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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 348

2022-06-15 07:01:39Publish Time: 674 views
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Chapter 348: Kingfisher

"Sorry... but... did you take me for someone else?" Yun Xi felt uneasy looking at the smiling elf.

From the surprised eyes of the elf's partners, he realized that it must be a rare thing to see an elf's smile.

The knight was dumbfounded, his body was just as stiff as if he had just been cursed by a Medusa.

As the elf's partner, this was the first time he saw the elf's smile. He had to admit that the elf's smile contained a charm that transcended the racial and sexual barrier, making his heart suddenly pound heavily.

"Kite, calm down!" The mage quickly noticed the knight's strange look and immediately summoned a water ball and threw it in his face, cooling down the knight's superheated head.

"Oh... oh... thanks, Williams." Kite touched his face that had just been washed by the water ball.

That was too dangerous! My sexual orientation had almost been twisted! The allure of the elf was really striking. No wonder that the Elf Race was indeed the favourite race of the world.

There is no way that ordinary people could stand such a temptation!

"Cough... I know what you are thinking... but don't forget, even in the Elf Race, Kingfisher is a prominent noble, don't even think anything stupid in your mind." Williams sighed looking at his knight friend.

Another person! Another person down!

He and Kite were also nobles. He was a descendant of a famous mage family, and Kite was a duke's son. They were childhood friends, but their identities were far inferior to Kingfisher's.

After all, "Kingfisher" was a long lived elf, and his name was also the name of this adventure team. He was a legendary hero who survived the catastrophe hundreds of years ago, who once fought shoulder to shoulder with Kite and Williams' ancestors.

Although they were teammates, they knew they were actually protected by the elf. For the sake of their families, Kingfisher took them walking around the world, teaching them the skill of fighting personally.

From the Western God's Domain to the Eastern God's Domain, they had travelled three years, and now they were a little famous adventure team.

The adventure team "Kingfisher" was undoubtedly the number one adventure team in the White Lotus Sword Domain, it was all due to the exalted elf.

Most adventure teams took a knight and mage as their cores, it was pretty rare to take an archer as the core of a team.

Kingfisher was such an exception. His archery was far beyond the imagination of mortals and he was the most promising elf who could enter the legend rank in a not too distant future. Kite and Williams had to admit that they were really lucky to be taught by such a strong elf.

"No, I'm not mistaken, little princess." The elf's long ears lightly shook and he looked at Yun Xi worriedly.

He witnessed how the past Killing Princess slaughtered Demons on battlefields. He hoped that this new inheritor wouldn't follow her on the same road.

The past Killing Princess lost everything in the war with the Demons.

Her father, mother, sisters, brothers, all relatives and the people of her country died in the war. It was said that when she came back to the ruins of her country, she shed tears of blood.

"I won't rest before I eliminate the last Demon! The only good Demon is a dead Demon! Let’s kill them all!"

When they were on the same battlefield, Kingfisher often heard these words from her.

Her mind had been twisted in the endless killing, and she also obtained the strongest power after that.

She had given up everything and never wanted to be a hero. She just killed, killed and killed, walking on the road called revenge, and finally...


At that time, Kingfisher was shocked by her strong power and felt upset because of her madness, but finally, he chose to follow in her footsteps, fighting to the end with the Demons.

In essence, the Elf Race was a peace-loving race. Unless it was absolutely necessary, most elves didn't even think of leaving the Garden of Elf. They preferred to study arts rather than learn sword skills and magic.

Although the elves' talent was much better than a human's, and their lives were dozens of times longer than a human's, they didn't like to practice their body and magic, which made them defenseless when facing the Demons' invasion.

When the Demons appeared and broke the Elf’s Guardian Circle, the biggest catastrophe in the elf's history started.

In that catastrophe, over one tenth of elves were killed and one of their most important Life Trees was robbed, which directly caused the birth of the dark elf race, the twisted life in the eyes of all elves.

Because he saw the catastrophe with his own eyes, Kingfisher finally threw away his harp and picked up his bow, went to the frontline and fought against the Demons with human beings.

It was the darkest period in elves history, but also a time of change. After their homeland was invaded, elves realized that even though they were protected by the Life Trees, they would still be killed if they were too weak.

Elves were the favourite of the world, and Demons were the destroyers of the world. When the Demons appeared, the elves paradise era was already doomed to be ended.

The catastrophe was stopped by the united army of elves, humans and dragons. They sealed the channel the Demons used to descend into this world, but everyone knew it was just a temporary solution. The war hadn't been finished and the Demons may come back at any time.

After hundreds of years, there barely were humans who still remembered the terrible Demons, but to the long lived elves, it was still like a calamity that happened yesterday.

They finally couldn't take back the Life Tree which had been robbed and stained. It became the belongings of the newborn Dark Elf Race and was carried into the underground world together with them. The Elf Race forever lost one of the twelve Life Trees.