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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 222

2022-06-15 06:38:21Publish Time: 712 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 222: Requirement

What's it like to experience a date with the Lamia Queen?


The mountainous waves roared inside Yun Xi's ears, as if the heavens and the earth had been reversed. Compared to Yun Xi's Water Mist Field, the Lamia Queen's power was much more furious, like a moving natural disaster.

Fifty minutes later, she had taken Yun Xi into the open sea, which was far away from Caelian. And, this wasn't the destination. It was just a starting point.

"Come on, let's go to the Water God temple." The Lamia Queen shook her screw like tail, then, a one-kilometer maelstrom appeared under his feet.

As if there was a black cave that suddenly appeared in the sea, they fell into the maelstrom rapidly.

When the Lamia Queen turned into her human form again, they had stepped onto a world that Yun Xi could have never imagined.

The vault was covered in infinite darkness. Occasionally, some glowing fish swam across the vault.

Millions of tons of seawater were completely cut off outside of the building by some unknown power. The Water God temple was under the deep sea where they may have been ten kilometres in depth or more, but it showed no trace of being soaked by water.

The body of the temple was made of rare marble, and over ten stone pillars were supporting the temple's roof mightily.

A big pillar was standing upright in the center of the temple, spreading a special sense of the Water God's power.

"Welcome to our deep sea demon's temple. In fact, this temple is even older than the temple in Caelian. I am the Water God's High Priestess, the guardian of this temple, and the owner of the Sea Demon's Mirror." The Lamia Queen held Yun Xi's hand and rambled on the stone road, introducing the pride of Sea Demons: the Deep Sea Water God’s Temple.

Humans weren't allowed to enter this temple, because this was the sacred land of sea demons and the homeland of the Lamias.

"The Sea Demon's Mirror?" Yun Xi could feel that something in the temple was resonating with his White Emperor Mask.

It was similar to the Holy Scepter the Caelian Queen held, but the aura on it was much deeper and older.

"It's a relic for us Lamias and all sea demons. In fact, we Lamias weren't an intelligent race. We were just some beasts at that time. However, the Sea Demon's Mirror transformed our life form so that we were close to a human's. It was the key that has changed the fate of our race," The Lamia Queen said gently. She led Yun Xi to the sacrificial altar under the giant black pillar.

The same as other Water God temples, there was no idol in the sacrificial altar, because the Water God didn't need idols to symbolize itself. It was already the supreme god in this world.

On the sacrificial altar, was a blue mirror, reflecting the endless sea in it. Occasionally, Yun Xi could even see some sea demons swimming across the scene in the mirror.

"Apostle, why do you want me to marry you?" The Lamia Queen asked and waited for Yun Xi's answer.

"In fact, it's about my White Emperor Mask..." Yun Xi honestly told her his mask's ability and the news of the Sky Sword's coming.

"I see. So it explains why I witnessed strange slimes in the deep sea. Is this world going to be changed?" It seemed as if the Lamia Queen had seen what was going to happen through Yun Xi's eyes.

"So, you need brides to offer you powers? I see. I can lend you my power. I can agree to your proposal." The Lamia Queen smiled.

"Really?!" Yun Xi looked at the Lamia Queen in surprise. He didn't expect that the queen would be so approachable.

"But, I have a requirement," The Lamia Queen gave Yun Xi a mysterious smile and continued, "If you want to obtain my love, firstly, you must love my race. You must accept all Lamias. Only in this way can I believe in you and fight for you without reservation. This is a promise of the Lamias. As long as you can do that, we will keep our promise."

"Really? Is that all?" Yun Xi looked at the Lamia Queen in astonishment. Gradually, his eyes misted and his face blushed. Why? Why did he think that she was so beautiful at this moment?

"Since you are the only hope of our world, then we actually have no choice, right?" The Lamia Queen's heart was beating faster, because she was trying to use the Lamia's occult arts to entice the young man in front of her.

Yun Xi had thought wrong. Compared to his needs, the Lamias wanted him more.

The sailing jellyfishes had disappeared. Under this circumstance, Yun Xi was actually the Lamia Race's only choice to father the future.

This must be the will of the god. The Lamia Queen believed this without a shadow of doubt.

The world was being changed, and something new was happening. The disappearance of the sailing jellyfishes, the Sky Sword's coming, and the appearance of the White Emperor Mask were all parts of the world's fate.

Everything was the great Water God's will!

"Then, I swear here: I will accept the whole Lamia Race. I will regard all Lamias as my most precious treasures. I will protect and care them with my life!"