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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 199 Part 2

2022-03-24 11:45:00Publish Time: 677 views
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"Why are you doing this kind of thing?!" The Fifteenth Angel Arael roughly flipped through Ade's memories, not caring how much pain such an act would cause, "You're not Lilin, you're not even from this world, why would you even do such a thing! Everyone's dying because of you!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't have a choice."

"Your mom and dad don't even like you, is that why you can't understand how we feel about finding our dad? You have no brothers and sisters, so that's why you can't understand how I feel about losing my brothers? You went through a lot of hardship so you can have a happy life, but you were forced to start over in another world, so that's why you want to destroy us to vent your anger?!"

"What you said was something in my previous life, now I like this world very much. And don't look at them, I'm not Shikinami Asuka Rangurē, it only makes me feel pain, nothing else."

"'The people of this world are so funny, they have built Gundams, but they still have not gone to Jupiter, so stupid.' What do you call this? Like? 'If I really can't save this world, I'd immediately take my wives to another world. As for other humans, I can't save them.' What do you call this? Like?"

"Like the people around me, and save other humans by the way. I don't know you guys well, so I have to sacrifice you."

"You call this liking? Ah, let me see, 'Didn't Coordinators adjust their IQ? They must be a fool to buy houses on the moon', 'Amuro wants to teach me what faithful love is? Laugh my ass off', 'How dare he to pass around my r18 manga? Fine, I will never promote his wife!', 'I wonder if his sister also likes him? It wouldn't be interesting if his sister and Stella fought for him', 'Loran —' "

"What does it matter if you subconsciously think of these things?" Ade quickly interrupted it, "It does not affect my human interaction."

"Just think of them? What about this? 'Haman is very charming, doesn't she want to find a man?', 'The twins are so beautiful, forget it, I can't do anything with them.', 'Diana maintained a serious look all day, does she also look like that on the bed?', 'If Lelouch didn't exist, I have a feeling that Nunnally would like me.', 'Tiffa—'"

"I am not a saint, every man would have this kind of thoughts occasionally, ok?" Ade interrupted it again, "I didn't really do them, what's wrong with just thinking?"

"Sophistry, then are these also 'like'? 'C.C. is just like a psychopath,' 'Lacus refuses to talk, what's wrong with her?' 'Alice is too extreme, maybe it would have been better if I adjusted her character earlier. ', 'Momoka is a dowry anyway, she will not resist even if I want her, right?', 'Mineva—' '"

"They are just extreme thoughts that happen to arise in extreme situations, I don't even remember that I had these thoughts." Ade continued to interrupt, "I'm not an anime character, I'm not going to have a mental breakdown just because my dark thoughts were exposed. You should stop doing useless things."

"Liar! Liar! Badman! Acting like you're good when you're obviously evil inside! It's because of you everyone died! It's because of you that our father is missing! We can't find our dad until you're dead!" Arael growled, "Die! I'm going to kill you! Everyone will hunt you down!"

The spiritual shock came like a tidal wave, slapping Ade's spirit in wave after wave. It was as if there were countless needles sticking inside the brain, and as if the brain was being smashed on an anvil, as if the entire consciousness would be torn to pieces in the next moment. In addition to feeling the pain, Ade no longer has any extra thoughts, and can not even think.

His NT ability at this moment became an amplifier of pain, and every second that passes is as long as an eternity. Ade is like a drowning man, he doesn't know if he will drown in the next moment, can only hold on his blurred consciousness, waiting for the oxygen that may not come at all.

"Spiritual world, infinite time, infinite pain." This was his last thought, "Wrong anime, right? This isn't even a Gundam worldview setting, this is like Infinite Tsukuyomi…"

He doesn't know how many eternities passed, but a strong and tender consciousness finally found the battlefield and tiptoed around, trying to touch the battle, or torture, that was taking place. Her courage was admirable, but it was not her domain to interfere at all, and the slightest touch would undoubtedly pulverize her immediately.

So rightfully so, Ade pushed her out with all the strength, then he sank into the deepest darkness.

