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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 223

2022-06-15 06:38:29Publish Time: 687 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 223: Resonance

"Is this fine?" Standing in front of the Sea Demon's Mirror, Yun Xi put down his hand.

"Yes, that will do. We don't need more, because you are being loved by god!" The Lamia Queen smiled and gently kissed Yun Xi's forehead, "From now on, we Lamias will become your swords and shields, fighting for you. As long as there is still one Lamia in the world, this promise will never break."

It seemed that the Lamia Queen was really in a good mood. She blinked and teased, "However, I myself still have a small problem."

"What's the problem?" Yun Xi asked in a hesitant tone.

She was more mature than all the Lamias. Compared to the dangerous Dark Shadow Queen, she was more calm and leisurely.

Her temperament could only be cultured by time. Her every move and smile could make Yun Xi feel at ease.

No wonder she was the Queen of all Lamias!

"You haven't proposed to me!" The Lamia Queen pointed her fingers at Yun Xi's mask and said in a naughty tone.

"Ah!" Yun Xi was dumbfounded.

"Not just me. You haven't proposed to those girls either, right?" The Lamia Queen said and looked at Yun Xi with a kindly smile, "It's a very important thing to girls. If you want to marry them, you should say it out loud courageously. In this world, once you have missed your chance, you will never be able to get them back again."

Yun Xi finally realized it. No wonder that the Lamias were so proactive, but the number of his brides hadn't increased.

"You are... still too young..." The Lamia Queen held Yun Xi in her arms and put his head on her chest. She whispered besides his ear as if she was tempting him, "Say it, say the magical spell. No girls can resist that spell. Don't worry, we Lamias have chosen you. No matter what happens, we will be always with you."

Smelling the Lamia Queen's pleasant body scent, Yun Xi looked at her in confusion.

This dream trial is too real!

All beings in the Water God's world have their special characters. They have their fate and make great efforts for their future.

Why is this dream trial so different?

The Stars, why did you make me come to this world?

"I... I want you. I want you to be my bride.", said Yun Xi. He finally said the magical spell, which was an intoxication to all females.

"Even the infinite love from millions of people, it wouldn’t be more than the love you have granted to him. You have the whole world, but you only love this boy. Even though the world would end in misfortune, you would only offer this boy honour and hope," The Lamia Queen hummed the old poem Yun Que had chanted.

It was a story about a man who was loved by the god. In the world of despair, only the man was saved.

In order to save the man, the great god gave up the whole world. The god witnessed the world's death and only took away the man.

In that story, people abandoned their god and chose to step on a brand new road, obtaining a power named "science".

However, a monster suddenly descended into the world. When "science" could do no harm to the monster when it started to swallow the world, people finally remembered their god.

However, the god didn't respond to their prayers.

More precisely, the god only responded to one man.

In the dying world, the god only protected that man, because that man had never betrayed his god and doubted his faith.

In the world no one still believed in the god, the man was the god's last believer. Therefore, he become the god's only child.

In the dying world, he was the only person who should be saved. This was the god's decision.

When the world finally came to its end, the people sighed and regretted, and felt jealousy of the chosen one.

This old poem was the last elegy the people in that world had left.

The Lamia Queen looked at the boy in her arms straining with eagerness.

The great god! Since you have chosen this boy, then we will follow your will, becoming his power, no matter what future we will face.

The Lamia Queen thought, then lowered her head and kissed Yun Xi's lips.

Inside Yun Xi's cold mask, the Water God's power naturally spread around and resonated with the Sea Demon's Mirror behind the Lamia Queen.


In the Mermaid Palace, the shell jewelry on the Mermaid Queen's ears suddenly emitted a clear and melodious sound. Obviously, it was also resonating with the Sea Demon's Mirror.

"We have been bested! The Lamias are too cunning!" The Mermaid Queen brandished the trident in her hand with an unpleasant look. "The great Water God prefers me more. Why should they be the first?!"

In the Caelian Water God temple, looking at the white rings which suddenly rang on the scepter, the Caelian Queen showed a complex expression on her face.

"The Lamias have made their choice, we should also decide it as soon as possible. Which way will the world go? The great Water God, you will finally decide your bride?"