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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 255

2022-06-15 06:47:19Publish Time: 653 views
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Chapter 255: Reforge the Sword

"Shuffle!" Hua Huo's small hand touched the sword blade. Without any spell or charm, the broken sword emitted bright lights. Not long ago, it was still a mortal weapon, but now, it had become an artifact after absorbing Hua Huo's blood!

The bloody lines on the sword not only repaired the cracks but also conferred the sword a brand new shape, making it regain a new life. Bloody lights spread along the broken sword and formed a transparent sword blade along the cracks, offering the battle scarred sword a broken beauty.

Yun Que looked at the broken sword through her Water God's Mask. In her eyes, the bloody lights on the broken sword blade were so strong that they could even ignite the whole world.

"A new secret skill? As expected, she is strong!" Yun Xi had once learned Hua Huo's Bloodline Secret Skills from her seed. Therefore, he was surprised, but he wasn't as dumbfounded as Yun Que.

My childhood sweetheart really has a lot of secrets!

"Don't be ridiculous! You don't understand what this secret skill means!" Yun Que gave a contemptuous glance at Yun Xi.

Can it only be described as "strong"? It’s like she is cheating!

It's a secret skill that can make a mortal weapon become an artifact!

How can this be possible?! Even if she is a super strong hero ranked female swordsman, it should be impossible for her to do this! It should be a legend ranked secret skill, how can she be able to use this?!

The girl named Hua Huo could make a mortal weapon become an artifact with her blood... Just how strong is her bloodline?!

At the least, it was beyond Yun Que's insight. Was she the person the Ten Leaves Alliance arranged to have assassinated? What a bad joke!

The more amazing fact was that, Hua Huo hadn't reached the hero rank yet! Even if a mortal offered his life as a sacrifice, it wasn't possible for a mortal to reinforce his weapon to this degree. What a frightening secret skill!

The birth of any artifact would require tens of thousands of strong beings' blood. For example, if taking the green hippo as a standard, ten thousand green hippos' blood would only sharpen a common artifact.

No matter where you were, if you wanted to forge an artifact, then you needed to wait for the perfect moment, geographical convenience and pray for good luck. Not all hero ranked beings could have an artifact.

Yun Que's Black Moon Bow and Black Moon Sword were born from her sins and persistence. After crossing countless battlefields and being stained with endless blood, she finally caught the slight opportunity and obtained her own artifacts. Compared to her effort, Hua Huo could easily obtain an artifact by dripping her blood on the broken sword. It was like cheating!

She can't be human!

Yun Que's Water God's Mask detected nearly infinite energy inside of Hua Huo's blood. When Hua Huo put her blood on the broken sword, the sword could only absorb a small part of the energy in her blood, and most energy returned into her body naturally. Compared to Hua Huo's Bloodline, Yun Que felt like her Dark Elf Bloodline was totally worthless.

"Don't disappoint me, because I'm already fired up!" To Hua Huo, this was the first time she used this secret skill.

Her tone sounded excited. When she had been in the small town, no one could force her to use this secret skill. Even the undead bone dragon on the Island of Mist wasn't strong enough to let her use it, because it was too brainless.

This archer in red was the strongest enemy Hua Huo had ever met after leaving the small town. Just now, Hua Huo's every move and plan of attack had all been predicted by the archer in red, which was undoubtedly a rare experience for her. Therefore, Hua Huo thought that it was time to show off what she had learned!

My Sky Flying Bloodline doesn't have any weak points! Even though I have only a broken sword in my hand, I can make it an artifact!

Of course, the effect of her blood was temporary. The energy from her blood would fade away and the sword would break again at a later time, however, Hua Huo had the confidence to defeat the enemies before that happened!

"Shuffle!" Yun Que raised her eyebrows but wasn't being provoked.

Compared to Hua Huo who enjoyed a peaceful life in the small town when she was young, Yun Que's childhood was much poorer and bloodier. Her experience in the past had taught her that "calm" was the only path that could lead her to victory. Fear and anxiety would interfere with her choice. At that moment, she imaged that her body was the purest and most perfect weapon.

Steel is my body, and fire is my blood. I have gone through over a thousand battlefields, and have never been defeated. I will abandon all emotions and put all my heart into the battle.

Calculate the enemy's information again! The advantages and disadvantages, the environment of the battlefield, the things I can use... my win rate isn't zero!

I still have an advantage over her, because I'm not fighting alone! This is a battlefield, not an arena and I'm not taking part in a duel of one on one. On the battlefield, only the person who is still alive can become the winner!

"Change of tactic, Yun Hai, let's fight together," Yun Que said as she drew her black longbow again.

"Oh, I see." Yun Xi took a deep breath. He had never thought that he would fight against Hua Huo one day.

However, that is how life goes on.

"What are you whispering about?" Hua Huo was in a bad mood.

She didn't know why she felt irritable when she saw the two people whispering shoulder to shoulder. A strand of hair raised on her head and pointed at the two people's direction, as if it was warning its master that something bad was happening. Compared to Yun Que, Hua Huo's battle plan was much simpler and cruder.

I will crush all enemies in front of me! I don't care about their races or identities, because my Sky Flying Bloodline can defeat anyone in front of me!

She had never doubted her power, because she was really strong. She didn't enter the hero rank because she had undone a restriction in her body. Her true fighting capability wasn't something that could be explained with common sense.

The stronger her enemy was, the stronger she would become! Her fighting capability could be enhanced faster than anybody’s imagination when she was in a fight!