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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 309

2022-06-15 06:54:32Publish Time: 713 views
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Chapter 309: The Battle God Comes

Countless prayer flags and silk ribbons blew in the wind. The biggest ceremony in the Water God's world started.

A strange light bridge dropped from the clouds. It was for greeting the visiting team that was sent by the Sky Sword God's Domain. Incidentally, the investigators from the Sword Palace were also in the team.

After sleeping in Hydra's dream for thousands of years, the Water God's world finally opened to the outside world.

Today was doomed to be recorded in the history book of the Water God's world.

On the light bridge, the tutors of White Lotus Sword Palace stood behind the White Lotus Throne, holding their breath carefully, because there was a woman sitting on the throne with a "not lady like at all" posture. She was one of the legends of the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, the Battle God, the sixth Sky Sword.


She didn't look like a female Swordsman, because she had brown skin and slender legs, wore exotic clothes and had a pair of fetters on her feet. If ordinary people saw her, they would think that she was a dancing diva.

Only the people who had experienced her attack knew how terrible the strength her slender legs contained. When Casina, the Battle God got serious, even a real god would be scared.

However, it only meant “THE” Casina, when she was in battle. At other times, Casina was just a lazy lady who didn’t mind her appearance at all. It was said that once upon a time, she really went to a circus troupe to be a dancer, because she lost her way and needed money for her traveling expenses.

Of course, the tutors of the White Lotus Sword Palace didn't have the guts to ask her whether the rumour was true.

Sky Swords, no matter who the Sky Sword was, had enough capital to do what they wished without restraint. As the sixth Sky Sword, Casina also had a great potential to be the fourth Deicide Sky Sword, just like Shaya Longnis.

Even though Casina was "not lady like at all", no one dared to scold her, because it was her right as a strong being.

Most people paid their attentions to the sword on her back.

"The Sands of Time" was the sword's name. It was famous as a legend ranked artifact in the entire Sky Sword God's Domains.

Just looking at the sword, people would see an endless desert that had infinite sands spreading to the end of the world.

Every second, there would be gravels dropping from the hourglass shaped sword handle and returned to the hourglass following some fantastic rules.

The sands stood for the most mysterious rule in the entire universe: time.

In legends, if a person could understand the rule of time, the person would be able to see all things in history, at present and in the future.

Throughout the endless god's domains, there weren't too many time-type artifacts. No matter whether it was a human or a god, they could never leave their traces in the river of time forever.

It was said that "The Sands of Time" could be used to look into the past, observe the present, and forecast the future. It was one of the top 3 artifacts amongst all artifacts.

Sadly, Casina never used this sword, and due to that, no one knew the true power of her sword, "The Sands of Time".

To the people living in Sky Sword God's Domain, swords are everything, countless people dreamed that they would witness the true appearance of "The Sands of Time", and the tutors of White Lotus Sword Palace weren't some exceptions.

When Casina appeared in front of them, their eyes were immediately captured by the sword on her back.

The longer they looked at the sword, the more mystery they felt from this sword. They knew it was a realm they could never reach during their lives.

It deserved to be one of the top 3 artifacts! As its owner, Casina was more unfathomable in their eyes.

"Your honour, we are almost there." After a long while, a tutor hardly moved his eyes away from the sword and noticed Casina.

"Well, really?" Leaning on the throne, Casina stretched herself leisurely. Her legs stretched out and her toes huddled up like some cute little rabbits.

She had become a famous female Sky Sword over hundreds of years, but the time left no trace on her body. Just like all legend ranked beings, the Battle God wasn't a mortal any longer.

They were called "legend", because they not only had devastating power, but also had a long life. When history became legend, legend became myth, their names were eulogized by people from generation to generation, and they were still alive.

"Not bad. It seems that Hydra has reached that realm." Casina sat up and squinted her eyes, looking at the sailing jellyfishes in the sky.

These translucent jellyfishes weren't just some ornaments in the sky, they were the protectors of this world. If any being wanted to enter this world, it would be scanned by these sailing jellyfishes first.

Once void creatures tried to enter this world, they would be expelled by these seemingly harmless sailing jellyfishes.

Sailing jellyfishes stood for "life".

The butterflies of death stood for "death".

The two different but also similar creatures formed the circulation of "life" and "death" in this world. The two fantasy creatures were the balancers of this world created by the Water God.

Since Hydra could create the two fantasy creatures, it meant that she had really become a "god". She wasn't a god that needed "faith", but the real god that could create a brand new world.

From a fantasy creature to a god, it was really a tremendous progress.

Although Hydra had paid too much for this, and still needed to sleep for thousands of years, it was still a successful business.

At least, even Casina felt a bit jealous, because Hydra had found her own road as the Water God.