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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 207

2022-04-04 12:25:00Publish Time: 682 views
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Chapter 207: I Am Gundam

"What makes a child's mother pick up a gun? What makes the meek masses cry out in despair? What made the royal family turn the weapons against its people? The Earth Federation government urged that the Azadistan side should reflect on its own problems, not intensify conflicts, and effectively guarantee the basic human rights of every citizen…"

With the impassioned voiceover, the back of a Middle Eastern woman with a child in her left hand and an assault rifle in her right hand appeared on the screen. In front of her, there was an MS. The battle damage on the fuselage and the smoke in the background screen all hint that it was at war, and the poor mother would be trampled by the MS in the next moment.

"Although I know it is a common tactic of the Federation, even if I know, I don't have any feasible countermeasures." Marina sighed and pressed the switch of the remote control in her hand to turn off the TV, "We have no influential media, no international voice, we have no way to speak out our proposition."

"It's obviously the Federation problem. They deliberately use this kind of distorted reporting." Setsuna's voice sounded a little angry, "Anyone with a little common sense will see that if our MS continues to—"

"That's enough, Setsuna. "Marina took his hand and shook her head slightly, "This is what Azadistan deserves for the energy sources they used to play with the Federation nations. What we can and should do now is to ignore the gossip, stabilize the situation at home, and fight for a peaceful and bright future for our people."

Setsuna looked straight at Marina and said forcefully, "I am a saboteur who only fights, but whenever there is a need for me, please do let me know."

Marina held his hand and nodded with a smile, not saying much. Recently, there were rumors in the palace that she was raising a man, but she didn't really care. There were so many things to worry about now that this little thing couldn't even let her pay attention to.

Just last week, when the old king of Azadistan was attending an outdoor court event, a retired special forces sniper suffering from severe mental illness suddenly had an attack of symptoms, picked up the latest top-of-the-line sniper rifle hidden under his bed for many years, infiltrated the highest building near the event alone, shot the old king in the head from 800 meters away, and then killed himself on the spot by taking poison.

The old king died too suddenly without leaving a will, leaving many royal sons and daughters to start a brutal court fight. Being protected by Setsuna and with his superb killing skills, Marina finally ascended to the throne, becoming the current monarch of the Kingdom of Azadistan.

Unfortunately, the domestic economy of Azadistan has long been overwhelmed. After the former king died, the long-standing grievances amongst people finally burst out, instantly sweeping through the kingdom. Smashing, looting, and attacks on government agencies were happening everywhere. Marina couldn't eat and sleep well every day, and even Setsuna was distressed by that.

"I suggest you take a nap, Marina." Setsuna looked down at the time, "Two hours and thirty minutes until the plane arrives, I'll take care of waking you up."

"Thank you, Setsuna, but I'll have to think about how I'm going to convince the other side later." Marina rubbed her temples gently, "This may be our last chance to join the Federation."

Two hours and thirty minutes later, Queen Nunnally arrived on time. Marina personally went to the airport to meet and greet her, holding a grand welcome ceremony.

Since this state visit was public, countless people greeted Nunnally on her way from the airport to the palace. It was not until Nunnally was seated opposite Marina in the royal palace that the thunderous shouts outside gradually dissipated.

"The people of your kingdom are really ebullient, I'm not used to it." Nunnally, dressed in full regalia, smiled coyly, "The capital is also very peaceful, it doesn't look like there has been a riot, it seems that you really have a good governance."

"Thanks. They are innocent people and were merely incited." Marina responded without condescension, "Honestly, I know the situation in Azadistan is not very stable, you could have picked a better time to visit here. There is no need to put yourself at risk."

"Yes, there was no need to risk my life, which is why I couldn't wait to come as soon as possible." Nunnally said with great sincerity, "How similar the situation you are facing is to the situation I faced in Britannia! I can't help but empathize with your predicament, and I want to help you."

"You are too kind." Nunnally's sincere attitude and innocence made Marina let down her guard a little, "Your Majesty, you have a reputation for wisdom, and I have just succeeded to the throne, so I would like to ask you to give me advice in all aspects if you can."

"I'm not exaggerating, as you can see, I'm even younger than you." Nunnally blushed with embarrassment, "But if you want to rebuild Azadistan, I think the most important thing is to join the Earth Federation, right? Your kingdom is different from ours, limited in size, and outside help is very necessary. If you don't mind, I can say a few words in the Federation for you."

