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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 202

2022-03-29 22:41:00Publish Time: 816 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: senpaikazi, anonymous

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Chapter 202: Forever in Your Heart

A row of tombstones stood in order on the grass hills behind the settlement, and a blue and white flying machine less than ten meters long was quietly parked at a place a little farther away from the forest of monuments. Ange, who was wrapped tightly in her pilot's suit, stood in front of one of the tombstones and looked at the three Chinese characters carved on its surface with a complicated look on her face.

"It seems that learning Chinese is good after all." She said to herself, "At least I can recognize my own father's name."

There was no real point in coming here, just like her message to Lacus, she really came back to pay respect to her father. Ange was going to do something very dangerous, with a high chance of failure, and once she failed, there would be no second chance. So somehow, she was very eager to come back and see.

"See, you don't even know that you have a daughter, do you think you are too comfortable as a father?" Ange said and placed a handful of white flowers gently in front of the tomb, "So, you must bless me to get Ade back, otherwise, there will be no one cares about your daughter in the world."

"But the doctor didn't like chrysanthemums much when he was alive." A young female voice suddenly sounded behind Ange, "To be precise, he didn't like flowers much, nor did he distinguish the difference between various flowers."

Ange turned around in an alert stance, shocked to find a young blonde already standing silently behind her, and she was completely unaware of it.

The other party's posture and demeanor gave her a very noble feeling, and the necklace on her chest was adorned with a gorgeous blood-colored gemstone, which glistened in the sunlight. Ange only took less than a second to determine that the other party was as royal as she was, or at least had been.

"Sorry to overhear you." The woman gave her an elegant slight bow, "Because there really aren't many people here normally, I thought it was Chang Wufei who came back, so I come over to take a look. I didn't expect to cause an unnecessary misunderstanding."

"You, you heard?" Ange's face instantly turned red like a steamed lobster, "Daughter or something …"

"I didn't hear anything." The woman smiled and shook her head, extending her white right hand to Ange, "First time meeting, my name is Relena Peacecraft, a friend of Chang Wufei."

"An, Angelise Lingus." Ange swooned and shook hands with her, "You look familiar, have we met somewhere?"

"Yes, where have we met before?" Relena looked at her with a wry smile.

"Let me think. … I've definitely seen you before, there's no way I can remember wrong." Ange frowned and thought for a while, then suddenly opened her round eyes and looked up and down at the other party, exclaiming in disbelief, "You, you are Ola? The oversized dragon?"

"Yes, that's me." Relena smiled and nodded, "It's a slight pity that you didn't inherit the best part of him even though you're obviously his daughter."

"You, you, you …." Ange's face turned hot red, "You just said you didn't hear that!"

"Ah, did I? Maybe I'm getting older and my memory isn't so good, I don't remember anymore." Relena smiled, "Then, Angelise, just now I heard you say that your surname is Lingus, I guess it's your husband's name, right? Does Mr. Lingus know that you are the doctor's daughter?"

"He, he, he knows, so, so what?" Ange said and waved her arms excitedly, "I seduced him first, he had nothing to do with it! He didn't know about it until later, but he had no choice! If you want to say it, go ahead, I'm not afraid of you anyway! Ade will not be afraid of you either!"

"So he knows." Relena looked at the grave to the right of Yang's tombstone, "If only the doctor was as brave as he was, if only Ruri was as brave as you are."

Hearing Relena's sentimental tone, Ange also quieted. She instinctively felt that the other party had no ill will towards her.

"Although Chang Wufei stubbornly believes that Mr. Lingus is the Doctor's reincarnation, maybe it's a cultural difference, I never thought so. The Doctor is unique to me, to us, and there will be no substitute." Relena gave Ange a pleased smile, "It's wonderful that the Doctor's daughter has found happiness."

"Oh, thanks, thanks." Ange bowed her head honestly, "Ah, by the way, how did you become human? Weren't you still a super big dragon the last time I saw you?"

