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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 205

2022-06-15 06:36:04Publish Time: 710 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 205: Familiar and Strange

That night, as if Yun Xi was swimming in a tropical ocean, a sweet and hot feeling wrapped around his body.

She was warm, soft and gentle. Yun Xi had obtained his most amazing experience in that dream, which he hadn't learned during that summer from the big sister.

So far, Yun Xi still remembered the sweetness of the dark elf's tongue and the marvelous, wonderful time they had spent together.

In her deep pupils, was his wildest desire that was hiding inside his heart, and his emotional expression relaxed after realizing this.

Pain and sadness. Yun Xi could sense a slight feeling of strangeness from her expression, as if she was suffering a great pain.

Her black hair was smooth, and her beauty was breathtaking, but her slim body shivered, and her groan sounded like she was bearing something.

During that night, he kissed her lips under the moonlight, and bit her neck with soft love.

She looked puzzled in his arms, and she always struggled to be free, but his hands tightly grasped her on his knees, and he kissed her in various ways.

His kiss was like the flowers that were falling, continuously dropping on her ears, cheeks, eyes, brows... she sighed and groaned, hesitating whether she should resist this comfortable experience, till he raised her chin and frantically sucked her tongue, she finally opened her eyes wild in fear.

Yun Xi had firmly remembered all her attractive appearances.

Her red lips were cold and soft at first, but soon afterwards, they became hot and smooth from his kissing. He could remember all the details, but... did it really happen? Or was it just his imagination?

Yun Xi couldn't figure out which part was his dream and which part was the reality, however, it was undoubtedly an unforgettable night, and he had decided to bury it in the deepest levels of his heart and keep it unseen. He hadn't expected this... WHY? IS? SHE? HERE?

Who is she? Where is she from? And why would she do that with him that night...

Yun Xi had too many questions, but when he tried to open his mouth, he found himself speechless, because he knew too little about her, and he didn't even know whether it was just a dream.

Was it really just a dream?

Yun Xi had never confirmed his feelings about it, till now, when he saw her face again. Making sure that she was as real as all living beings in the universe, finally, he understood that something had really happened between him and the dark elf girl that night.

Remembering the passionate scenes, Yun Xi's face turned red and hot. He could barely look at the dark elf girl, who was sitting on the reef and watching the tidewater washing across her slender feet.

Basking in the moonlight, somehow, she looked heartbreakingly lonely.

The vast sea and the silver moon formed a romantic background, but she was still alone, as if she had been abandoned by the whole world.

I want to reach for her and ask her what happened that night!

Yun Xi had an unprecedented, strong impulse in his heart.

"Are you there?" The dark elf girl heard Yun Xi's footsteps. She turned around and rose to her feet.

Her round toes were spreading a special young girl's aura. Her skin wasn't the healthy tan but night-like black, but her eyes looked so lonely... no, perhaps it was because she had been used to being lonely, so he couldn't find it in her pupils.

The assassins from the darkness were doomed to bear loneliness and act alone.

"Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Black Moon, a qualified dark elf commander and logistic officer. I have the experience to handle troops. I think I'm eligible to be your Mist Soul Army's commander," The dark elf said, espousing all her advantages.

Yun Hai's Mist Soul Army was the biggest trump card they had. She couldn't just sit quietly and look at Yun Xi wasting this ability.

Therefore, she must control his army, even though she hated to use this method.

But... why is Yun Hai's expression so strange? He looks excited, confused and nervous, as if this isn't our first meeting.

It’s impossible, because I’m the "Black Obsidian", the lonely assassin, the Ten Leaves Alliance's elite and a rare dark elf. He shouldn't have seen my real self before.

She was from the darkness and would return to the darkness. Because of the justice she wanted to protect, she never had a long relationship with anyone.

"Black Moon" was just a fake name, but like the name "Yun Que", it also contained a special, old meaning.

In the legend, the Black Moon Prince was the child of the Dark God, just like "Yun Hai" who was beloved by the Water God.

"Black Moon... it's a good name..." Yun Xi took a deep breath. He adjusted his mood and asked the dark elf girl, "Will you become my bride?"

Black Moon gazed at Yun Xi. Her answer would determine the world's fate.

She knew that he wasn't a reliable man. He had the god's favour but didn't understand its meaning.

He was beloved by the world and the god. He was the child of god, shining like the sun.

As for her, she had to hide in the darkness and couldn't even have her own name. She had only her code name "Black Obsidian" and the borrowed name "Yun Que", and even now, she still had to lie and use a new fake name.

But... it doesn't matter. She had known this since the day of her birth.

She was always cursed by others and lived in a world that was full of prejudice and discrimination. She watched the shining world from hell and protected the "justice" in her heart there.

Only this principle was what she wouldn't violate or doubt.

Even fighting till the last second, she wouldn't put down the sword in her hand.

For victory, she would be daring and unscrupulous.

This was the path she had chosen, the abandoned one's path of justice.