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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 130

2022-06-14 04:09:31Publish Time: 923 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 130: Destiny Knot

"Gee?!" Yun Xi couldn't believe his eyes. Why did Mumu's appearance suddenly emerge in his mind?

What was wrong with him? Why did such an evil idea suddenly pop up in his mind? Mumu had no relationship with him, and the only link between them was the seed he planted in her body for protecting her. Why did the elf suddenly become her?


"Ooo!" Mumu emitted out a cute groan. She feebly fell down in the hot spring and lost her voice due to shame.

That was too awkward. Why did her body feel this way? Whooooooh! No, Mumu wouldn't be a bad child!

"Mumu, are you ok? Did you bathe in the water too long?" Hua Yue asked with concern. She looked at Mumu's burning face, then stretched out her hand to take her temperature.

"Your face is hot! Your temperature is too high."

"Hiss!" Mumu blushed as if she was burning. Her snow-white skin was covered with a layer of pink.

"Mumu is becoming a bad child! Whooooooh!"

"Be good, be good, it's okay. You just stayed in the hot water too long. Children shouldn't bathe in a hot spring too long!"


"Something happened just now?" Yun Xi gazed at the thread between himself and Mumu, which had suddenly been dyed with a suspicious red coloured layer.

Yun Xi was sure that before he had gone to the hot spring, the thread was still normal. But something strange had happened to Mumu's seed just now.

"Mei'er, why has this thread changed its colour? Shouldn't the threads all be transparent?"

"In fact... that's... a hint from your love system..." Mei'er stammered. She was too embarrassed to explain that.

"What's the hint that makes the thread turn red?" Yun Xi suddenly had a kind of foreboding.

"Perhaps... Maybe... It should be... a hint about the resonance between two lovers... Which means, master and Mumu have a very high synchronization rate." Mei'er finally told Yun Xi the startling truth.

"This is a hint from the great stars. It's just like the destiny knot in the Eastern God's Domain's fairy tales."

"A destiny knot between Mumu and me? Don't be ridiculous. She is still a child!" Yun Xi shouted.

At any rate, Mumu couldn't be his lover. She and Ye Li must wait for at least seven... eight years to be his candidate brides! If he stretched out his hand to them before that, he would be worse than a beast!

He always considered himself as an upright gentleman. He only wanted to run his bakery and marry one of his childhood sweethearts!

"It has nothing to do with the thread... Perhaps it's because master and Mumu have a high corresponding nature..." Mei'er also didn't know the reason clearly.

Whatever she thought, she didn't think that Mumu would like Yun Xi so much from the very beginning. That was too weird.

Only Hua Huo's love had reached such an extent so far as she knew. The twin witches, Hua Yue, and Xiao Cao were still far from reaching this extent.

"Heck, how can it be possible! Mumu isn't even an Eastern God's Domain local person!" Yun Xi was speechless to hear his star elf's stupid words.

Perhaps it was a bug in his love system. After all, according to his personal experience, the great stars were unreliable when things referred to love. Awakening the sleeping beauty by kissing and saving the princess on the tower... How old were these fairy tales! What decade were the stars living in?

It must be the same reason to make the stars mistakenly believe that Mumu's thread was a destiny knot. A girl came from a distant place to look for his father, didn't this sound like a fairy tale? Was it one of the reasons?

"She is young, but you can wait for her to grow up, my master!" As the communicator of the great stars, Mei'er didn't think that the stars would make mistakes.

The stars recorded the universe's beginning and its end. Their will was beyond time and all living beings' imagination. Since the stars thought that the thread between Mumu and Yun Xi was a destiny knot, then they shouldn't be wrong. After all, the Star Love System was made for teaching Yun Xi how to "love" and escape away from his four ex-girlfriends.

"Since you can accept Ye Li, why can't you accept Mumu? Cheer up, master!"

To the star elf, she didn't care about the moral principles of mortals. She only needed to follow the stars' will, helping her master grow up, learn how to love, and to become strong.

"I don't understand! I mean, I was unlucky enough in my past life. Why do I have to continue to make mistakes? Can't I just have one lover? Can't I keep hiding my identity and marry Hua Huo? Isn't that good enough?" Yun Xi sighed.

"Sorry, but you can't. If you choose Hua Huo, I have to say that only death is waiting for you." Mei'er immediately warned her master to give up this impracticable idea.

If Yun Xi was satisfied with the existing state and married Hua Huo, after the Apostle found him, he would die... no, his condition would be even worse than death!

"I know, I know. I'm just saying. So... Do I have to use this method to become stronger?" Yun Xi raised his hand and gazed at the girls' seeds.

Every minute, every second, there was various information flowing into his body via the seeds' threads. Likewise, his information also flowed to the girls via the threads at the same time.

Taking the twin witches' seeds and Hua Huo's seed as the peak that he could reach, himself as the core, and the dozens of female swordsmen as the branches, a web made by using the stars' power had been born.

It looked like a beautiful star map. He was the sun, and the girls were stars, revolving around him. The sun and the stars were connected by countless light threads like a never-ending rhythm.

“Like the sun that will rise from the horizon every day, even if I’m surrounded by the relentless darkness, I will also break it by using my mutilated body. Like the night that will come every day, even if I’m troubled due to the twisted fate today, I still believe that the world will never change. Only we will be changed. The truth that we are still alive is our strongest weapon. The sun, the moon, and the stars will never to be separated.”

The sun and the stars had appeared, then where was the moon? Maybe it meant that the most excellent girl would rise from the stars, becoming the moon to accompany the sun?