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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 206

2022-06-15 06:36:12Publish Time: 674 views
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Chapter 206: Will You Accept Me?

"Yes, I have chosen you. Come and propose to me. I will become the most excellent Mist Soul in your army."

Yes, this was "Black Obsidian", and "Yun Que"'s choice.

He... no, she, for the fate she was carrying, she had to become strong at all costs.

She wouldn't care about other people's opinions and wouldn't give up on a glimmer of hope.

She wasn't a chosen one like Yun Hai, so she must do her best to enhance herself.

She cherished the opportunity the Water God had given her, and she wouldn't allow her personal feelings to affect her judgement.

She didn't mind whether Yun Hai was a salacious scum or not, because she knew that he was this world's only hope.

"Well... you... I... can we?" Yun Xi said haltingly, looking at the dark elf girl.

She was different than Lu Lu, Ling Ling and Mei Lan!

Yun Xi didn't know why she was also involved in this world, perhaps she was also one of the passengers on the floating ship, White Lotus, but... proposing to her was totally different to proposing to the Starwing Knights girls!

"Why are you asking? Don't you like underage girls?" Black Obsidian looked at Yun Xi in surprise. She had confidence in her appearance. Dark Elf Race was a cursed race, but after losing their divine spirits, they had also obtained a dark-type physique and charming glamour to compensate.

According to what she had known about this man, he should feel weak to any irresistible and charmingly beautiful girls.

"No! That's not true!" Yun Xi shook his head like crazy. He didn't know the reason, but he wanted to show his most prominent side to her.

The Expansion Plan of A Million Brides and his Mist Soul Army were just the results of the stars' guiding. They weren't his true desires!

One bride was already enough. A million brides... was such a crazy thing that it shouldn't even appear in novels!

What a terrible world this world is!

"You... are special. You're different than other girls." Yun Xi tried to stop his heart from pounding. Why? They just stayed together, and he himself had become so strange. Was it because they had the experience of skin to skin? Or it was it due to other reasons?

She hadn't recognized Yun Xi. After all, after wearing the Water God's Mask, even Yun Xi himself couldn't recognize who this mature young man was.

"Special... why am I special?" Black Obsidian wondered. This man should think that this was their first meeting. She had taken off her mask and withdrew her disguise, to appear in front of him using her true identity, a dark elf, because she thought that he knew nothing about her.

Then why weren't his eyes saying that? They couldn't have had any contact before!

"In fact... I..." Yun Xi's lips were dry and his mouth was parched. He tried, but couldn't speak a word in front of her.

"Raise your head. You're this world's hope, so you must believe in yourself. I come here because I believe in you, do you understand?" Black Obsidian felt uncomfortable, but still comforted Yun Xi.

Her plan couldn't fail. It was a “must-be” to be the commander of Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army.

To this end, she wouldn't allow any error.

"You believe in me?" Yun Xi looked at the dark elf girl. He had touched every place of her skin, but she still didn't know that "he" was "he".

"Yes, I believe in you. I believe that you can change this world." This wasn't a lie but the truth.

Black Obsidian was sure that Yun Xi was their only trump card to fight against Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword.

When the three High Priestesses first saw them, their expression had explained everything.

You're watched by the god.

You're blessed by the god.

You're beloved by the god.

She didn't need more evidence and had confirmed that Yun Xi was the chosen one of the Water God's world.

She must support him, becoming his power, then obtain his power to grab the final victory.

Everything would be worthy, as long as she could win!

To accomplish this, she could even sacrifice herself.

Flamboyant slogans were meaningless, because she needed real power.

Since she couldn't obtain Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask, because it was Water God's charisma, at the least, she would try to secure control of the "Mist Soul Army". Otherwise, her "Expansion Plan of A Million Brides" would mean nothing.

"I will change the world? Do I have the power?" Yun Xi stretched out his fingers and stroked the silver mask on his face.

It was a fake power of the emperor to the god, but to this world, it was the supreme imperial crown.

So, I have to carry this fate on my back after putting on the White Emperor Mask?

"Yes, you're the chosen one, you're the beloved one. For the world, I swear to fight for you. So, propose to me! Let me become your bride!" Black Obsidian bared her feet and gazed at Yun Xi with a serious look.

"If... this is your hope, if this is what you want... then... then... I want you to be my bride!" Yun Xi said with his voice trembling.

It's different... it's totally different... this proposal! I should say it to my first love, I should say it to Hua Huo... Why did I say it so unthinkingly to her?!

Yun Xi's heart beat nervously. He waited for her answer, as if he was really proposing to his most beloved girl.

God, is this world abnormal or have I gone mad?

The great stars, why did you create this plan "To Love, Starchild!"?

"I'm... willing to be your bride. I'm willing to become the commander of your Mist Soul Army." Black Obsidian let out a sigh of relief.

Finally, I did it.

It doesn't matter. It isn't dirty. It’s for victory, I have to do it.

Even though she had had an extremely bad impression of this man.