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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 204

2022-06-15 06:35:56Publish Time: 703 views
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Chapter 204: The Mysterious First One

"There are a million girls! How could I propose to all of them!" Yun Xi was going out of his mind.

Yun Que's plan had almost destroyed Yun Xi's outlook.

Can anyone imagine it? A man would propose to a million unmarried girls and achieve success eventually?

How can it be possible?! There are a million girls! Even if proposing to a girl needs a minute, then repeating it a million times would need... No, stop calculating the number! I will go crazy!

Even if this was just a dream, a trial world, Yun Xi still didn't believe that he had a chance to accomplish this insane plan. Compared to this plan, the truculent green hippos and the Stone Soldier Army were just nothing. At the least when he had challenged the green hippos and the Stone Soldier Army, he had had the confidence that he would be the final winner.

However, this "Expansion Plan - A Million Brides!" was far beyond his imagination.

"Of course, it's impossible to propose to them one by one, therefore, you need to be selective, determining your focus targets." Since Yun Que had prepared to carry out this plan for Yun Xi, she would naturally do her best.

No matter how insane, ridiculous, or absurd this plan was, since Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask contained that power, then she must help him with all her strength. Only Yun Xi's cheat-like Mist Soul Army could fight against Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's Slime Army.

It was right to use all their resources to obtain victory, wasn't it? Only the winner could record and rewrite the history.

"The focus targets?" Yun Xi sensed an unusual feeling from her words.

"Of course. In your Mist Soul Army, there are some special units, right? These special Mist Soul girls are the core of your Mist Soul Army, and the keys to leading your Mist Soul Army to victory. They are the hero units in your Mist Soul Army. So, if you want your Mist Soul Army to be the strongest, they are irreplaceable," Yun Que said with clear logic.

Mist Soul Army was a fantastic army that was beyond any mortal's imagination. No word was overrated to this matchless army. Because Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask could create such a frightening army, thereby the Water God's camp stood a chance to defeat Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword.

Since that was the case, the Mist Soul Army deserved to have the best members. If there wasn't a "limiting condition", Yun Que had even wanted to let all the females in Water God's world join Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army.

"My... hero units..." Naturally, Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, Hua Huo, and the twin witches appeared inside Yun Xi's mind.

With the Water God Temple's help, Yun Xi had confirmed the locations of Hua Yue and Xiao Cao. The same as the other girls, they had also lost their memories and thought that they were natives. However, he couldn't find any trace of Hua Huo and the twin witches, as if they had never appeared in the Water God's world. Of course, that was impossible.

Yun Xi had an ominous presentiment. They had perhaps joined the other camp. Besides, Yun Xi hadn't found Mu Mu yet. He was afraid for this little girl, who was cast upon the horrible desolate island whilst looking for her father.

"Yes, I have made a list..." Speaking of this, Yun Que hesitated for a while, then made her decision quickly.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If she wanted to win, she must risk everything. She wasn't a "chosen one" like the man named "Yun Hai". She had to pay a real price to win. In order to survive, she had given up any impracticable dreams from a long time ago.

Therefore, this is my own choice!

"You are... really pushy, Yun Que." Yun Xi should have felt happy for having such a perfect partner, however, this was something he would never accept.

"For victory, I can be unscrupulous. You and I are just two waves in the river of fate, nothing more." Yun Que turned around and left.

To survive, there is always something that people have to face, no matter whether they like it or not. Yun Hai, we must do this. It’s unavoidable to both of them.

The wheel of fortune was still turning.


In the middle of the night, Yun Xi was walking on the street. Thin mist had wrapped his body and covered his mask, otherwise, he would get involved in trouble if he was recognized by others.

He was going to the seashore. Yun Que had told him that the first girl he should propose to was waiting for him there.

To be honest, Yun Xi didn't know how Yun Que had made the ranking list and who the mysterious "first girl" was. But, on Yun Que's list, this girl was the top priority, which meant that Yun Que thought that the girl could be the main core of Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army.

Who was this girl? Why did Yun Que have such a high opinion about her? Yun Xi was curious about it. In Yun Xi's mind, Yun Que was a very serious man and would never bend his principle for selfish ends. Even frustration and crushing defeat wouldn't be able to shake his spirit and will, and he would definitely find the slimmest chance of survival in any hopeless situation.

He had learned his "Mind’s Eye" in such a situation. Yun Que, as an archer, his attack was always deadly. Both his battle experience and strong will had let Yun Xi concede that he was better qualified. It wasn't a gap that could be filled within a short period.

Since he was so special, then who was the girl he especially chose for Yun Xi?

With curiosity, Yun Xi arrived at the seashore. Sitting amongst the jagged reefs, the girl was looking at the moon. Her slim figure looked lonely, and her black skin, sharp ears and the black bandages on her body had all exposed her race and identity.

"Dark... elf..."

Yun Xi froze. His body couldn't help but shiver.

It's her!