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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 201 Part 2

2022-03-28 12:10:00Publish Time: 693 views
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"Failed then." Lacus stood on the roof of the building, looking out into the distance, "Aren't you NT? Did he say anything to you?"

"It's nearly infinite inside, it's impossible to find Ade, it's lucky to get out alive." Ayanami Rei said expressionlessly, "Then he passed out, we can only wait for Captain Amuro to wake up to tell us the specific details."

The tattered Unicorn Gundam was now casually abandoned on the edge of a large black circular pit with a diameter of six hundred and eighty meters, like a broken iron block. The body's legs, right arm, and head were missing, and from the section, it looked as if they had been violently wrenched off, while the remaining left arm looked like it had been forcibly broken into a strange shape by a child who didn't cherish the model.

The surface armor of the MS was destroyed to almost nothing, and the severely deformed cockpit almost exposed the pilot in it completely. Only the thin green crystals on the fuselage silently told the reason why Amuro could come back alive.

"As an NT, his mental power was too severely depleted. He may have to be bedridden for a few months at least, and in severe cases, it may take more than a year." Ayanami Rei said blandly, "There is no point in making a blind sacrifice. Other than losing a high-end combatant and making future battles between humans and angels more difficult, there is no point at it."

"Ikari Yui, have you ever really cared about anyone?" Lacus's pupils abruptly lit up, "Except for the fake goodwill towards Ade that you deliberately exude from time to time to make people let down their guard against you."

"You've transformed yourself into an Innovator?!" Ayanami Rei was horrified, "When did that happen? Does Ade know?"

"Of course Ade knows. Is it convenient to continue answering my question?" Lacus watched in the distance as Amuro was carried to the emergency vehicle by the paramedics, "Amuro Ray was unconscious, Tiffa was so tired that she fell asleep, and now that there is no more NTs around here, there is no need for me to continue hiding. I've wanted to talk to you like this for a long time, after all, you're too good at fooling people."

"Not pretending, if you need an answer." Ikari Yui said frankly, "Put his messy personal life aside, Ade is a funny and trustworthy person, and I have goodwill for him, both as a scholar and as an NT. But that's all, there wasn't any romantic element mixed in."

She was saying the truth. The unexpected answer made Lacus ask, "Then why are you acting so hardhearted? Don't think I can't see that you were planning to give up Ade and drop a nuclear bomb inside."

"Because this is the correct and rational judgment, it is impossible to find him even if we go in, and it is impossible to get out even if we find him." Ikari Yui closed her eyes sadly, "Even if a miracle did happen, the rest angels would go on looking for him until he was completely dead."

"Why?" Lacus stared straight at Ikari Yui, "Why do angels have such a deep hatred for him? What else are you hiding?"

"Don't you think it's strange?" Ikari Yui asked rhetorically, "All of us are inexplicably close to him, we have only known him for a short time, but we can talk to him naturally and fluently like old acquaintances. I have carefully investigated Ade's life so far, and except for his early years, when he deliberately avoided all human interaction, all the people in his life followed this trajectory, including myself."

"What are you trying to say?" Lacus said coldly, "That my love for Ade was not of my own free will but was manipulated by some mysterious force? So I don't have to be so sad even if he dies, and I don't really love her anyway? Do I need to relay your theory to C.C. as well?"

"Wrong, your emotion is real, everyone's is real and must be real, otherwise, the arrangement is meaningless. It's the speed. That's the problem." Ikari Yui said coldly, "In my own case, for example, I can clearly identify my kindness toward him, but by the time I had known him for a month, I felt that I had known him for almost a year."

"A year?" Lacus did occasionally get the illusion that she and Ade had been an old married couple for more than a decade, but she had always thought that was normal for lovers to have deep feelings for each other.

"Yes, a year." Ikari Yui nodded, "Even without this arrangement, your feelings for him would have reached the same level as it is now in ten or twenty years, but for some purpose, all the love and hate was accelerated. Commander Noa said that Scirocco extremely loathed Lingus, but even it was between NTs, such rapid dislike is not normal. His hate was fermented in advance."

"Lilith?" Lacus reacted instantly.

"Kaworu had said to me that he and Ade were very similar. After I confirmed the fact that my emotions had been accelerated, I understand. Lillith and I had made the exact same choice." Ikari Yui looked out at the dark shadows in the distance, "We are Lillith's children, Ade's body is Lillith's creation, there is some kind of trickery in it that cannot be parsed with today's technology, but she has undoubtedly done something to Ade, so that Ade's genes cannot be cloned. "

"I don't understand." Lacus shook her head, "Does that make any sense? The abomination doesn't change, it just develops faster."

"You remember why I lost my body, right? It was just a perfectly normal effort by a mother to protect her child. To protect Shinji, I chose to make Kaworu Nagisa fall in love with the human race." Ikari Yui smiled gently, "Lillith must love her child as well, right? It's not surprising for a mother to have such thoughts to her child, isn't it?"

"Lillith loves human beings …" Lacus thought of it carefully, "but she knows that she is powerless to save Lilin, so she chooses Ade, an outsider with infinite possibilities. Ade didn't have Yang's memory, he could start from scratch like a blank sheet of paper."

"Ade should be a very lonely person at the beginning, right?" Lacus nodded at Ikari Yui's gaze, "It's clear from reading his early papers that he was a man who lived completely in his own world. Although I have not dealt with that Dr. Yang, he must be more withdrawn than Ade, right? Lillith wanted Ade to save Lilin instead of becoming a new Dr. Yang, so that's why she chose to make him feel the love of others faster, in order to make Ade fall in love with Lilin."

"So it's not an accident that Ade would awaken as an NT?" Lacus thought down the line, "They all happen to serve the same purpose."

"That's what I thought." Ikari Yui sighed, "Ade is Lillith's handpicked savior, the Light of Lilin, the Son of Man. He must love Lilin, he must feel that Lilin loves him just as much, and this is Lillith's scheme. And now all the angels know it, so they will hunt Ade… until he dies."

"It's really the same as your plan, should I praise you for having Lillith's thinking?" Lacus's eyes shone with a demonic glow, "By the way, thank you for your NT sense that allowed me to confirm one thing. Your actions do have a logic and principle, and that is Shinji-kun. Whether you chose was all for him, right? You acted so well last time, I almost got fooled by you."

Ikari Yui's face turned cold, "What do you want?"

"I want the unabridged version of the Dead Sea Scrolls." Lacus stared at Ikari Yui unblinkingly, "Now that Charles is dead, only Nunnally, Aeolia, and Ade have the unabridged version, and you, as a common student of Aeolia and Ade, don't tell me that you don't have it."

"Dr. Aeolia and I have read it, and Ade has read it himself, and there's no way to break the game on it." Ikari Yui sighed sadly, "I can understand you trying for Ade's sake, but there's no point, really."

"I don't have to report to you the motives of my every action, it's none of your business whether it makes sense or not, you just have to answer my questions." Lacus didn't give up, "Yes, or no."

Ikari Yui turned around and left the rooftop in a big stride, leaving only the word "yes" unwillingly in Lacus's consciousness.

Lacus silently turned off the glow in her eyes and took out her cell phone. Ange left a message a few hours ago, "Going back to my hometown to pay respect to my ancestors," and didn't send a message after that.

"I'll take the blame for everything." She muttered to herself, "Now, please give me a miracle."