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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 224

2022-06-15 06:38:37Publish Time: 688 views
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Chapter 224: Sweet Whisper

"Hm?" Yun Xi suddenly found that the Lamia Queen's kiss was very inept, as if she was a young girl who had no experience.

Yun Xi had heard it from the Lamias that the Lamia Queen had procreated many descendants. He thought that she would be very skillful at first!

"I... did I do something wrong?" The Lamia Queen noticed Yun Xi's confusion. She blushed.

"Inexperienced" is "inexperienced". She couldn't pretend to be experienced.

"No... nothing..." Yun Xi stared at the Lamia Queen. She looked as if she had become more beautiful after accepting his proposal. She had a very special charm now.

"Then... let's do it again..." The Lamia Queen vaguely guessed what Yun Xi was thinking. She kissed Yun Xi rashly, as if she was trying to prove something.

Instantly, Yun Xi was surrounded by the queen's sweet body heat. His body subconsciously remembered the Lamia Queen's kiss.

When Yun Xi responded to her enthusiasm and kissed her lips, the suffocating feeling made the Lamia Queen tremble.

In the final analysis, she was the same as all the other Lamias, because she hadn't actually had the experience of copulation. The deep kiss was what she learned from human romance novels, however, it was barely worth mentioning compared to Yun Xi's experience.

She resisted Yun Xi's tongue not firmly. Under Yun Xi's persevering tangle, she gave up resisting. Yun Xi's tongue slid into her mouth and explored around.

Soon after, Yun Xi's passion influenced the Lamia Queen. They held together and kissed each other, till the Lamia Queen. struggled intensely to gasp for breath.

"This is... strange. Is this the method humans use to share feelings?" The Lamia Queen gasped, gazing at Yun Xi with her watery eyes.

"Yes." Yun Xi could feel the abundant energy in his body, as if the Lamia Queen had a magical charm, because he just couldn't stop!

"Come on, love me." The Lamia Queen bravely kissed him again. Gradually, she was no longer nervous and opened her mouth, welcoming Yun Xi's tongue. Finally, their tongues tangled together tightly.

It was a sweet, soft, comfortable feeling. The six horns on Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask emitted lights at the same time.

"Puff! Puff!"

"Wow... Whoa! Puff!"

Is this my illusion? Yun Xi thought that he heard some sound, which he had heard once before.

"Ah... en... en..." Gradually, the Lamia Queen started to grasp his lips. She started to proactively respond to Yun Xi's kiss. They were both drunk with this exciting feeling.

"Do you want to... copulate with me?" The Lamia Queen gasped as her body started to secrete a special smell.

Yun Xi's heart struggled, as if it was suffering a summer storm.

Should I go a step further?

The Lamia Queen wouldn't resist him, and this wouldn't be his first experience. After all, he had spent that wonderful time with the dark elf.

"Let's do it for seven days and seven nights!" The Lamia Queen licked her lips and excitedly announced the mating time she wanted.

"Ah!" Yun Xi woke up from his imaginations suddenly. He remembered that the Lamia Race had a different definition about "copulation" than a human!

Even the most common Lamia could hold on for 12 hours, and many of them hoped to do it for three days and three nights.

As the strongest Lamia, naturally, her mating time was much longer. Seven days and seven nights!

"Isn't it enough? If you want, I can hold on for half a month. In order to make healthy babies, I don't mind if we extend the time!" The Lamia Queen gazed at Yun Xi with anticipation.

"Sorry, I don't have time for this!" Yun Xi smiled bitterly.

Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's coming had almost entered the third phase. He really shouldn't waste his time!

He had to refuse the queen's invitation, although the queen was really seductive to him at the moment!

"Well, what a pity." Fortunately, the Lamia Queen also realized that it wasn't the time for doing this.

"Then, in recompense, give me one more kiss!" The Lamia Queen acted like a girl in love, behaving in a spoiled manner.

Yun Xi held the queen's waist and licked her neck. The queen emitted a pleasant sound and stuck out her chest, catering to his behavior.

The world... is too strange! Feeling the soft body in his arms, Yun Xi felt more confused about this world.

"Puff! Puff!"

"Keep on! Keep on! Keep on!"

"Honey, honey...let’s copulate!"

"Wow! Whoa! Whoa!"

A magical voice echoed around and above the old sacrificial altar. A pair of liquid eyes quietly opened inside the Sea Demon's Mirror, gazing at the Lamia Queen and Yun Xi.