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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 131

2022-06-14 04:09:39Publish Time: 914 views
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Chapter 131: Starwings

Various comprehensions, various scenes, and various colours were vivid in Yun Xi’s mind. As if they were flowers that were blossoming in a garden, the threads between Yun Xi and the girls were indeed increasing his power steadily.

Even though Yun Xi hadn't entered any trial recently, he could still feel that his understanding about sword skills was growing, and his talent was also constantly getting stronger at the same time. The best evidence was that the Crane Wings Twin Swords were making happy, tremulous sounds. One of the special properties of the twin swords was that they could become stronger as their owner's talent became stronger. When Yun Xi had just obtained the twin swords, he could barely control them to launch flying attacks within ten metres. Now, the range had increased to fifteen metres.

His sword flying ability had also increased. In the past, he couldn't hover above the ground any higher than two metres, but now, he could fly about three metres above the ground. This had barely entered the realm of air battle.

The girls' growth advanced Yun Xi's growth, and Yun Xi's growth also advanced the girls' growth. They had formed a perfect, virtuous cycle. It wasn't a kind of inconspicuous growth, but like a seed under the soil, suddenly being exposed to the sun and growing comfortably and naturally.

"Mei'er, will it be better for all the girls if I share my seeds to as many girls as I can?"

The more Yun Xi used the seed system, the more love from the stars Yun Xi could feel. The system could not only improve his power but also improve his talent. That was too fantastic! Moreover, it wasn't only increasing his talent, but also included the girls’ talents and powers!

"Yes. Master, you'd better share your seeds to all the good girls you will meet. For example, Mumu is a very good target. You did well at that time. Your seeds aren’t only good for yourself, but are also good for them." Mei'er never felt bored carrying out the task the stars ordered her to do.

As long as Yun Xi was still at the mortal rank, he could share his seeds with about a hundred girls, and he had only used about forty seeds till now. There were still sixty quotas before Yun Xi reached the hero rank. If he didn't use them, that would be a great loss.

“I must urge my master to find more promising girls and give out all the hundred seeds!” The star elf, Mei'er, secretly made this decision in her heart.


At the same time, in the hot spring, the girls were discussing a very important matter.

"Hey, hey, listen to me. Since we hit it off with each other, why don't we form a formal group?"

"Yes. We were all born in the White Lotus Sword Domain, and gathered together from different places and became the best of friends. This must be destiny's guidance."

"It's about time. No one here thinks that she can't become a formal disciple of the Sword Palace, right?"

Of course not. After sharing Yun Xi's seeds, the girls were congenial to each other tastes, and their talents had also improved to an incredible extent. Even if they were not as good as Hua Yue and Xiao Cao, but they were sure that they would reach the hero rank someday. It sounded like unreasonable confidence, but they were so sure about that and not one of them had any doubt about that.

After being blessed by Mei's black hair, they had become different. Their lives had been changed after that day. Yun Xi thought that no one would realize his behavior of propagating his seeds, but he ignored the girls' instincts. They had vaguely realized that there must be some link between Mei and their changes from a long time ago. Hence, the girls gathered here and considered how could they repay the miracle Mei had given them.

"So, what can be a suitable name for our group?"

"Hua Yue is our leader and Xiao Cao is our deputy leader, so... how about ‘Rose Knights’?" Ling Ling raised her hand. As one of Hua Yue's subordinates, she naturally supported her big sister.

"No, no, we are not nobles from the Western God's Domain. Besides, there are already a lot of Rose Knights all over the god's domains!" The civilian girls shook their heads together.

"The Plantagenet Knights?" The noble girls asked. Due to Hua Yue, they were inclined to choose a western style name.

"No! Why are they all flowers? I think that 'Convallaria Knights' sounds better." Undoubtedly, this was a girl who biased towards Xiao Cao.

Hua Yue and Xiao Cao's supporters were split about half and half. Hua Yue's noble identity let her easily become their leader, even the civilian girls didn't have too many complaints about that. However, it didn't mean that they would let the noble girls decide their group's name all by themselves.

Flower or Grass? Both of them had their own ideas. They singularly quarrelled with each other.

"I think that Starwings will be a good name!" As they quarrelled, Mumu woke up. She offered them her proposal.

"Humm, it doesn’t sound bad." The noble girls looked at each other, then nodded.

Since they couldn't use traditional female group names such as "Rose", "Plantagenet", and "Iris", then "Starwings", which sounded neutral and dreamy, was also acceptable.

"Good girl, Mumu. You're smart! I also think that 'Starwings' is a good name."

"Well, look at the starry sky, I can image that someday we will finally sprout wings and fly amongst the stars. That's romantic! I like it!"

"From now on, we are the 'Starwings Female Knights'!"

Mumu's charm was matchless. Besides, Starwings sounded romantic and poetic, conforming with the girls' tastes. They were all satisfied with this name.

"Therefore, from now on, I'm the leader of Starwings Female Knights! Everyone, be good to each other!"

As the Hua Family's girl, it was a natural thing to form a small group. However, after being elected as the leader of Starwings Female Knights, Hua Yue still felt that a ball of flame was burning in her heart.

"I'm the deputy leader... well, not bad..." Xiao Cao looked at Hua Yue's breasts and her own breasts, then finally nodded and accepted the difference.

She wasn't suited to be the leader, which was a career that needed to spend a lot of time communicating and leading everyone. Her only mission was to practice her sword skills to the limit and defeat all the potential enemies of Starwings Female Knights.

If Hua Yue was the imperial crown of Starwings Female Knights symbolizing honor and glory, then Xiao Cao was the sword of Starwings Female Knights eliminating all their enemies, even if it meant that she would be bathed in blood. As for Mei, the reason for the birth of Starwings Female Knights, she was naturally the emperor of the imperial crown and the sword.

Starwings Female Knights was finally formed. At that time, the girls didn't know how far the "Starwings Female Knights" would go, and how famous they would be in the future.