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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 64

2021-11-04 15:55:00Publish Time: 1,861 views
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Chapter 64: Bifurcation

"Impossible, impossible!" Zala's face was filled with disbelief, holding his hand on the table beside him so that he could stand firmly, "How could this happen? Haman Karn, it was your idea!"

"There is a traitor among us." Haman's tone was calm, "I didn't want this to happen, but the first thing to do now is to solve the problem at hand. There is no point in continuing the fight anymore, Speaker Zala, finish your duty."

"I can't accept it, I can't accept it! This is not what was promised!" Zala lost his last hope and stared at Haman with a grimace on his face before suddenly fetching a pistol and pointing it at his own head.

"Glemy." Haman ordered in a low voice.

The figure that had been standing silently behind Haman sprinted to Zala like the wind and lightning, disarmed Zala's pistol, and subdued Zala in one shot. Zala's hands were twisted behind his back and his body was pinned to the table with a painful sound, which was ignored by everyone else in the room. None of them were Zala's men.

"According to the agreement, the current Speaker should sign the treaty of surrender, and the new Speaker will be responsible for post-war reconstruction." Haman walked up to Zala and looked at him icily, "I'm afraid Your Excellency should be patient. If you want to self-sabotage, at least wait until you have performed your duty."

Zala struggled and twisted his body, letting out a low growl, but to no avail. Dazed and confused, he suddenly stared wide-eyed at the person who had entered the room, "Creuset!"

"Zala Your Excellency, this is too ugly." Creuset slowly walked up to Haman and said sincerely, "We should accept the result if we lost, it is pointless to waste the remaining living forces in such a place, it is unacceptable for us, and for the Earth Federation army to continue fighting. "

Haman looked at Creuset in surprise. The man was now like a mummy, the exposed skin was all wrapped in bandages, only the mouth was exposed, all by the voice and the mask that everyone could recognize who he was. From the bare skin near the mouth can be vaguely seen, he suffered severe burns.

"Sir Karn, in the first shot of Genesis, TITANS's top brass, including Hymem should all be destroyed. There is only one top officer left, and the most important thing he should do now is not to fight us but to gather power in the Earth Federation government." Facing the current situation, Creuset wasn't going to hide his connection with Scirocco. If only ZAFT's side was destroyed, it was far from what he wanted, "He just needs to win, and the way to victory does not matter. We have lost Genesis, so we are not a threat to him. Now everything is negotiable, and I have channels."

"Creuset? Creuset!" Zala found out that the person he trusted the most had turned into a betrayer. He let out an angry roar, "Haman Karn, is this the kind of person you can trust?!"

"I don't need to trust him, I only need him to be useful." Haman looked at Creuset with an expressionless face, "Go on."

Creuset told Haman half-truthfully that there was an ambitious man named Scirocco in TITANS who would do anything to advance his position. Creuset's informant had inadvertently hitched a ride with him, hinted to him that ZAFT intended to conduct a sneak attack, and got the location of the flagship of the TITANS main fleet from him.

Haman nodded as she listened, occasionally pressing for details, and Creuset offerred her a reasonable explanation each time. Zala listened to the conversation between the two, and gradually gave up the struggle. Creuset was a betrayer from the beginning, while Haman had been playing the woman who was madly vindictive after being dumped, only he was being used as a fool. Zala finally found that out.

"I know I shouldn't private access to senior enemy officers, but these are for information, out of my absolute loyalty to ZAFT, to PLANT." Creuset stated with conviction, "If her Excellency Karn is not satisfied, I am willing to accept the appropriate disciplinary action after the war."

"Your disciplinary action will be determined by ZAFT's military law and not my dissatisfaction." Haman glanced at Zala, who had finally become lifeless, and said to Creuset, "Hand over the contact information, and you can leave now. Glemy, don't push so hard, Speaker Zala is hurting like hell."

Glemy relaxed his restraint on Zala a little, however, by now Zala was already as lifeless as a played-out rag doll.

"No need to look at me like this. I'm not going to kill myself, I'll take the blame." He said breathlessly, "This is my last compensation to PLANT."

Haman sneered in a low voice as if she heard some funny joke.

After completing the handover of information, Creuset walked alone down the cold, empty corridor. His already distorted expression looked even more gruesome because of the burn marks, but it was all hidden by the thick bandages.

"It's not over, it's not over yet. As long as I'm alive, there's hope. The script will continue. The next goal, Char Aznable." Creuset growled in a hateful whisper, "I'm just a cheap, defective product? Adrien Lingus, you must pay for it!"

"Ade, I'm sorry." Alice immediately changed her tone, "I shouldn't have said something like that, I lost control of myself for a moment."

"I'm sorry, Alice." He hesitated for a moment, "I understand."

"I understand too, Ade, it's okay." Alice regained her cheerful voice, "Go find Miss Lacus, she's waiting."

"… Well, see you later."

Calming down Alice is actually an easy thing to do, because there are some cruel truths, even without saying it, he and Alice are unaware of them.

