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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 347

2022-06-15 07:01:31Publish Time: 688 views
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Chapter 347: The Princess

In a catastrophe hundreds of years ago, forest elves once fought shoulder to shoulder with greatsword maids, resisting their nightmare, the Demons.

Amongst all the heroes at that time, the Killing Princess was one of the strongest greatsword maids, whose name could even make Demons shiver.

She appeared on one battlefield after another tirelessly, and the Demons she killed could fill up an entire valley.

In some sense, she was the most terrible greatsword maid, because the number of the Demons being killed by her was the uttermost.

Maybe from the strategic level, she was inferior to the 1st "Auroral Morningstar" and the 2nd "Divine Shield", but when coming to a one on one battle, no one dared to say that they were stronger than her.

The Demons hated her very much. Several Demon Armies even united together for killing her more than once.

The Killing Princess was once deceived by a traitor, falling into a deadly trap and was surrounded by a nearly endless amount of Demons. But after killing for seven straight days and seven nights, she was still the last one who survived, standing on the ground that had been stained with blood.

It was said that the Killing Princess' clothes were white at first, but after experiencing endless battles, it was stained in red, then the red darkened and finally became black.

The elf in front of Yun Xi was one of the elves that was once the past Killing Princess' partner.

He witnessed the Killing Princess' killing with his own eyes once upon a time and was impressed with her crazy battle style.

When he looked at Yun Xi, apart from his face, he looked very much like the Killing Princess in his memory.

This was why he stopped and responded to Yun Xi's greeting.

"Hello, little princess..." This time, the elf said in human language, "May the forest be with you. No matter what will happen, please raise your head, and be the most beautiful princess."

Yun Xi gazed at the elf and didn't know what he meant.

"Hum? Is she a princess?"

"Can she be..."

The elf's partners, the knight and the mage looked at Yun Xi's maid clothes in surprise.

It wasn't easy for an elf to call a human "princess". Only the blood descendants of the oldest kingdoms would be recognized by the long lived elves.

These oldest kingdoms may have had a deep relationship with the elves thousands of years ago. No matter how strong any newborn countries were, they wouldn't be recognized by the elves.

The Elven Race was xenophobic, but also nostalgic. These old kingdoms fought together with the Elven Race in the past catastrophes and sacrificed a lot of people, so they could win the elve's friendship.

In order to communicate with the elf race, newborn countries had to connect through marriages with the blood descendants of these old kingdoms. Otherwise, the Elves wouldn’t even talk with their envoys.

The Elven Race had a special method of recognizing the bloodline of a human. Only the people who had the royal bloodline of the old kingdoms could trade with them.

A "princess" who was recognized by elves was more exalted than any common princess!

How could such a princess walk on the street casually while holding flour, eggs and vegetables in her arms?

Yun Xi felt strange seeing this adventure team from the Western God's Domain, and they also felt strange encountering a "real princess" on the street of such a remote sword domain.

"Yes, she was the most beautiful, excellent princess I had ever seen." The elf said in a yearning tone.

Hundreds of years wasn't a long period to an elf, but it wasn't really short. The elf had met a group of friends and saw them die, then met another group of human friends and repeat this process over and over again, but in his memory, he never forgot his past partner, the blood-stained Killing Princess.

She was always driven by hatred, brandishing her sword against Demons indefatigably. No one could impress him so much like she could.

When he looked at this little princess wearing the Killing Princess' clothes, he couldn't help but mix her up with the figure in his memory.

Of course, they were not the same person. Although their clothes looked the same, this little princess had no "hatred" in her clear eyes.

It was said that the Killing Princess was just an innocent young girl before her country was destroyed. Maybe she also had such a pair of clear eyes at that time.

However, the elf didn't see it. When he joined the war, she was already the famous Killing Princess and only left a hell like bloody road behind her. She kept her back to her partners on any battlefield.

People were frightened of her, including a lot of greatsword maids.

"Little Princess, if you come to the Western God's Domain, you’re welcome to visit our Elf Race! We will never forget the people who helped us in the past."

People were afraid of the Killing Princess, but elves weren't. To them, she was always their friend and partner, and they would remember her face forever.

They witnessed the history of human beings, seeing the race grow up and become strong. They didn’t speak, but they would never forget.

No matter how much time had passed, one hundred years or one thousand years, to the elves, a friend is always a friend, and the princess is forever the princess.