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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 65

2021-11-05 15:15:00Publish Time: 2,070 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 65: Man-Made

As always, C.C. woke up in bed, hugging her familiar Haro pillow and staring at the ceiling for a while. Less than a minute later, the bell of the nearby school rang on time.

"I shouldn't buy this house if I know this. I can't even sleep." She exhaled unhappily, let go of the pillow in her arms, and reluctantly lifted the covers and got up from the bed, "How many times have I complained about this? I can't believe I've gotten used to getting up at this hour."

She bought this house a long time ago, and although she doesn't want to go back to this city, the fact is that she may have to go back at any time. Her intention was to find a secluded place, but somehow a middle school was built nearby, so the original quiet location immediately became a noisy place. Now TOKYO-3 is very strict about the purchase of houses by outsiders, so she has no chance to buy a new house.

After finishing her makeup, C.C. went to her closet, opened it, and looked at the clothes, thinking about what to wear today - this is one of the few pleasures she had in her boring life here. She didn't care about the price of the clothes, because she spent Ade's money anyway.

Ade does not even know how much money he has. She said that the shares were transferred to him, in fact, it was still her who managed the money, and even Ade's salary was handed to her. Scientific research and building robots are bottomless pits of wasting money. If Ade was managing the money himself, he would use them out in one minute. Compared to that, buying clothes is simply a poor man's hobby.

"Just this one, though it has been worn once." C.C. finally regretfully took one, took off her pajamas, and threw them aside, wearing the chosen clothes. Unfortunately, there was no one to appreciate it, "Sigh, all the clothes have been worn. I have to buy new ones again."

After changing the clothes, C.C. went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to take out breakfast. She usually checks her emails and watches news during eating, for example, today was the day Mayu gave her a regular weekly report, and Mayu would report in detail about Ade and that woman's latest movements to her. Although she just used this little girl to control Shinn, now Mayu seems to be unexpectedly loyal to her, which made her a little embarrassed. But that's all, the little girl is just a passing visitor in her long life.

"'The two are getting closer and closer, and Mr. Ade is continuing to play dumb, and the woman is forcing him to take a stand.' Well, although Ade is easy to understand, how did you find so much information?" C.C. frowned. Although C.C. mastered a variety of unexpected skills, she doesn't know this kind of high-end skills, "Mayu also has not been in love, right? Why she can be so sure to judge?"

According to Mayu, that woman managed to live together with Ade by some unknown means, and then began to call herself Mrs. Lingus in public, trying to create a delusion to others. The effect so far is very good, and everyone has started to treat her as the mistress of the Lingus family. Mayu is anxious about this and desperately wants C.C. to hurry back, but C.C. is still calm and not moved.

C.C. scoffed at these little tricks. Ade is a person who lives in his own little world, and other people's views have little impact on him. The only key is his own will, so she never wasted time tossing these. In her opinion, Lacus does not understand Ade's outlook on life and the world. It's useful to use the weaknesses of his character, but with her understanding of Ade -

"Even if he is really forced to make impulsive choices, he will reveal his true heart when the time comes." C.C. laughed contemptuously, "You are pushing your way in the wrong direction. The more you try, the farther you go wrong."

After breakfast, C.C. went out as usual and came around NERV after some road trips. She had been coming around every day for a long time, but there had been no luck.

In the earliest days, the place was completely unguarded, and she could walk around as she pleased, as freely as if she were returning to her house. After Lilith was discovered, Britannia and some other people worked together to split Japan up and planted a puppet regime to start building TOKYO-3. Later, after they had built almost all the facilities they needed, the move of the capital, which was used as a front, was canceled. During that period, she was still able to blend in with a little effort.

It wasn't until Japan was officially occupied by Britannia and the place was completely controlled by Britannia that security measures suddenly became extremely tight. Even with her familiarity with the terrain, she still couldn't find a way in. But she didn't want to give up. This was probably her biggest and last hope after living for so long.

The day passed quickly, and as usual, she found nothing. She set off for home, thinking about what to eat for dinner.

When she passed by the first high school near her home, she saw a girl with flaming red hair yelling at a boy who looked timid.

"Are you an idiot? If you're being bullied by Suzuhara, fight back! It's because you are so timid that you're being bullied all the time. Do you understand?" The red-haired girl had a loud voice, "Ah~ really, it makes me angry!"

"Suzuhara-kun didn't bully me." The boy replied weakly, "It's just a different way of showing intimacy …"

"Are you an idiot?" That girl looked even angrier, "You! You-"

After that, C.C. had walked away and didn't hear what they said after. She didn't really care about it. As long as she goes home at this time, there is a high probability that she will meet these two people, and they always said some similar things. She was curious at first, and soon she get used to it.