And the crowd said hello to Ade, in Lacus's instruction, he went to the infirmary for a checkup. Nothing serious was found.

"So now there's one more villain I have offended." In his room on the ship, Ade pulled his finger to count, "Egg roll head, grandmother head, Creuset, and some other people I don't remember."

"Ade are you so sure Creuset is not dead?" Lacus decisively ignored who "egg roll head" and "grandmother head" are, and asked in disbelief, "His MS was destroyed, and then Genesis exploded. It's hard to believe that he can survive after that."

"As long as I don't see him die personally, I will regard as he is not dead. I think … uh, with my years of experience, he will definitely show up someday later. It's difficult to guess a psychopath's thinking." He shook his head, "but it's not all bad. I offended so many villains, it means that I am positive role."

The young girl could not help but cover her mouth and laugh.

"I'm going to leave the rest to Your Highness Loran. In any case, my task is successfully completed." He suddenly remembered what the girl said about her suddenly awakened ability, but he couldn't feel the girl in his mind at all, so it was probably not NT, "Lacus, can you do that one more time?"

"Again? Now?" The young girl showed a flustered look, and her voice was getting lower and lower, "It's a headache to be too charming. Ha ha, the young man just can't control his desire, and it's special today. It's understandable. Well, ok, just one more time…"

He understood the girl misunderstood. He could play dumb, but his conscience didn't allow him to do it. Although it's very cruel, he has to interrupt it, "I'm talking about do-"

However, his mouth was blocked before he finished his words. A long strand of her hair slipped into his collar, which made him a little itchy, but the stimulation made him completely ignore this. It took about two minutes before he could breathe fresh air again. Why was it another two minutes? Was she mentally timing it?

"That's the last time." The young girl said, blushing, "You can't be too greedy!"

If I correct her in this situation, she must want to kill me. Ade decided to play dumb from now on, and ask her about her awakened ability the next time.

A few hours later, the fleet returned to the moon. It was already the evening in lunar time. Ade parked the ship in the harbor and immediately contacted his workshop to take Hyzenthlays away for overhaul - he didn't need to do it himself if just repairing it. As for the other components of Inle, he worried that there was probably no time to recreate them. Facing the current complicated situation, he would become very busy.

In fact, Hyzenthlays shell has been pasted a layer of nanobots, and it can self-repair even if he just leaves it alone. But the repair time will take years, so it's better to let repairmen do it.

After saying goodbye to Alice, Ade and Ghingham went to Loran and Diana.

"General Ghingham, please let me come along too." Lacus spoke up, ignoring Ade's dumbfounded expression next to her, "I have something important to talk to Queen Diana about."

"Miss Clyne, you're not getting the situation right." Ghingham stared sharply at Lacus, and a murderous aura emanated from his body. His tone was very brutal, "Please be a little self-conscious about your identity. You can participate in this operation because Lingus vouched for you, but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want by virtue of his lover's identity."

"Please watch your words, I'm not talking to you now as Ade's lover, but as Siegel Clyne's daughter, General." Lacus met Ghingham's eyes with no fear and deliberately acquiesced to a certain fact, "I, Lacus Clyne, the only daughter of the former Speaker of the PLANT Supreme Convocation, request an audience with her Majesty Diana, the Supreme Leader of the Lunar Government. "

Ghingham looked down at the young girl in silence. His face with a fierce expression gave off a huge pressure. Even Ade on the side felt a chill, not to mention Lacus who was facing him directly. However, the girl also looked straight back with a serious expression, the girl who blushed in the ship just now seemed to be a phantom.

After a long while, Ghingham suddenly turned around and stridden towards the military vehicle, "Follow me, Lingus. And keep an eye on your woman."

Lacus turned to Ade with a bright smile, and the serious aura before disappeared without a trace in an instant, "It worked! Shall we go?"

Lacus and he kept up with Ghingham. Ade was still a little confused, at least the young girl had never talked to him about this before. But Lacus has always been very opinionated, and does not seek his advice on everything.

The three got into the same car, with Ghingham in the passenger seat and them in the back. Ghingham exchanged glances with Ade in the rearview mirror while sensing each other in the mind space, "Take care of your woman."

Ade didn't know how to respond, so he could only pretend he didn't read it. Ghingham, being an NT, of course knew that he was pretending not to read, but just didn't say anything about it.

"What the hell is going on?" He asked the young girl in as low a voice as only them two could hear, "Why do you want to see Her Majesty all of a sudden?"

Lacus shifted her body and leaned a little closer to him while resting her head on his shoulder, the contact of her skin imparting a warm and soft feeling.

"I don't want to keep going on like this, Ade." The young girl held his hand so hard. He didn't even know her hand was so strong, "The world is changing, and there will always be new things happening. People must move forward."


"If you refuse to think, then I'll have to make the effort." The young girl's voice sounded firm and sad, at least to Ade's ears, "For the future."