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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 208

2022-04-05 12:25:00Publish Time: 643 views
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Chapter 208: Gatekeeper

Speaking with her conscience, Lacus felt that Ribbons didn't leave her too much legacy, and she didn't pay much attention to it.

When she had to use its force now, she suddenly found that the one and only ACE of Celestial Being, Setsuna was still under her control.

"Although I will only fight, Marina has told me that in order to get answers, fighting is not enough. Trying to study and master the things you are not good at is also a kind of battle with oneself." Setsuna paused and continued to ask, "Ms. Lacus, how many angels are left?"

Lacus was silent for a moment before she slowly answered, "We still need to eliminate three angels. One's form and location are uncertain. One is confirmed to be located in Japan. Another one is the one you have to deal with now, under the Antarctic ice."

"Antarctica …," Setsuna recited with mixed feelings, "Britannia … "

Setsuna slowed down to match Lacus, his crisp footsteps echoing in the empty hallway.

"According to reliable intelligence, Britannia hid an unhatched angel in the Antarctic. Setsuna, what do you think Charles and Ribbons and the others were trying to do before?" Lacus hummed lightly and her expression suddenly became solemn, "We no longer have any need to save resources, the battle with the angel will be our last battle, all the money, supplies, and contacts will be squandered as much as possible in the remaining battles, you have to be prepared for the last fight."

"Miss Lacus …!" Setsuna shivered with excitement, "I have never been to Antarctica, but as far as I know, Antarctica is not heavily fortified and there is no ACE stationed, I will definitely complete the mission and eradicate Angels!"

"His basic thinking logic is still unchanged, at least, Marina's influence on him is not too much yet." She made the following judgment, "It is enough to last until the end of the plan as long as it is operated carefully."

The blue and white surface of 00 Qanta reflected a metallic luster under the light in the hangar. The six Funnels on the shield of the left arm were neatly arranged from long to short, and the gunblade weapon "Sword IV" was equipped in the form of a large sword at the right shoulder of the fuselage. The whole MS, from its color to its shape and even its name is indeed reminiscent of Gundam00.

Setsuna subconsciously stretched out his right hand and pressed it on the left side of his chest, the thumping coming from his palm was like the drumming of his first love.

"00 Qanta…" He just repeated this name over and over again, "00 Qanta… "

There was no filler in the huge space except the biting cold air. The upper part was sealed by a thick layer of ice. In addition to the lights on the four walls, there was no trace of human activity.

"This is the secret below the South Pole." Iron Mask sighed contentedly, "It is said that there is a similar space below Hakone in Japan, although I have not yet been there, I think it is similar to this place."

Behind him, Kururugi was silent, always in a vigilant posture ready to strike.

"I already have a clue, but not here." Iron Mask said slowly, "I came down here is just to solve a question deep in my heart back then."

Kururugi simply shut up and ignored him, but Iron Mask was getting more and more agitated as he murmured.

"Unfortunately, this is a fact that only I, as a narcissist, can be awake and cognizant of." Iron Mask let out a long sigh, "Overly powerful NewTypes, especially Lingus, will completely distort the surrounding relationships with the NT ability, and the people around them are not aware of it. Your Majesty is one of them. Fortunately, Lingus' mistresses are weak women, unlike Her Majesty Nunnally who is in a high position. Otherwise, the consequences would be even more unthinkable."

"Shh!" Kururugi put up a finger in front of his lips with a stony look on his face.

Before Iron Mask asked, Kururugi suddenly shifted his body, rushing to Iron Mask, carrying him on, and running crazily. In the blink of an eye, they had retreated to the exit of the underground cavern, and wildly ran towards the location of the MS parked outside.

It was only when the Gundam appeared in their sight that Iron Mask's NT senses started to warn him in his head, followed by a late bang behind them and a tremor in the ice.

"How did you … find out about this?" Iron Mask, who was still being carried on Kururugi's shoulders, asked incredulously, "You're not NewType, are you? No, I can be sure that you're absolutely not an NT."

"The touch of the feet, the vibration of the air, the elevated temperature, the sound of the thrusters, the smell of concentrated particles, and the intuition of danger." Kururugi jumped to the cockpit door with a few landings and threw Iron Mask in casually, "Don't try to run away later, don't mess up, and, don't throw up."