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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 357

2022-06-15 07:02:51Publish Time: 705 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 357: The Real Target

"So, Mei'er, you mistook it for someone else?" Yun Xi said as he held Mei'er walking on the street.

"Yes! It wasn't it! I sensed a dog who had just awakened its wisdom, but not this monster!" Mei'er wiped off her tears with her small paws.

What a big mistake!

To be chased by a big black dog crying... it would become her lifetime psychological shadow!

"A dog who just awakened its wisdom... is that real?" Yun Xi doubted.

"I'm sure! The secret treasure's effect was strong! Maybe the chances are slim, but I know I can find my subordinates here!" Mei'er didn't want to give up.

The dogs who just gained wisdom may be at a loss as for what to do and didn't look any different to common dogs, but as they got used to using their brains, they would feel lonely and start to think what they were.

Mei'er wanted to look for these dogs, because they had great potentials.

If she found them and taught them, they could be her master's helpers! As a star spirit who wasn't good at fighting, this was Mei'er's plan.

"Hum, what kind of dogs is it easy to gain wisdom?" Yun Xi changed the topic.

"Well... the dogs who were smart from the beginning?" Mei'er said in a hesitant tone.

"I think the black dog is very smart." Yun Xi teased.

Indeed, the Black Demon Dog met all the requirements of Mei'er.

It was smart, fierce and strong enough to kill any common hero ranked being. Green hippos were far inferior to it.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a real dog but a war machine of the Demons. Black Demon Dog was a demon shadow creature taking a "wolf" as its prototype, known for its daredevil character and man-eating habit.

"Only a dead Black Demon Dog is a docile dog!" As this appeared in Yun Xi's mind again, he sighed.

The Killing Princess' heritage was much more powerful than his imagination.

Hua Huo, the rank of this "gift" is too high!

Yun Xi clearly remembered his body when he entered the "Killing Princess Mode".

In the battle with the Black Demon Dog, his mental speed, faculty of judgment and control of force to the twin swords had all been greatly increased.

His physical quality wasn't changed, but he could naturally kill the Black Demon Dog easily. Since it was strong enough to kill any common hero ranked being, this meant he could defeat most hero ranked beings in this mode.

It made Yun Xi associate it with his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo. Undoubtedly, her combat power was also far beyond the limit of common hero ranked beings, although she herself hadn't reached the hero rank.

It couldn't have been a power that belonged to Yun Xi himself. When his body used that power, he felt that he wasn't himself, but he also didn't totally lose control of himself at that time.

Pleasure! Pleasure!

Excitement! Excitement!

He didn't remember if he had ever entered this mode in the Water God's world.

"Demons... must die, even if it was just a dog!" Yun Xi murmured. He vaguely figured out the launch condition of this mode.

It must be a strong spirit that was possessing the black maid uniform. Once the owner of the maid uniform encountered anything about Demons, it would wake up and prepare to fight.

"Even though you are already dead... you can't let it go..." Yun Xi knew the Killing Princess had died many years ago, but her spirit of killing Demons was still attached to the maid uniform. Perhaps she fought till the last second of her life.

Only a strong spirit could get rid of the time wasting effect.

Even though she had died, even though her body had turned into dust, she wouldn't stop fighting till the last Demon was killed.

Her endless waltz hadn't finished yet. Through the maid uniform, her spirit would be inherited from generation to generation.

"Sniff... sniff..." While Yun Xi was lost in thought, Mei'er suddenly sniffed and looked around.

"What's the matter?" Yun Xi stopped and looked around in confusion.

"I smelt it! There is a wise dog around!" Mei'er jumped to Yun Xi's shoulder.

I won't mistake it this time! It's a smell from a real dog!

In some sense, half of her kind was here.

Not all cats or dogs could gain wisdom easily. The Black Demon Dog was a good example. It gained wisdom because its bloodline was very special. As a power of a miracle, wisdom wasn't something that easy to born.

Most creatures were unworthy of gaining wisdom, even if they were very strong and that could even kill ordinary people easily.

The lights of the White Lotus Secret Treasure were like keys, arousing the old bloodline in the creatures' bodies. However, if there were no "special bloodlines" in their bodies, the lights couldn't do anything to their brains.

Almost all beings in the sword tip area obtained the lights from the secret treasure, but not too many common animals had gained wisdom from it.

"Be quick, master. Quickly, the smell of the dog is becoming weaker and weaker." Mei'er ran on the ground, leading Yun Xi into a garden in an alley.

Finally, Yun Xi and Mei'er found the lucky little life behind a rockery.

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