After another forever, just when he thought he was going to sink to the bottom of the darkness, all the pain was suddenly nowhere to be found, and even the consciousness of the angel could not be felt. Ade barely opened a thin slit between the upper and lower eyelids, a blurred figure close to the late.


First, a cry of surprise entered the eardrums, followed by a touch on the arm. In the past, it would probably be described as severe pain, but now it doesn't seem much different from kissing and touching.

"Give you one more chance." The cold, joyful voice said, "Depending on the answer, there is a certain probability that you will be stuffed into DX's gun barrel."

"C.C. is my wife, she is so cute and adorable, I will smash anyone's dog head if he dares to object to it." Ade said weakly, "Sniped with DX? I didn't even know you were that good."

"Just found out?" C.C. grunted smugly, "I told you in U.C. 0084 that I could drive Gundam, and you said you believed it then. Now it seems that at that time, you only said you believed, but in your heart, you didn't really believe?"

"U.C. 0084?" Ade tried to remember, "You still remember from that early time."

"My life is too long, so I regularly forget things that are useless, so that I can live easier. I will only engrave what is really important to me in my heart, and I will remember it for the rest of my life." C.C. suddenly lowered her volume and said, "Like every conversation with you."

Ade tenderly folded his left hand over her right and looked at the display and lamented, "It's snowing again."

"Yeah, it's snowing again." C.C. extended her left hand towards the white pixie on the main screen, "Ade, I'm liking snowflakes more and more now."

"Why do you say that?" Ade said as he poked his body out to manipulate something with one hand on DX's interface.

"Looking at a snowflake makes me think of hope, I feel like it's like a bond that connects us, the same way it did last time." C.C. dropped her outstretched arm and stared blankly at the man's serious side, "Hmm, Ade, it's pretty quiet in here, why don't we do something?"

"Can it not be quiet?" Ade continued to press on the buttons without looking back, "You turned off all the devices that can make sound, The communication records are full of Loran's messages, OK."

"It doesn't matter, those have nothing to do with us." C.C. pouted playfully, "Do you think it's easy for me to find a place to spend time for only us two?"

"My bad." Ade replied quickly, "By the way, C.C., did you know that DX's seats are as morphable as Unicorn's? But DX doesn't have NT-D, the deformation is mainly used for anti-theft. If the pilot repeatedly enters the wrong password, the pilot will be fixed in the seat and can not move."

"Oh, this is the first time I know it." C.C. froze, and suddenly got alert, "Why do you say this?"

"Although the protagonist in the TV series always say 'I wish you can find new happiness in the future, as long as you remember me in your heart.'" The cockpit door slowly opened as the cold wind with broken snow poured in, "But if possible, I still selfishly hope that you don't go to find other men in the future."

"Ade?" The suddenly deformed seat held C.C. in place. She struggled a few times but couldn't get free, so she had to shout anxiously, "What are you doing, Ade?"

"DX is in its autopilot mode, and will untie you once it brings you near the base, and I've informed Bright." Ade showed an apologetic smile, "Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to say goodbye, so I'll probably have to miss the appointment."

"What exactly happened?" Tears came out from C.C.'s eyes, "Can't we face it together? If we can't, at least we can die together! I can't live my life without you! Stop it, or I won't forgive you!"

"Even just being sure that I did create good memories for you, it makes me feel that everything I've done so far was not in vain. You still have a long life, don't always say sad things like 'my time is stopped' and so on. There must be a way ahead if you don't stop." Ade leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her lips, "Don't stop."

After saying that, he jumped out of the cockpit and watched DX fly off into the distance under the control of the autopilot. At his feet, a huge circular black shadow about ten meters in diameter was growing larger and larger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Long wait, the Twelfth Angel Leliel?" Ade helplessly closed his eyes, "Thanks for your cooperation."

A huge force from nowhere violently dragged him into the shadow, followed by a huge black and white sphere appeared out of nowhere above the shadow, and Adrien Lingus disappeared, as if he had never existed.