"It's a bit more complicated to explain, it's a miracle brought about by the legacy of Little Chidori and the wisdom of Mr. Lingus. In general, I need to thank Mr. Lingus and his assistant." Relena said and stretched out her five fingers and flipped them in front of her eyes, "Although I lost my immortal form, there is nothing to pity, I really want to be a normal human. Besides, the person who killed me is missing, I'll just have to go over and find him myself."

Ange had carefully studied the biography of Yang's life and knew roughly what Relena was saying now, but didn't know how to respond.

"I will live this life with dignity and finally go to him with pride, nothing to be sad about." Relena tossed her long hair spontaneously, "And what about you? And why are you making that face?"

"What look?" Ange asked inexplicably.

"The sad expression of intending to sacrifice your life for someone or something important." Relena sighed, "I've seen that look too many times in my life, but it didn't end well for everyone, even the Doctor himself."

"Then this time it's an exception. Luck is not hereditary, just because he can't do it doesn't mean I can't do it." Ange whispered, "Ade was taken away, I have to get him back."

As Ange's words fell, Relena burst out laughing. Ange couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

"The Doctor has been taken away again, we have to get him back." Relena said with an uproarious laugh, "How many years, how many years, that I could hear that familiar line again."

Ange's expression was getting darker and darker, and her body was gradually filled with a murderous aura.

Relena immediately put away the smile and said seriously, "Sorry, you're in a hurry, right? Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, you—" Ange suddenly froze, "By the way, you and Grandpa Chang Wufei are my dad's acquaintances, right?"

"Yes, I'm acquainted with the Doctor." Relena nodded, "But Chang Wufei knows the Doctor a little better."

"That's just right, can you look at this for me?" Ange pulled out her phone from the pocket of her driving suit, opened the notepad, and handed it to the other party, "Look for any meme in there that you don't know about, and if there are, please mark them in the front."

"No problem." Relena took the phone and looked at it, "Well? It's all those unreadable bad taste of the doctor, what's this?"

"Embryo said that Villkiss has an awesome mode, but it's locked with a password by dad, so even he can't guess it." Ange glanced at the small plane in the distance, "I'm trying to find the code."

"Villkiss?" Hearing the word, Relena shuddered reflexively, "Have things gotten so bad that you have to resort to that? Then won't Mr. Lingus…"

"Not dead, but almost. That's what the assistant in your mouth said." Ange sighed, "If my dad is confident that Embryo can never guess the right password, then it could only be one of his messes that no one can read. I sorted out all the similar things Ade had said, and if there were entries that didn't appear in your world, then it could be the password."

There was a bit too much in the notepad and Relena looked at it for a while before handing the phone back to Ange, "Looked through them and there are indeed some I haven't seen before. You really are the Doctor's daughter, you can actually think of such a method!"

"But it's too tiring to use my own brain, so I need to hurry up and get the person who thinks for me back." Ange took the phone to check the results, lowered her head, and sighed, "Grandpa Chang Wufei has seen all the memes you haven't seen. I knew it couldn't be so simple… Ade may have tried them long ago."

"So what are you going to do about it?" Relena asked, "Forget it, I might have guessed the answer."

"Congratulations, your guess is correct. What else can I do? I can only just go there. I can't just leave Ade behind, right?" Ange looked at her phone, "There's not much time left, I have to get going right away. Uh, I'm glad I got to talk to my dad's old friend today, bye."

"Hold on a second." Relena hesitated for a moment, looked down and took off the bloody gemstone necklace, took two steps forward, and put it on Ange's neck. Ange didn't know what the situation was and could only let her do it, "This amulet is a small token of my appreciation, since you are the Doctor's daughter and Mr. Lingus' lover, then I don't think there should be anyone more suitable than you to take it."

Ange looked at the beautiful but somewhat bizarrely colored gemstone necklace and was a bit puzzled, but since it was a gift from her father's friend, she had to accept it and thanked her.

