockery.

It was an abandoned pet dog with a broken bell hanging on its neck.

However, they came too late.

Due to undernourishment, its black and white fur had become dim, and one of its paws seemed to be gnawed by something.

There were several pieces of moldy bread in front of its crouched body, but it had no strength to move and could only look at the food with its helpless eyes.

However, in its black pupils, they reflected the lights of wisdom!

"No... it's dying!" Mei'er looked at it in surprise. She couldn't tell what kind of dog it was, but it must have a very special bloodline.

Unfortunately, a special bloodline wasn't almighty. This dog should have fallen into this bad condition before it gained wisdom, and now it was just holding its last breath.

"Can't we save it?" Yun Xi took out a piece of his fourth ranked bread and prayed that it could quickly refresh its life energy.

The dog strenuously opened its mouth and ate the bread. Visible to the naked eye, its dried life was nourished and bright lights appeared in its eyes again.

"No... it's too late..." Mei'er sighed. The dog's life had come to its end. Yun Xi's bread could only momentarily recover its consciousness just before death.

It knew it was slowly dying since several days ago, so it aroused its bloodline at the last moment by its own will.

The will was an obsession, in order to accomplish something, it didn't mind what it would become. So it could hold on till this moment.

After eating Yun Xi's bread, it staggered to standing up, then dragged its dying body into its kennel.

Yun Xi could see that the kennel was well cleaned. There were warm and soft rice grasses in it, which could let it lay down comfortably.

"It... will pass away..." Looking at its bulging belly, Mei'er finally understood what made it hold out until this moment.

"En... let's accompany her to the end of her life." Yun Xi sent another piece of bread into the dog's mouth.

"Thank you... my children... I will leave them to you." The dog opened its hazy eyes wide as a drop of tear slowly dropped down from its face.

It had a very common life.

It was born in a pet shop and was bought by an aristocratic miss. It lived a very leisurely life in the first 6-7 years of its life.

Till the miss was married, but her husband didn't like pet dogs, so it was abandoned.

In the next one year, it became a homeless stray dog. In the first several months, because it looked cute and there was a bell on its neck, people were willing to feed it and the patrol didn't drive it away. However, as its fur gradually became dirty and it face became ugly, everyone became cruel to it.

As a pet dog, it didn't know too much about the survival skills and the skill of looking for food alone. To make the matter worse, it was pregnant and its paw was hurt, which made it become harder to look for food. It could do nothing but dig in trash cans, eating the food that even common stray dogs wouldn't cast a look at.

Shortly afterwards, the wound on its paw was become inflamed and its age was already very old, it foresaw the coming of its death and had to wait in this small kennel it just found.

The mildewy bread was the last food it could find. Although it knew it was not likely, it still wanted to give birth to the little lives in its belly.

Its death like all the death of the common abandoned dogs, the only difference was it saw a light at the end of its life.

The light dropped from the sky and offered it wisdom and a trace of special power.

Using the trace of special power, it exerted all its energy, trying to connect to a special existence.

It succeeded.

Although it drained the last energy from its body.

But it's worth it.

It had seen the hope, it had seen the miracle.

Its life had come to the end, but its children's lives had just started. They would inherit the power of bloodline from its body, they would have a bright future to run freely in the sunny world.

If it was the "golden princess", she must be able to cultivate my children to be great lives.

It had had no regret in its life. It even didn't hate its master who abandoned it now.

Oh, it really feels good to fill the belly.

Goodbye, my children.

The golden princess would be your new guardian.

As its body twisted and a smell of blood spread in the air, the nameless dog's eyes gradually became gentle, looking at its three children who were just born.

The first was a puppy with a cruciform pattern on its forehead, who looked charismatic.

The second was a puppy with three fire like patterns on its face, who looked logy.

The last was a puppy whose body was as white as snow, smiling like an angel.

Its bloodline was from an old world of ice and snow, and each of the three puppies inherited one of the features from its bloodline.

Oh, it's warm...