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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 346

2022-06-15 07:01:23Publish Time: 706 views
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Chapter 346: Meet Elf Again

Yes, there can't be any relationship.

Yun Xi estimated his own fighting capacity.

When he was in his normal state and held the Crane Wings Twin Swords, he was equal to half a hero rank. It was because his twin swords were a pair of spirit weapons and his mentality was at the hero rank.

If he put on the White Emperor Mask, he could summon the Mist Soul Army, with the Mist Souls he could even dominate a war.

If he was in the Water God's world, with the blessing from the entire world, he could temporarily suppress Hua Huo for a few days.

When he was outside of the Water God's world, his fighting capability would be still strong and he could still be in the top three list of the Sword Palace, but he knew he couldn't beat Xia Ling down, the princess from the Great Xia Sword Domain (and she was the second disciple now).

In this case, how could he be match for Hua Huo now?

Hua Huo could kill him a million times instantly as long as he wasn't in the Water God's world. Her talent was probably the highest amongst all the people at the same age.

So, I heard 13 sounds and she only heard 10... there must be something wrong.

Probably the secret treasure was just dazed with sleep.

However, he felt that he was familiar with the secret treasure, although he had never seen it before.

He looked at the sky worriedly and couldn't make sense of it.

Just now, he saw a half bloomed flower in the sky behind the twin witches. Countless mysterious lines were on the petals of the flower.

"Why is the secret treasure a flower?"

"I don't know about it, but I felt that I'm familiar with it." He couldn't figure out what this meant, so he had to hide his doubt deep inside his heart.


"Oh, so the White Lotus Secret Treasure is a very special flower."

"Probably even Yun Hai didn't know the name of the flower."

"What a pity that I can't have a good fight with him."

On the throne of the Sands of Time, Casina raised her glass and said in a sad tone, spilling the wine on the floor.

"Farewell, to the Sky Sword who has gone."

"I really wanted to challenge you, to see how strong your Yun Hai Quadrant Sword is."

"What a pity. Cheers!"


Quickly, everyone in the sword tip area knew the news that the true White Lotus Secret Treasure just appeared, and this news rapidly spread to the entire Sky Sword God's Domain and even distant god's domains via different channels.

Even Yun Hai the Sword Master didn't obtain the the legendary secret treasure, but now, it suddenly appeared and it seemed that it was going to choose a master, which really shocked everyone.

The entire White Lotus Sword Domain hadn't quieted down yet due to the change of the stars, and now, it was going to have a new great disturbance. This remote sword domain became the main focus of everyone’s eyes again.

At this time, Yun Xi hadn't known what was going to happen.

Now, he was just Mei, who was walking on the street and looking at the shops with curiosity, thinking what foods he should make for the entire Starwing Knights troop.

To celebrate Hua Huo winning the throne of the number one spot. Now they could finally enter the Sword Palace, naturally they let their perfect maid "Mei" make a sumptuous dinner for them, which made him feel both funny and annoyed.

Sigh, it seems that I have to pretend to be a maid in public.

Fortunately, he had been used to making bread for Hua Huo, so he didn't really feel rebellious about it. He just needed to feed dozens of more mouths than just Hua Huo’s one person.

Just in time, he wanted to see the life in the sword tip area.

Compared to the streets in the sword handle area, the people here were far stronger. He could see second ranks and third ranks everywhere, which was impossible to see in the mortal world. He even met several hero ranked people, whose strength was strong enough to eliminate a small country.

For example, there was a team in front of him, whose clothes style was very different than the clothes in this domain.

The team was formed by a heavy armoured Shield Knight, whose weapon looked more terrible than Rod's, a mage in a black coat with a three coloured crystal on his chest, and a real elf!

She wasn't a dark elf like Black Moon but a "traditional white elf".

She had snow white skin, sharp ears, a green bow and the vitality of nature. She was a forest elf, who was called the favourite of nature in the Western God's Domain.

He felt warm looking at the elf. Although she wasn't a dark elf, but... after all, she was an elf and an archer!

"Hello, Miss elf." Yun Xi greeted her when passing by. He didn't expect to get any reply but just showed his kindness casually.

"Sorry, I'm not a miss, I am a man, and I'm already 500 years old, so I should be much older than you."

Well, that was really embarrassing. Looking at the 500 year old male archer who looked very much like a young girl, Yun Xi was speechless. If it was true, this elf was even older than his grandfather's grandfather's grandfather.

The elf noticed his black maid uniform, his eyes became yearning and gentle.

Hundreds of years were long enough to make humans forget everything, but to the long lived elf race, it was just a short part of their lives.

In his memory, he still remembered the country, the killing princess and the greatmaid's heritage, which had disappeared hundreds of years ago into history.

It was a distant tale in the books of human beings, but to the elf, it was still like an experience from yesterday.

"The Killing Princess... the Sword of Blood... I didn't expect to see this heritage again in this remote sword domain..." The elf archer said in the old, elegant Elven, showing his shocked feelings.