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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 254

2022-06-15 06:47:11Publish Time: 712 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 254: The Sword Is Broken

I must win!

Only the people who live in peace would say "I want to enjoy the battle and don't mind the end result". On a real battlefield, victory could only be bought by unscrupulous tactics and a great amount of sacrifice.

It wasn’t surprising to know that a battle’s result could be determined by an insignificant detail. Therefore, the less mistakes she made, the more likely she would be able to win the battle.

No pain, no gain. It was an immortal rule for both the mortal and hero ranked beings.

With this belief in her heart, so that she was able to get to this point, Yun Que's hands were already stained with blood.

She could snipe her enemies from kilometers away and could also assassinate her target in the shadows. If necessary, she could also pretend to be an ordinary person to take action.

Everything was for victory.

Seven shadow avatars surrounded Hua Huo, and they all had the same aura like Yun Que’s. It wasn't her Mist Soul's property, but an instinctive ability from her Dark Elf Bloodline.

All dark elves could control the dark shadow power naturally. Yun Que's special innate ability was to divide several avatars of herself and switch her true body amongst her avatars.

Her avatars were bogus, but also real. The boundary between "reality" and "counterfeit" was blurred at this point. She had mastered it a long time ago, but only after she reached the hero rank, she could actually use this innate ability properly.

"Ga!" In Yun Que's hand, the longbow's bowstring quivered. She just shot the fifth arrow.

Wind speed, moving path, and all the things on the battlefield had turned into data streams, flowing into Yun Que's eyes.

She had performed her "Mind's Eye" to the limit.

She didn't rely on her instinct but followed her hard calculations, forcing Hua Huo to enter her trap.

It wasn't assassination. It was an undisguised assault!

She used her complex calculations and her Eagle's Eye to observe the situation, then used her Mind's Eye to find out her enemy's weak point. This was her core strategy which was based on her three abilities.

In order to support the great amount of calculations, she had almost overloaded her brain. A drop of blood dripped down from the corner of her eyes, which represented that she had used the power in her Water God's Mask to the limit.

"Bang!" It didn't sound like an arrow but sounded like a cannonball exploding. Yun Que shot her strongest arrow.

"Hum?" Hua Huo raised the heavy sword to block this attack. With a deafening sound, she was forced to take a step back.

"Pang!" With another loud sound, Hua Huo took two steps back. The heavy sword emitted a plaintive whine in her hands.

It was due to the qualitative gap between their weapons. Yun Que knew that her strength and explosive force were inferior to Hua Huo's, then her best advantage was her weapons.

Hua Huo's weapon wasn't a god weapon nor even a spirit weapon. It was just a hard two-handed heavy sword.

Yun Que had the Water God's Mask, which was undoubtedly a god weapon, and her Black Moon Sword and Black Moon Bow were all artifacts. Therefore, her weapons were far better than Hua Huo's.

If Hua Huo's heavy sword was an artifact, Yun Que wouldn't fight so recklessly with her. She would order the whole Mist Soul Army to stop Hua Huo and retreat together with Yun Xi.

Of course, if it really happened, it wouldn't be "escape", it would just be a "strategic shift"!

After all, the way to win battle was to exert advantages and dig out the opponent's disadvantages.

Since Yun Que had known that her weapons were better, then she would naturally exert all she had for this advantage.

Her Black Moon Bow and her Dark Elf Mist Soul's Black Moon Sword were the two weights that could change the balance of power on the battlefield!

"Shuffle!" When Hua Huo took the third step back, her balance was slightly shaken. Seizing this opportunity, the seven dark shadow avatars moved. They attacked Hua Huo from seven different directions.

After blocking Yun Que's Arrow of Bloodthirsty Demon Hound several times, there were already several noticeable cracks appearing on Hua Huo's heavy sword.

Although it was a fully refined weapon, the heavy sword was still a mortal ranked weapon. With its huge size and weight, Hua Huo could defeat common hero ranked enemies, but it finally exposed its fatal defect under Yun Que's attacks.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!" Within a second, the Dark Elf's Black Moon Sword had cut on the heavy sword over a hundred times as its attacks were all focusing on the cracks on the sword blade.

Yun Que's tactic was so relentless and ruthless. Once she found her enemy's weak point, she would attack that weak point with all her strength.

Finally, in the Dark Elf's third round of attack, Hua Huo's sword was broken. The heavy sword blade was divided into two pieces. The huge sword tip dropped to the ground with a heavy thud.

"Gee?" Yun Xi looked at Yun Que in surprise. For the first time, he saw that Hua Huo was backed into such a disadvantageous corner.

When Yun Que saw the heavy sword breaking, even though she was always calm, she still couldn't help but show a proud smile on her face.

The turning point of the battle had appeared!

"Not bad." There were flames burning inside Hua Huo's eyes. Even the bone dragon didn't achieve such an achievement. She was fired up!

She had to admit that when it referred to "control power" and "degree of accuracy", the brainless bone dragon was far inferior to this archer in red.

Till now, the strongest archer she had met was the mysterious assassin in the Sword Palace Entrance Exam. However, this archer in red was far  

Do you think you have won? I will let you realize your mistake, because what is broken can be reforged!!

"Reforge, my sword!" Hua Huo held the broken sword and put her finger on the sword blade. Instantly, her blood flowed out from the wound on her finger and spread along the broken blade.

After staining with Hua Huo's blood, a fantastic change was happening to the sword. Originally, it was just a heavy, thick mortal weapon, but now, it was transforming in a frightening direction.

One, two, three. Three bloodstains appeared on the broken blade. Bloody sharp edges spread out of the broken blade, making the broken sword look more mysterious and terrifying.

"What?!" Holding the Black Moon Bow, Yun Que's hand was shaking.

What is happening? What has she done to the broken sword?!

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