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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 305

2022-06-15 06:54:00Publish Time: 729 views
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Chapter 305: What A Strange World

Three days later.

The bell of blessing echoed above the sky of Caelian again, and everyone knew the reason.

It was for the saviour, the person who is beloved by the god, the highest Apostle, the Emperor of this world.

He was the White Emperor. Compared to this title, his real name was gradually forgotten by the public, because people thought that only the title "White Emperor" was the most suitable name for him.

"Notice! Notice! The great White Emperor will hold a ceremony celebrating the rebirth of our world, he and the three High Priestesses will all attend the ceremony in front of the Water God's temple!" A young girl wearing a priestess robe was running on the street. She announced the news from the temple with excitement on her face.

"Great! I missed the White Emperor's Proposal Ceremony, what a lifetime regret it was! This time, I won't miss this ceremony again!" A girl of a deep sea race stood up with excitement. She just arrived at Caelian from a remote island, the conch behind her ears had beautiful patterns.

"It's not too late. I heard that the great White Emperor will continue his proposal this time!" The young priestess encouraged the foreign girl.

The battle with the Sky Sword happened and ended too suddenly. Before a lot of girls of the deep sea races arrived at Caelian from their habitats, Yun Xi had saved this world from being destroyed.

These girls were also saved by the White Emperor. As the blood descendants of Hydra, these girls of the deep sea races felt regretful for not offering their powers to their White Emperor.

"Really?! Where is this news from?" The girl of the conch race was so excited that she subconsciously opened the conchs behind her ears.

She wasn't the only person who got excited. All the girls who didn't arrive at Caelian when Yun Xi started his proposal all cocked their ears, waiting for the young priestess' news.

"I heard it from our Caelian Queen. In order to expand the members of the Mist Soul Army, the White Emperor will propose to more girls in this ceremony."

"Humph. What a shameless man!" Only one girl looked at the excited girls on the street with disdain.

If she didn't hear it with her own ears, she wouldn't believe that there was actually such a salacious man in the entire universe.

He has married one million brides, and still wanted to marry more? How can the people in this world accept this? This world is sick!

"Oh, hello, traveller from the outside world!" When seeing Hua Huo, the girl who was carrying a huge broken sword on her back, the native girls greeted her with passion.

"Hello... I'm looking for a person. Have you seen her?" Hua Huo opened a portrait from her arms.

In the center of the portrait, it was a young maid looking to the front with her gentle eyes. Her peaceful aura immediately attracted the girls’ eyes and made them feel close. Although she was wearing a maid uniform, the uniform looked like a gorgeous princess dress on her body.

"Oh, what a beautiful girl! The White Emperor will like her if he could also see this portrait."

"Her appearance isn't inferior to the three High Priestesses. Who is she?"

"Her clothes is cute, I want to wear it too!" The girls on the street praised the maid's appearance. No matter whether they were humans or girls of the deep sea races, their hearts had all been captured by the portrait.

"Sorry, I don't know her."

"Yes. She is a beauty, if I saw her before, I wouldn't forget her."

"We don't have this kind of clothes in our world. What's it made of? It's cute!"

"The Caelian Queen said our world will soon start to trade with White Lotus Sword Domain. Maybe we can buy this kind of clothes at that time. I really look forward to it!"

The native girls chatted with each other like a group of sparrows.

The Water God's world was Hydra's garden. It was located in a special area in White Lotus Sword Domain, the Storm Eye, and was still protected by the spherical energy shield.

The entire Water God's world was carried on Hydra's back. Theoretically, it was a world that could move freely in the void.

Originally, Hydra had carried the dying world dropping into White Lotus Sword Domain. After sleeping for thousands of years, the embryonic form of the Water God's world finally formed.

Now, the Water God's world had been born again and started to show its infinite potential. The people here were planning to get in contact with the people of White Lotus Sword Domain.

When Hua Huo arrived at Caelian, her identity as an outsider was quickly exposed. A lot of people were observing her quietly.

"This world... is too strange... Are you really willing to marry the so called White Emperor?" Hua Huo felt confused about the thoughts of the people.

Why does everyone in this world think that the so called White Emperor is a good man?

Hua Huo admitted that the White Emperor had a great talent, and his Mist Soul Army was also extremely strong. She was rarely forced to release her real power in the past.

However! That was quite another matter!

He proposed to one million girls and married them all in front of the public. This thing itself was ridiculous and twisted!

The most ridiculous thing was that the people in this world accepted what the White Emperor did. He successfully married one million brides and put engagement rings on their fingers.

Hua Huo even heard that this shameless man slept with different girls every night. Not only so, he didn't even sleep with a girl, but two, three, and even more!

No! I can't keep thinking about this! It's too impure!

This man! Even though he is the saviour of this world, it's still a bit too much! Don't you people feel it strange? Girls, you shouldn't entrust your lives to that man!

"Because he is the White Emperor!"

"He is the Apostle who saved this world, he is beloved by our god."

"As the descendants of the Water God, isn't it a natural thing to marry the White Emperor!"