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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 129

2022-06-14 04:09:23Publish Time: 892 views
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Chapter 129: Synchronous Reaction

"I... I suck." Yun Xi laughed at himself and gasped.

With great difficulty, he had finally forced himself to run away from the girls. He knew that he shouldn't go to the hot spring with them, but he didn't say no immediately at that time and finally, almost made an unforgivable mistake.

If Hua Huo was here... A shudder run down Yun Xi’s back. Hua Huo's Jealous Radar would have made her go mad. Fortunately, Hua Huo was far away and wouldn’t know what happened. He was really lucky.


At a place far away from the island Yun Xi and the girls were at, Hua Huo and the twin witches were fighting a large monster side by side.

"No! Something is wrong!" Hua Huo felt an inexplicable irritation a moment ago.

She didn't know why she suddenly felt gloomy and fretful, but since she had fallen into this sea area, an ominous presentiment kept haunting her heart. She had a persistent suffocating feeling, and restlessness as if her blood was flowing backwards. What was happening to her Little Xi at that place she couldn't reach?!

"Don't get distracted! This is a tough enemy!" Red Lotus noticed Hua Huo's absent-minded look.

She had to warn Hua Huo as they were fighting a powerful monster. The monster's whole body was covered with a thick shell. Only its milky white part under its shell was exposed and suspended in the air. Its tentacles shockingly revealed a kind of red blood. It wasn't a local monster from the White Lotus Sword Domain. It was an intruder from the void, having broken into the sword domain through the hole that the White Holy Dragon had made.

"I know! I know! I just can't stop worrying!" Hua Huo was driven into a frenzy again. She felt uneasy due to some unknown danger.

Little Xi, you must be safe!


"If things go on like this, I can't avoid all accidents," Yun Xi sighed, looking at his own face's reflection on the sword blade.

His skin was as white as snow and his black hair was so smooth that it could even reflect rays of sunlight. If Yun Xi didn't know that this was his current appearance, he would even be captivated by his own look.

The greatsword maid's legacy was too terrible! It could even change a person so much! No wonder that Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, and all the other members of the female swordsmen group doubted him. They even invited him to go bathe together. However, he was 100% male. The black maid uniform's disguise couldn't hide his true nature.

To be honest, no one would be indifferent to Hua Yue’s and Xiao Cao's naked bodies. He was a man. He couldn't stop his physiological reactions.

"Elf, elf, what did you think of me that night? Was it really a dream?"

Yun Xi had had only one experience of skin to skin contact. He only intertwined both his body and soul with a girl once. He couldn't help but remember what happened that night again.

Was it a dream or reality?

That night, under that memorable tree, he walked up to her, holding her hands and kissing her lips. With his hand stroking, the elf's body shivered. Her long legs tightly closed due to her nervousness. He stretched out his hand, taking off her shoes and socks from her beautiful feet. Under the moonlight, her feet shuddered as if they were a pair of cheeses, spreading a delicious scent in the air. He looked at her gem-like legs as if he was staring at the most beautiful piece of art in the world. In his eyes, nothing was more beautiful than her legs.

The elf blushed. She turned her face and waited, suppressing her groan with all her strength, but finally failed to control her mood. She put down both her hands, tightly holding the grasses on the ground in her hands.

He gently licked her feet and kissed her foot arches, kissing her white skin from her toes to her insteps, leaving his kiss marks on her slender legs. The elf sweetly groaned, opening herself up to him. What a beautiful body! What a strong allure! Yun Xi already couldn't control his desire any longer...

"Whoa... What am I thinking!" Recalling that he was remembering the most embarrassing part in his memory, Yun Xi's face instantly turned red.

Yun Xi finally failed to recall which part was a dream and which part was reality.


Immersing in the hot spring with hazy mist, Mumu's small face turned red. “What's this? What's this weird feeling?”

Mumu was too young to know the meaning of this strange, exciting feeling. She felt as if someone was gently raising her feet, kissing her from her toes to her insteps, then from her insteps to her foot arches.

After that, she felt as if someone was lifting her face, gently kissing her lips and opening her mouth with his tongue. The person was tasting her mouth and intruding into the inside of her mouth. She gingerly put out her tongue, intertwining her tongue with the nonexistent tongue.

The warm tongue made Mumu lose her head. She couldn't help but emit a sweet groan. With a few beads of sweat on her skin, her petite body shook due to stress. In the warm water, Mumu's body started to sweat. Her white skin was covered with a layer of pink.

Why? Why am I feeling so comfortable?

Her mouth's temperature was rapidly rising, as if someone was taking her lips, making her blush and immersed herself in happiness. Her ears, legs, chest, and invisible tail were warming up, as if a pair of burning eyes were looking up and down at her body rudely.

"Whoooa!" Mumu held her slender feet in her hands, but found out that her snow-white hands were uncontrollably stroking her feet.

She didn't want to do that, but couldn't suppress the impulse from deep within her heart. Moreover, she didn't know why she had this feeling, but when she stroked her body, she felt that it wasn't her doing so, but someone else.

Her slender legs were inexplicably sensitive at this moment, a few simple touches had made her body limp. Suddenly, Mei's face appeared in Mumu's mind. Her petite body shivered, finally emitting a sweet melody with an unstoppable joy.

Almost at the same time, the elf in Yun Xi's mind suddenly turned into Mumu. The silver-haired girl lightly bit her lips, giving a shy and stealthy glance at Yun Xi with an unquenchable expectation in her timid eyes.