Marina unconsciously opened her mouth with a dumbfounded look. The situation was out of her expectations. The other party took the initiative to propose what she wanted most, which is too…

She knew herself very much. Without Setsuna's help, she would have died in the fierce struggle for the throne. But Nunnally's performance seems to be… even worse than hers? Is she really a kind-hearted, naive little girl as the rumors say?

"Then it's a deal." Nunnally smiled in a childish manner and concluded, "Oh yes, I recently heard a rumor that you have a fancy man. Ah, of course, I don't believe it, but I heard that the so-called fancy man looks like a fugitive of our country — Setsuna-F-Seiei."

Marina tried to keep her face smiling to keep Nunnally from seeing anything. It seemed that Setsuna's existence had indeed been leaked in some way.

"According to the latest reliable information I have received, this person is not only a fugitive, but also involved with the notorious terrorist organization 'Celestial Being.'" Nunnally frowned and made an indignant face, "So I'd like to take the liberty of asking if this man actually exists in the royal palace?"

Marina gathered her breath and said in as even a voice as possible, "As far as I know, there is no such person existing in the royal palace of Azadistan, probably a rumor."

"But I received reliable information from my informant that there did be this person, Setsuna-F-Seiei, in the palace." Nunnally blinked her big eyes innocently, "This is your kingdom's last chance to join the Federation, please think about it before you answer."

A cold air rushed from Marina's tailbone straight to her head. She finally understood, the other party was threatening her! Britannia had undercover agents in the royal palace!

"No such person exists in the palace." She didn't even think about it and said categorically, "It must be a rumor."

"As a monarch, but more concerned about men than politics, I must say we are very similar." Nunnally smiled pleasantly, "But since you have made your choice, please be prepared for all the consequences that come with it."

Then, Queen Nunnally ended the meeting early and returned because she was not feeling well. Marina, for her part, returned to the palace with a dejected look on her face, not noticing Setsuna's fidgety, wistful look, but informing him succinctly of the outcome of the talks.

"I'm sorry." Setsuna reflexively apologized, "It's my fault."

"How could it be your fault? I would have died without you." Marina smiled gently, "I do wish to join the Federation, but joining the Federation is for the peace and happiness of the nation, and it would be putting the cart before the horse to trade the happiness of the nationals for this qualification."

"Nationals?" Setsuna was in a trance for a moment before he responded, putting up a finger and poking himself, "Me?"

"Kurgis is now part of Azadistan, and you are now an Azadistani." Marina nodded solemnly, "I am the monarch of this kingdom, and you are my important national, so I will work for your peace and happiness as well."

"Others … strive for my happiness … … "Setsuna froze in place.

"Actually, to thank you for everything you did for me before, I also have a gift for you. I know the treasury is very short of money right now, but please forgive my final caprice." Marina subconsciously averted her gaze, "But the gift hasn't arrived yet, so I can't tell you what it is yet."

"Thanks." Setsuna struggled to squeeze out of his teeth the next words he had held in for so long, "But I should go, someone is calling me."

"Setsuna? Setsuna?" A pink shadow loomed in front of him, "Are you still listening to me?"

"Huh?" Setsuna snapped out of his delirious state, "I'm sorry, Ms. Lacus."

Lacus didn't say anything but got alerted.

"It's okay, let's continue." She smiled and shook her head, "Just now, I mentioned that the ultimate goal of the Angels is to destroy humanity, so we must destroy all the Angels before then."

"Why not cooperate with the Federation or the Moon?" Setsuna immediately asked rhetorically.

He knows to ask questions. It's not a good trend. Lacus thought silently and continued to explain, "Because there are people in the Federation and Lunar government who have developed a plan called Human Instrumentality Project and want to use angels to wipe out humanity to make themselves gods, just like what Robbins did back then. I will explain it to you in detail afterward if you want to hear it."

"There are no gods in the world." Setsuna said reflexively, "They are a distortion point in the world and must be eradicated."

"You're right, they must be eradicated, but that's a task after we have eliminated angels." Lacus looked at Setsuna and had a flash of light in her mind, "Speaking of which, Setsuna, you have always had very special feelings for Gundam, right? In fact, in my opinion, you are like Gundam, fighting against the strong power, breaking the difficulties, opening up hope, and creating the future."

"I am like … "Setsuna could not help but be stunned, "…Gundam? "

"It's not just like that, you are Gundam." Lacus raised the corners of her mouth covertly, "So we must succeed in this mission, we must destroy angels, open up hope and create a future for humanity."

"Open up hope and create the future." Setsuna clenched his fist, muttered, and repeated, "I am … Gundam."