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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 253

2022-06-15 06:47:03Publish Time: 659 views
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Chapter 253: Continuous Attacks

Hua Huo broke the first, the second, the third Arrow of Bloodthirsty Demon Hound like breaking some dead branches from a tree. These arrows could even destroy a mountain but caused no harm to Hua Huo.

However, Hua Huo's speed was indeed being slowed down, which made Yun Xi look at Yun Que in a new light. Yun Que could stop Hua Huo's assault with such fierce attacks, he was definitely the strongest archer Yun Xi had ever seen.

I'm not the only person who has learned something from this trial! Yun Xi thought in his heart.

Suddenly, the Dark Elf Mist Soul, who disappeared on the battlefield before, turned into a dark shadow and appeared behind Hua Huo. Her black sword pointed at Hua Huo's back.

Yun Xi hadn't seen how she had moved so stealthily behind Hua Huo. Obviously, she could eliminate her existence from Hua Huo’s senses, which should be a special ability from her Dark Elf Bloodline.

"Ha!" Finally, Hua Huo was forced to stop.

The two hero ranked enemies' attacks were so tacit, which even surprised Hua Huo.

After she broke the fourth Arrow of Bloodthirsty Demon Hound, her body stiffened for less than one tenth of a second. Seizing this perfect opportunity, the assassin behind her launched her attack.

Hua Huo raised the heavy sword and smashed it into the ground. A silver sphere appeared and wrapped around Hua Huo's body, then exploded in the air. Countless lights gushed out and spread around Hua Huo, forcing the Dark Elf to step back and blew her into the sky.

Power! It is the most direct, purest violent power!

Maybe it was because no one could force Hua Huo to use her true power in the past, or that she could naturally master any weapon. At this moment, Hua Huo looked so different compared to her memories in Yun Xi's heart!

When she used the long sword, she was a nimble female swordsman.

When she used the heavy sword, she was an invincible god of war.

However, no matter which side she showed, she was still the Hua Huo Yun Xi loved.

The more time he stayed beside Hua Huo, the more charms he could see in her.

If possible, he could look at her all day.

"Ta!" Suddenly, after being blown up into the sky, the Dark Elf's body divided in the air.

One dark shadow, two, three dark shadows. Three avatars appeared.

The Dark Elf chose "sword", compared to Yun Que who was good at "archery", her tactic was totally different. She would pay anything for victory - this was Yun Que's belief, and the root of all her tactics. Therefore, she needed to learn all kinds of tactics, so that she could adapt herself to all battlefield environments.

"Archer" was her main career. Assassination, Reconnaissance, and Independent Action were the best tactical formation for her. However, she was also good at "sword". An archer who doesn't know close combat isn't a good archer!

Because she could adapt herself to all complex situations, she could announce that she was a perfect archer!

When she used the "bow", she was a super sniper who could launch an attack from over the horizon.

When she used the "sword", she was a Dark Elf Shadowdancer who could use her Dark Elf Bloodline and her Dark Elf's Swordplay smartly.

At the first, she couldn't use her two abilities together, which meant that once she used the "bow", she couldn't use the "sword" at the same time - and vice versa. However, Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army helped her perfectly solve this problem in an inconceivable manner.

Her Dark Elf Mist Soul inherited her "swordplay technique", maybe it had something to do with her condition when she signed the contract with Yun Xi. When she fought together with her Mist Soul, she could feel the perfect tacit understanding between them. As the commander of the Mist Soul Army, the Dark Elf could understand all her intentions, and found suitable opportunities to support her.

She didn't decide to stop Hua Huo with her continuous attacks suddenly but had made this tactic from the beginning when Hua Huo was still in the sky. Yun Que didn't believe in "instinct" and "luck". She believed that all things in this world needed to follow some certain rules. As long as she could find and understand the rules, she would be able to defeat all enemies.

She preferred to rely on her thoroughly tempered combat capability rather than to trust on her combat instinct, and this was how her two special abilities built.

Special Ability One: Eagle's Eye, which was also called "clairvoyance", she could lock on her enemy from four kilometers away with her longbow.

Special Ability Two: Mind's Eye, a kind of insight she learned from strenuous practice. With it, she could analyze the battlefield situation calmly among disadvantages, and found all advantages for victory.

As a Phantom Archer, she learned many special abilities based on the two core abilities, such as Independent Action, Master Sniper, Spiral Arrow, Double Arrow, Tracing Arrow, and Red Lotus Arrow.

As a dark elf, her Dark Elf Bloodline conferred her a lot of innate abilities such as Shadow Stealth, Multiple Avatars, and Air Interdiction.

She would never rely her fate on "luck" which was impossible to calculate!

Only a perfect calculation and plan could bring her victory, if she found that she couldn't win a battle, she would retreat and wait for her enemy's negligence.

Unfortunately, she couldn't retreat on this battlefield. They had only one choice after stepping on the Island of Mist.

As the Water God's Apostles, she and he had obtained the whole world's support. They must win! They must defeat all enemies before Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword actually descends into this world!