"Although Ade is also a bit weak, fortunately, he is not as weak as this boy." C.C. muttered to herself, thought of something, suddenly blushed, and smiled to herself, "Sometimes he's quite strong?"

"Beautiful lady, have we met somewhere before?" The sudden voice behind C.C. startled her. She took a few quick steps backward as she turned her head.

"Who are you? I don't know you." C.C. looked warily at the person in front of her, who looked to be in his late teens, supposedly a male but with a feminine temperament, and his gray hair and crimson pupils looked very conspicuous. But most importantly, Her instinct was warning her in her mind, as frightened as if she had encountered a more advanced being in the food chain.

"It's also possible that I'm mistaken." The teenager showed a slightly confused expression, then smiled lightly, "Sorry, I should be mistaken. I accidentally recognized you as one of my siblings. You should be the 'betrayer', right?"

Then C.C. realized. What the "person" in front of her was - an angel. Although she didn't know why he looked like a human, he was undoubtedly a real angel. Unlike her, who couldn't do anything but wouldn't die, he was the real angel who could do everything. Her initial sense was not wrong. He was indeed a higher-level existence than her.

"In your opinion, I am a betrayer, a fugitive, a failure, whatever you want to call it." She didn't know what he wanted, but no matter what it was, it wasn't something that a fake like her could participate in.

"So that's how it is. The so-called betrayer is not even a NewType." The teenager surveyed her and continued to talk to her enthusiastically, "Are you here to visit our father as well? I've been down there and I'm sorry to tell you that Adam is not here."

"You have a way to get down there?" C.C. looked at the man in surprise. Of course, she knew Adam wasn't here, so she focused on another matter, "I didn't hear any alarms."

"It wasn't exactly easy, but all it took was time. They are too ignorant, or arrogant? There isn't a single NewType in there. What do they think we are? Hundreds of meters tall giants?" The young boy gave another light laugh, "But Lilith was lonely, no one even talked to her recently. I talked to her for a while and learned something interesting."

"What?" C.C. couldn't help but gulp.

"There's a dangerous foreign object mixed in." The young boy showed a dangerous expression for the first time, "Whether it's our fate or our trial, it's just between us after all. Even if only one side can survive, it will be one of us. There is no reason for the alien species to pick up the slack, right? No matter what happens in the end, the alien species must be eliminated beforehand, and this is my duty and the duty of all my brothers and sisters, so I am about to embark on a long journey to find someone. By the way, beautiful lady, can you tell me why you are so nervous?"

"No, you must be mistaken." C.C. tried to answer in her blandest voice. "I'm not nervous. Goodbye."

Making an expressionless look was easier for her than eating and drinking, but at this moment, it had become incredibly difficult. She could feel her heart beat faster, her blood pressure rise, her back chilled, and she even broke out in a cold sweat. Ecstasy and fear collided within her, and she didn't even know she retained such intense emotions.

"But you look is like saying you know where this alien species is." The young boy narrowed his eyes and stared at her, "Can you please tell me? Even a betrayer is supposed to be on Lilin's side, right? Although I can't kill you, I have many other means to get information. I do not want to do so, but this matter is too important, I can only go against my principles."

"I don't know any alien species." C.C. still looked at him with an expressionless look, "No idea what you're talking about."

"Just in case, may I ask if the alien species you know a NewType?" the young boy read the answer he wanted from C.C.'s heart rate, and the dangerous look disappeared from his face and he put a smile in an instant, "So, it's a New Type. Then you don't need to be nervous, Lilith specifically mentioned that this dangerous alien species is not a NewType."

Let out a sigh of relief, C.C. then felt despair. She took a deep breath and asked with her last hope, "What else did she say?"

"She did not say anything else, and I did not ask. I suggest you go to her personally. Isn't it better? Oh, you can't find a way down?" The young boy thought for a moment, "I can take you down if you don't mind, as compensation for misunderstanding you just now. By the way, I'm really rude, I keep forgetting to introduce myself, you can call me Kaworu Nagisa."

C.C. looked at the polite young man in front of her and couldn't help but feel a trance. Is he really an angel? But this does not matter now. She has not given up yet, and she must ask in person before she gives up hope. She nodded to the young boy in agreement.

"Then let's meet here at nine o'clock the same day the next month. This day is the only day we can sneak in every month." The young boy, who should now be called Kaworu Nagisa, gave C.C. a warm smile, "You seem to particularly want a certain NewType to be an alien species, am I right in understanding that?"

Kaworu Nagisa