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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 307

2022-06-15 06:54:16Publish Time: 749 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 307: The Sorrows of Lu Lu

"Where is this place? Who am I?" Walking on the street of Caelian alone, Lu Lu looked around with her lost eyes.

In her brains, her memory was telling her that she had two different lives.

In her first memory, she was a common girl born in a small town of White Lotus Sword Domain. Her sword talent was pretty good, so she could become a disciple of White Lotus Sword Palace. She had also joined a female group called Starwing Knights.

In her second memory, she was a common village girl that lived in a small village of the Water God's Fantasy Island. Because she had a great talent in pharmaceutics, people admired her and she finally married the great Apostle. She was a pharmacist that was loved by the people.

They were two different lives and two different memories, but they were totally mixed up now, making Lu Lu feel confused about who she was.

The self that lived in the White Lotus Sword Domain was just a lucky girl who could join the Sword Palace.

The self that lived in the Water God's world was a pharmacist girl who luckily married the Apostle she liked, and she was really enjoying her married life.

Apparently, the first memory was clearer and more structured. She could clearly recall all the details of her life in the first memory. Undoubtedly, this memory couldn't be fake.

However, the self that lived in the Water God's world was also herself.

She clearly remembered her excited feelings when she first met the Apostle, her anxiety due to the Apostle's unexpected proposal, and her nervousness when she looked for the Apostle the next morning.

She didn't want to deny these memories. Although the time she spent with the White Emperor was short, every second was sweet and memorable. They were all her precious memories.

Before she took back her real memory, she really thought that she was a native girl of the Water God’s world.

Till the starlight dropped and the Sky Sword was defeated, her past memory recovered, and she fell into a contradiction at the same time.

Because she doubted which memory was real, her personality even started to split.

One side of herself insisted that she should return to White Lotus Sword Domain, accomplishing her dream as a disciple of the Sword Palace and a member of the Starwing Knights.

Another side of herself wanted to stay together with the White Emperor forever, living out her days with him.

Two different ideas struggled against each other in her mind, and she didn't want to give up any of them.

It had nothing to do with right or wrong, she just needed to face this dilemma.

To Lu Lu whose life had just been changed, it was too difficult a choice to make a choice.

"Why did you choose me? Can you also be a person from the outside world? My dear White Emperor." Lu Lu touched her animal ears. They were the gifts she obtained from this world.

She could switch her ears from animal ears to human ears freely, and the two different forms corresponded to two different talents.

When she was in her human form, her talent was "sword skill".

When she switched to her animal ear form, her talent would also be switched to "pharmaceutics" at the same time.

The two different talents were the root of her distress.

Why? Originally, she should feel happy to have this fantastic transformation ability, but the two forms brought two different ideas.

When Lu Lu was in her human form, she wanted to return to the Starwing Knights, become strong together with her partners and accomplished their dream of becoming the top Female Knight.

When Lu Lu was in her animal ear form, she knew she had become the White Emperor's bride. She wanted to accompany him in this world forever. No matter what difficulty they would face, she would never leave him.

Compared to her human form, her animal ear form had a stronger will. After all, she was a talented pharmacist that would reach the hero rank very soon in this form.

Her existence was like the most excellent self in Lu Lu's imagination. When she was in this form, she had a great talent, could do everything she liked, and had an admirable lover.

It would be perfect if I can split into two and let them enjoy each other's life! Lu Lu never felt so annoyed in her heart.

However, she wasn't the only one who was suffering this pain. Other Starwing Knights girls were also facing the same trouble. Their minds were also in a huge mess just like Lu Lu.

Their experiences in this world were like the most perfect dream they had ever had. They all became the most excellent personalities in this world.

Because they were all the disciples of the Sword Palace, most of them were still human and were strengthening their sword skill talents in this world, therefore, it was still acceptable after taking back their real memories. They just thought that they became stronger after having a nice dream.

Only Lu Lu, because her pharmacist talent was aroused but not her sword skill talent, her personality even started to split.

"Perhaps everyone is waiting for me." Lu Lu knew it. All the other girls were waiting for her choice.

Should I return to White Lotus Sword Domain, or just stay here to be the White Emperor's bride forever?

The girl's heart struggled with anguish.

Everyone was waiting for her choice, but she was hard pressed to make a decision, because she was too pure and kind to make the choice. No matter what her decision was, she would certainly hurt some people because of it.

"Lu Lu!"

"She is Lu Lu!"

"She is the White Emperor's first bride!"

The girls on the street and in the streams looked at Lu Lu with envy.

She was the White Emperor's first bride.

The White Emperor was beloved by the Water God, and Lu Lu was the first girl that was chosen by the saviour of this world.

She was the only person who had this privilege in the entire Water God's world.

She was doomed to be written into the history books of the Water God's world, her name would be praised and remembered by the people of this world from generation to generation.