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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 306

2022-06-15 06:54:08Publish Time: 690 views
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Chapter 306: Hua Huo's Consciousness

It's a natural thing? How can it be possible!

Strange, it's too strange! What's wrong with the girls in this world?

Hua Huo had an indescribable sense of anxiety in her heart.

Why do I care about this?

No matter what the custom in this world is, it has nothing to do with me, does it?

My contract with Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword had finished after she was defeated. Now, I have nothing to do with this world!

But, but! Why do I feel so bad looking at these girls' smiles?

A strand of hair on her forehead, her special item as Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, the so called "Jealousy Radar" ran rampant after she came into this world.

Look! Even now, as long as I close my eyes, I would see all the girls on the street being marked in my "Jealousy Radar" as red points.

Red color, dangerous color, enemy's color!

Since three days ago, after Hua Huo arrived at Caelian, she felt that she just stepped into her enemy's camp, because she could only see bloody red through her "Jealousy Radar".

From 13 years old to 300 years old, from mankind to non-humans, from common girls to exalted priestesses, all women were marked as enemies in Hua Huo's radar!

Red, red, and red! Red is everywhere and is still increasing. Hua Huo felt that her brains would overload if she still stayed in this city.

What's wrong with this world?

I know my Little Xi is easy to attract girls' eyes.

If I didn't protect him in our small town, his pure body would have been deceived by the Sword Skill teacher, the aristocratic miss from the nearby town, or the daughter of the flower shop!

Especially during that summer, he had almost been "eaten".

When she walked on the road of the small village, Hua Huo could recognize the girls who had "bad" ideas for her Little Xi with a glance.

However, it seemed that her "Jealousy Radar" was broken this time.

There were far too many enemies, to the extent that she could see no difference in them.

She just calculated it roughly and had a desperate calculation: she had over one million enemies in Caelian!

Unexceptionally, these enemies were all the so-called White Emperor's brides.

Can it be... although Hua Huo didn't want to imagine it, but her instinct as Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart told her that there must be something very bad that happened to her Little Xi.

All clues pointed to one truth: Yun Xi was the so-called White Emperor!

Hua Huo felt her outlook was overwhelmed after realizing it.

From what she heard in the past three days, the White Emperor was a complete hedonist. After saving this world, he spent all day with his brides.

After he returned to the Water God's temple, there were always young girls' with cries echoing in the sacred temple, accusing his crimes.

No, he can't be Yun Xi. My Yun Xi is a gentle man, he won't hurt anyone unless it is absolutely necessary, and his dream is to marry the girl he liked, enjoying a peaceful life in our small village for a lifetime.

He can't become such a shameless, salacious bastard! He is the kindest human being I have ever known!

He can't be the White Emperor!

Even though all evidences showed that the White Emperor was very likely to be Yun Xi, Hua Huo still firmly believed in Yun Xi.

Then, what went wrong?

My Little Xi isn't a man who will marry one million girls.

Can it be the mask? Is Yun Xi being controlled by the terrible silver mask, so he was forced to make these mistakes?

Yes, so that explains everything. Anyway, it couldn't be Yun Xi's own will.

Yun Xi's body had been possessed by that evil mask, so he made these unforgivable mistakes.

That must be the truth!

My Little Xi is in a very dangerous situation.

If continued, soon afterward, Yun Xi would become a piece of junk that only wanted women every day!

As his best childhood sweetheart, I can't let it happen!

I will save Yun Xi from this painful predicament!

After the perfect ratiocination, Hua Huo's eyes lit up again.

Yes, she believed in her childhood sweetheart, she believed in her doomed lover.

No matter what he had done under the control of the evil mask, she would forgive him and save him at all costs!

Even if she had to fight against an entire world!

It doesn't matter, my Sky Flying Bloodline won't be bounded by any rule. Even if the entire world supported the "White Emperor", she would support "Yun Xi".

To her, Yun Xi was a hundred times more important than this world.

"White Emperor... I will beat you down..." Holding the broken sword in her hand, Hua Huo's heart had fired up.

She had planned to release her real power, which she didn't even use when she was facing Shaya Longnis.

She clearly remembered that she couldn't use this power casually. She was told that if she wasn't going to die in the next second, she should never use this power.

The reason why she hadn't reached the hero rank was because she needed to do her best to suppress this power.

To ordinary people, strong bloodline power was an aspirational treasure, but there should be a limit.

To Hua Huo, her Sky Flying Bloodline was too strong. Even she herself felt afraid sometimes.

Till now, she didn't know her limits herself, or rather to say, does the limit of her power really exist?

Therefore, even when she faced Shaya Longnis and Hydra, she didn't feel "fear".

At that time, she felt as if her bloodline was telling her that once she aroused her true power, she didn't need to worry about any of the two legend ranked beings.