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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 199 Part 1

2022-03-23 11:45:00Publish Time: 795 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 199: Freesia

"Lingus, are you having altitude sickness too?" Bright asked, "You look terrible, do you need to go to the infirmary to rest?"

Ade was reticent for a moment, and collapsed weakly to the side, and was quickly held in the arms by C.C. What caught C.C.'s eyes was a face so white that it was bloodless, with vacant eyes that lost focus, and the muscles of the face twitching slightly from the pain.

"Ade? Ade!" C.C. called out his name in a panic, "What's wrong with you?"

Ade struggled to focus his pupils on the worried face in front of him, struggled and let out a few low and meaningless hisses before not responding anymore.

"Anyway, let's call the doctor first." Bright said calmly while picking up the phone on the table, "Ms. C.C., do you have any clue as to what Lingus looks like now? Or does he have any medical history? Should I contact Lacus first?"

Only Lacus was Ade's nominal real wife, and C.C. knew very well that in the minds of the vast majority of people she was only one of Ade's many lovers, so it made sense that Bright would ask if she wanted to contact Lacus. But now she has no room to focus on such trivial issues.

"It's the angel's attack." She said categorically, "It must be the angel's attack."

Ade's life form can no longer be considered human at all, all existing human diseases are impossible to cause any harm to Ade, and the only ones that can harm him are the angels.

"Angel? I have received no reports from my men, which means that the presence of the angel has not been observed in the entire alert range of the Lassa base, unless …" Bright pondered for a moment and dialed a certain number, "It's me, Bright Noa. Immediately conduct an all-round enemy search, I want the results immediately."

C.C., who was quietly waiting for the result, sat down with Ade in her arms and let him take a more comfortable position to lean on her arms, while using her valuable sleeve to gently wipe up the fine beads of sweat seeping from Ade's forehead.

"Miss C.C.." Tiffa's sweet voice made her look up and a clean white handkerchief was placed in front of her eyes, "Please use this."

C.C. hesitantly reached out and took it, "Thank you."

Every second that followed felt like torture, anxiety mixed with a sense of powerlessness slowly seeping in. She couldn't help but think a little demoralizingly, if it was Lacus, maybe she had already thought of a countermeasure, right?

"Found it, it's the Fifteenth Angel Arael, in the satellite orbit." Bright finally hung up the phone, "I have notified the Lunar side, Prince Loran said that he will immediately send out TurnA, hoping that our side will cooperate with his synchronized action."

"I'll … do it …" Garrod gasped and held up his hands, looking as if he would collapse at any moment, "According to the Doctor's … original plan … orbit is … using …DX… …"

"Don't play with Ade's life." C.C. interrupted Garrod with an icy voice and turned her head to Bright, "I grant you temporary access to DX on behalf of Ade, is there a working ACE on the Lassa side?"

"ACE for sure, but sniping at this distance… is too much …" Bright frowned, "Or have Amuro in Dakar head immediately to the nearest Mass Driver? But cosmic warfare in satellite orbit is too easy to fall into gravitational range again, let me think again… how could it have run into the satellite orbit, this is a real problem …"

"No time to think about it." C.C. felt the body shivering in her arms and took a deep breath, "I'll do it."

"Huh?" Bright froze for a moment, "This, Ms. C.C., I remember that you are Lingus' equity agent, right? No, I understand your relationship with him, nothing more, but this …"

"Just understand my relationship with him." C.C. assisted Ade to stand up, "I have also learned MS driving, and you can call me an ACE. Inform the whole preparation class to prepare for the attack, you don't need to care about anything else."

Bright looked at Ade, who was tormented by the pain, and said worriedly, "I have no right to dispose of the MS of the moon, so I will take care of Lingus, right?"

C.C. looked at the dazed Garrod, and then at the tender and powerless Tiffa, and secretly regretted why they had not brought Ange out. She couldn't just leave Ade in the hands of a man she didn't trust.

"I'm with him." C.C. said austerely, "Established matter, not negotiable."

A few minutes later, the DX Gundam stood on a flat hill somewhere near the Lassa base. The twin-tube microwave cannon was being set up on its shoulders, and the small golden wings sticking out from various parts of its fuselage was not glowing, symbolizing that the moonlight cannon had not yet finished charging.

The satellite image captured from Bright's side was being displayed on the main screen inside the cockpit, a creature shaped like a large bird with a dazzling white light emitting around it, making it hard to see exactly what it looked like.

"Calling DX, this is TurnA," the communication voice rang out, "I really can't break through its AT field after all, even the maximum output of TurnA's beam rifle won't work."

"Loran?" C.C. exclaimed, "You came here yourself?"

"Yeah," On the speaker was Loran's eager voice, "How is Ade?"

"His expression is painful, the consciousness remains blurred, and the body is in intermittent spasms." C.C. held Ade's hand, her upper teeth biting her lower lip tightly, "But he's such a powerful NT, he should be fine, right?"

"The doctor said … that the stronger the NT ability, the greater the damage suffered in the face of a mental attack. I don't know how long he can hold out." A muffled sound came from Loran's side, which seemed to be the sound of slapping something hard, "Why TurnA can't do anything about it either?!"

"Because these things are evolving, the dead ones will send messages to the ones that aren't dead, the later they come out, the more resistant they are to particle beam weapons, and I'm afraid they will be resistant to NT …" C.C. paused, "I got the coordinates, ready to snipe. Quiet."

"The position of the Fifteenth Angel Arael is not out of the predicted orbit, you can snipe." Loran shuddered, "Then Ade's safety is entrusted to …"

"I save my man's life, I don't need you to entrust it to me." C.C. said coldly, "Who do you think you're talking to?"

Sniping at this distance, all that can be relied on for the pilot is mental calculation and experience. C.C. had no experience with it, but fortunately, she had a body that wouldn't get hurt.

"Lillith, I want to thank you for giving me this body." She thought silently, "If my man can be safe and sound, let's make a special place in the fridge for you when we get back so you don't have to squeeze in with the drinks."

"Before I met you, my world was dead. Before I met you, my time was stopped."

Time flowed in silence as the Moonlight Cannon finally recharged and the small wings on the side of the fuselage began to glow with a dazzling golden light.

"It's so difficult to find a reliable man, you said to accompany me to the end of time, I absolutely will not allow you to exit early."

The pale white hexagon swirled and floated down from the sky, before it touched the fuselage, it was heated and sublimated and turned into invisible vapor.

"Do you know why snow is white? It's not some spectrum, some reflection, dummy, it's because it's waiting for you to color it."

DX stands quietly in the snow, two cannons pointing to the other side of the endless sky.

"Thank you, this time, it's my turn to make you happy."

The white fingers gently bend, the particle torrent whistles out, and the roar resonates throughout the mountain.