After watching Ange board the blue Villkiss and the small plane rose into the air and disappeared, Relena knelt in front of the monument, put her hands together on her chest, and murmured, "Heero, brother, if you are in heaven, please bless them. We have experienced enough misfortune, let them at least be able to be happy."

"Miss Ayanami, the nuclear bomb is ready to be launched." Bright walked up to Ayanami Rei and asked, "Is it really necessary to have such a large explosion equivalent?"

"The required explosion equivalent has been repeatedly verified, and there will be no problem." Ayanami Rei said expressionlessly, "The nuclear bomb will be detonated inside the Twelfth Angel Leliel, so no matter how large it is, it will not cause any contamination, and what you are worried about cannot happen."

Hearing this, Bright finally breathed a sigh of relief, thought about it, and asked, "Miss Ayanami, I heard before that you're a senior NT, I would like to ask when Amuro will probably wake up? He's been in a coma for over two days."

"Not sure, but it won't be less than a week, and he will lose his fighting ability for a long time even after waking up." Ayanami Rei looked at her watch, "Commander Noa, four hours and thirty-five minutes to go, please be ready."

"You're too cold-blooded, Ikari!" C.C. on the side finally stood up, "Are you so impatient to drop a nuclear bomb inside to kill Ade?!"

"More than sixty-seven hours have passed since the incident, Ade has at least a ninety percent chance of being dead, it's already my greatest tribute to him to wait until the last moment." Ayanami Rei said indifferently, "Also Ms. C.C., my name is Ayanami Rei, may I ask who Ikari is?"

"You!" C.C. slapped on the table, "I'll go in myself!"

"There's no way to let you drive TurnA in, and you can expect what will happen if you drive any other MS. Besides, this is A-Laws' military base, not the moon, we have no right to use the Federation's military MS," Ayanami Rei said calmly, "Or are you planning to jump in physically?"

"Commander Noa, how much does an MS cost?" C.C. looked at Bright, "I'll buy it at a premium. Jegan, RGM-79GM, anything that moves!"

Bright looked awkwardly to his left and right.

"Sister C.C., don't argue." Mineva, who was being held by Momoka, suddenly spoke up, "If you die, won't Uncle Ade's move seem pointless at all? Although I also think you should … but this kind of behavior is inexcusable."

Hearing Mineva's words, C.C.'s aura instantly disappeared without a trace. She powerlessly lowered her head and stared dully at the ground. Mineva gave her a contemptuous look, broke away from Momoka's arms, and walked to the window to silently look out at the large black pit in the distance.

Time passed in silence, and Ayanami Rei was like a messenger of death, chiming in every half hour to remind everyone present of the approaching end.

"Ninety minutes to go." Ayanami Rei finally reveals a humane expression, moving her eyes away from C.C.'s desperate face, "You should leave, or … don't look at it. Leave yourself some not so cruel memories."

"Where is Ange?" Alice ignored her and asked aloud, "Where did the idiot Ange go at this time?"

Everyone then remembered that Alice didn't have a cell phone, so she didn't know where Ange went. Momoka was about to explain, a dazzling blue light in the sky outside caught everyone's eyes. After the blue light, Villkiss in the form of a plane hovered silently right above the Twelfth Angel Leliel.

"That idiot!" Alice said discontentedly, "The angel can't hear the radio, what are you yelling on the public channel?"

Bright opened the public channel and Ange's voice sounded in the room, "… warn you again, don't make a dying struggle! As long as you release Ade, I promise to let go of you, otherwise, that dead fish over there is your example!"

"Idiot." Alice chanted again, "The angel can't even hear you."

"That's not for the angel to hear, Alice." C.C. closed her eyes and whispered, "It's to embolden herself, Ange… she must be very scared now …"

"I've repeated many times, don't you continue to be defiant!" Villkiss slightly tilted, flying into the dark sky at a high speed, "No matter what you are, an angel or something, I only say for the last time — give my man back!!!"

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