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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 308

2022-06-15 06:54:24Publish Time: 696 views
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Chapter 308: The Melancholy of the White Emperor

"The 1.06 millionth..." The Lamia Queen raised her tail and knocked on the bell in the Water God's temple.

The melodious bell of blessing echoed above the sky. It announced that in the Caelian City that was circled by hazy mist, another White Emperor's bride was just born.

"The ceremony is going to start." The Mermaid Queen pressed her chest and sang in a sad tone, "Why? I love you so much. Even a thousand brides' love was no match for my love for you. Why can't you only look at me? Why can't you only love me forever?"

"You just find pleasure in it. Let's go." The Lamia Queen said roughly. The Mermaid Queen was her best friend, but she still didn't like her sentimental character. The Mermaid Queen's special habit toward tragic love was too twisted!

If she could just give up this special habit, she could be the best singer amongst the three High Priestesses. After all, a Mermaid's voice could elicit the strongest emotions hid in people's hearts. People even would die for it in legends.

"Oh, even though you are beloved by thousands of people, I will still take your eyes, letting you only look at me. Oh, Lamia, wait for me!" The Mermaid Queen sang and chased after her best friend, leaving the bell of blessing.

Today, the White Emperor would hold the first ceremony after the reforging of this world, and also, it would be the first day the Water God's world would be opened to the outside world.

At the same time, it would be a day of picking brides for the White Emperor.

This time, hundreds of people in the outside world had accepted their invitations. They would be the witness of this special ceremony of the Water God's world, so nothing could go wrong.

The three High Priestesses and the White Emperor would attend the ceremony and welcome the visitors from the outside world there.

From this day on, the Water God's world would build the communication channel with the entire Sky Sword God's Domain and become a member of this god's domain.

With Hydra as their backup force, the preliminary talk went very smoothly. A Sky Sword had agreed to attend this ceremony and would admit this world's legal status in the name of the delegate of the Sky Sword God's Domain.

Compared to the ceremony before, the atmosphere of this ceremony was more joyful. The people from all over this world all gathered in Caelian and celebrated the new life of this world.

Of course, there was also a very important thing. Due to this thing, the ceremony was delayed till this day.


In the Water God's temple, in front of Hydra's Nine Headed Snake Statue, the Caelian Queen was gently helping Yun Xi put on his clothes.

Yun Xi was the only Emperor in the Water God's world. His identity had been recognized by the will of this world.

Unknowingly, nine different lines appeared on his Sailing Jellyfish's Robe.

Each line meant a blessing from Hydra. Due to the nine lines, Yun Xi's Sailing Jellyfish's Robe had become the highest artifact in this world.

Each line stood for an opportunity of rebirth. As long as Yun Xi was still in the Water God's world, he could revive nine times after being killed, and the lines were rechargeable.

With the glory and holiness of the god, Yun Xi looked taller and brighter than usual. Looking at his body was like bathing in the sunlight of summer, the Caelian Queen felt extremely thrilled.

"You are more perfect today than anyone." Touching Yun Xi's hair with her fingers, the Caelian Queen lowered his head and kissed Yun Xi's cheek.

"But I'm originally a flawed man." Looking at his image in the mirror, Yun Xi was at a loss.

It can't be me!

Coincidentally, Yun Xi felt the same confusion as Lu Lu, although his memory hadn't been sealed like hers before.

White Emperor is my identity in the Water God's world, but is it really me?

The White Emperor is the man that is beloved by the god, the most perfect Apostle, the saviour of this world, the man who defeated Shaya Longnis. As for me, I'm just an excellent Baker, and my dream is to live a peaceful life in my small town. Are they really the same person? Are both of them me?

If I'm still Yun Xi, I wouldn't marry a million brides. I wasn't a lecher who couldn't control my desire.

If the situation continues, I can't be a gentleman at all... Originally, before I entered this world, I thought I could honorably go to the Sword Palace, in the identity of Hua Huo's maid!

"No person could be born perfect. People think that you are perfect, because you are indispensable to this world, so they ignore your weaknesses."

"The sun illuminates all things and brings vitality to the world, but it also burned all things into ashes sometimes. However, we still praise the sun."

"Our White Emperor, you are the unique sun of our world. No matter where you are from and where you are going to go, this world will be your power forever. Therefore, have confidence in yourself."

The Caelian Queen saw through Yun Xi's thought. She held his cheeks in her hands and blocked his mouth with her lips.

"Everyone loves you in this world. You are not only the favorite of the god, you are also beloved by our world."

"You helped this world stop the tragedy that was doomed to happen, therefore, as the descendants of the god, we will let you become a legend."

"Our White Emperor, my lover, a million brides is just a beginning."

Yun Xi looked at the Caelian Queen's face with an air of resignation. He knew he couldn't change her ideas.

She wasn't the only person who had this idea. The other two High Priestesses, and the people in this world, they all thought that it was a natural thing to help him expand his Mist Soul Army.

In the final analysis, all the living beings in this world were Hydra's children.

Therefore, was it Hydra's preference to her bride?

Oh, I shouldn't keep staying in this world. As long as I'm still the White Emperor, I can't be a good man any longer.