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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 359

2022-06-15 07:03:07Publish Time: 720 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 359: This Is the Bud Garden

"It has gone." Yun Xi sighed and closed his eyes.

"There isn't anything we can do. If it's several years younger, maybe I can still save it..." Mei'er looked at its body and shook her head sadly.

No wonder that the aura she felt was so weak. The dog had come to the end of its life, it was calling her by using the last of its life force.

It was really a small miracle that it could hold on till she and Yun Xi came.

"Woof! Woof!" The three puppies still didn't know what happened. They stuck out their tongue helplessly, trying to hide into their mom's belly and find the milk in their memory of bloodline.

Unfortunately, their mom had been drained. The bread it ate had all turned into energy in order to give birth to them. There was no milk in its drained body.

The dog had died, and its body was becoming cold. The three puppies seemed to realize something, barking piteously around their mom.

"Since this is the last wish from a mom, let's take care of them!" Yun Xi picked up the three puppies in one hand and picked up their mom's body in the other hand, leaving the rockery quietly.

After a while, he buried the dog and stood in front of its small grave, stroking the three puppies in his arms.

This day, a life passed away, but three new lives came into this world.

This was the miracle of the world, the circulation of life and death.

Because there was their mom's smell on Yun Xi's body, the three puppies quickly got used to him and stayed in his arms quietly.

"Master, I will teach them!" Mei'er said confidently.

Obviously, the three puppies were born with wisdom. Their potentials were much better than their mom, the dog who gained wisdom at the last moment of its life.

In fact, Mei'er had given them three names.

The first puppy with a cruciform pattern on its forehead was named "Star Thunder". She had the strongest life force, and its body was also the biggest.

The second puppy was named "Star Fire". Her character was lively, just like a ball of burning flame.

The last puppy was named "Star Snow". She was the smallest but also the most beautiful one, having snow white fur and smiling eyes.

Now, Mei'er had three little subordinates. Although they were still ignorant, Mei'er was confident in cultivating them to be useful dogs!

Mei'er's team, the Star Spirit Team was born!


At night, in the hall of the girl's dorm.




"Cheers, for White Lotus Sword Palace and our Starwing Knights!"

The girls of Starwing Knights were coming together, cheering and laughing.

Because of their excellent performance in the entrance examination, these girls, who were very common at the beginning, were allowed to hold this small celebration in the hall.

All kinds of cakes, desserts, dishes and juices were put on the long draw table, from the traditional dishes of the Western God's Domain to the newest dish of the East God's Domain, they met the requirements of all kinds of tastes.

However, Mei's bread were still their favorite food. Especially the golden, sweet bread. Once Yun Xi served them up from the kitchen, they would be quickly snapped up.

"That's an exaggeration..." Looking at the smiling girls, Yun Xi suddenly blushed.

Because he finally realized a very embarrassing thing.

As a maid in the eyes of the others, where should he live?

In fact, he had realized it, he just tried to ignore it. In the White Lotus Sword Palace, the highest ranking school of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, their students would naturally live in the dorms. They weren't allowed to live outside.

Well, because of this, their black-haired maid, Yun Xi, had been naturally arranged to live in the girl's dorm!

Oh gosh! He had never imagined that one day, he could live in a dorm full of beautiful, cute girls!

After all, this was a girl's dorm, there couldn't be any man! It was a garden of girls!

Because they didn't need to stand a man's watch here, the girls here all behaved free, loose and easy.

At this dinner party, several girls even came wearing their nightclothes. Through the gaps of their clothes, Yun Xi could easily see their tender, snow white skins.

"Oh oh oh! Mei, your bread is delicious!" Several girls of the sword palace first ate Yun Xi's bread. They blushed, showing a look as if they were at the summit of happiness.

I don't remember putting anything strange in the bread, why do they look so intoxicated?!

Looking at their passionate eyes, Yun Xi felt that he just went wrong into a world that was female-exclusive.

"The girl's dorm of the sword palace is also called the Bud Garden."

Bud? The white bud that would spill out honey?

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